Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?stock photo 63801185 how to make money blogging - Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Here’s a pretty cool concept. Micro Niche Websites. Why do I say that? Because Micro Niche websites unlike Authority websites can generate an income faster and easier with a specific brand and product versus the alternative authority sites. But, why is that and isn’t it best to go with an authority website? And what is the best way to build a niche site?

A niche site is a great way to earn simply because you are building a website with a specific searchable topic. This website is an authority website you are viewing because it’s more broad than your typical niche site. A niche website would be something more specific in blogging like “How To Make SEO Work For You”. Blogging is a much broader topic but I chose this topic over a year and a half ago and just kept building on it. If I had reconsidered I may have just stuck with the micro niche websites. Thankfully with this platform I can still build a micro website in addition to the site I already have built.

Passive Income With Micro Niche Adsense Websites? Worth It?

I found a fairly interesting product that offers to sell you a micro niche website with articles already written with low competitive keywords which really looked interesting but like other website builders I have reviewed the article count is fairly low which means you would have to continue to build that up. Not a bad deal to start with a micro niche adsense website but know that you will have to do some work, they just get you started.

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Looks pretty straightforward doesn’t it? In a sense it really is because you don’t really have to think much about a niche or anything or even what you are going to write about for your first few posts. I would say that you will more than likely have to buy your own domain which is around 13.00 a year. Not too big of a deal but keep it in mind. And I’m not sure if you get just the articles and site and no site builder to build on so that could turn it to a good thing or a bad thing real quick. I’m not trying to turn you off to it but I do think there is a better choice to building a niche website by doing most of it yourself.

I also think if you’re new to blogging and want to earn as say an affiliate marketer it’s important to find a platform that teaches you everything up front so you’re not the owner of a floundering website and not knowledgeable enough to know what the heck to do. I recommend this if you’re just starting out here.

Why People Choose The Wealthy Affiliate?

You have probably heard of the ever popular Wealthy Affiliate. Personally I think the name is a little scammy and not sure why it hasn’t been changed. It sounds shady but the reality is a bit different. The reality of this platform is that it does work if people give it a chance and work hard at learning how to blog. And that takes work. The platform teaches people how to write quality articles and how to market those articles through affiliate links. The problem with any blogging and marketing platform is people fail to realize that it takes time and effort to see results. Notice I said time. And time is the number one reason people fail. They convince themselves learning through a platform like Wealthy Affiliate is either not worth the time or they have no time to bother with it.

The program is an in depth blogging platform that teaches you all the ins and outs on how to blog and market your blog with a boot camp lesson tutorial and another lesson based course. It’s pretty in depth but for those who apply the techniques to their website there is a lot of money to be made. Wealthy Affiliate only provides you the lessons and site builder plus all the keyword tools, etc. You have to actually do the work like writing content. But is it worth it in the end?

Absolutely! And compared to other blogging platforms you can find online, The Wealthy Affiliate is by far hands down the best you are going to find anywhere. I’m not just saying this either. I have shopped around endlessly looking for a platform that would teach me how to write content that converts and how to market that content. I found the price to be way higher than I pay for access to the Wealthy Affiliate. What do you get with this platform? For starters you get access to an all in one site builder that comes complete with all the tools you need to build a successful website. That’s all you need to build the website including the keyword tool, SEO done for you, free SSL certificate with green lock and videos and tutorials to help you learn the ropes. You also get access to the community forum which includes all the support you could ask for from experienced affiliate marketers and bloggers. Take a look below at what you get with both the free and paid memberships.

wealthy affiliate membership grid - Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

As you can see you get a lot with just the free membership and you can stay free as long as you want, even forever and build your free website with the platforms Site Rubix domain. And yes you can become successful with a Free membership.

The premium membership unlocks all of the ongoing tutorials and courses and is for the more serious blogger looking to get busy at once. This type of membership is best for you if you are serious about long term success and want to learn the ropes from professionals who take their work to heart. New members can get more than 50 percent off the first month and pay just $19.00 to get started on the road to success. And you can really build up your website and traffic within that first month if you follow the training. It just takes some dedication. Check out this link to join instantly for free and unlock all the benefits of this platform.

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Here’s where you have to make your own decision. I think these Adsense micro niche websites that come with a site or two and a few articles are a great way to get started if you’re totally clueless but I don’t think they are for someone who doesn’t plan on building the website out by adding more content. To make it a success online more content is key. And some websites don’t really see success for two to three years so keep that in mind.

I would suggest if and only if you are serious to check out something like the Wealthy Affiliate to start learning how to blog and market a website. They give you a couple free websites to start and it doesn’t cost anything up front. In fact you can start building your website today for free. But, if you think there isn’t any work involved I wouldn’t even bother signing up. It does take work and there are times of frustration especially if you keep writing and wondering why you’re bothering.


Check out my honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate here. Or you can check out the micro niche websites out there where you pay for a prepaid website. I think you may be surprised when you realize that you will have to do some work to get the thing moving. I chose the platform I did because it was simple and easy to use, the online support is awesome and now I have an authority website that makes money.

Best of success. Dave

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