Can I Avoid A Make Money Blogging Scam? The Net Is Rampant With Online Hustles!

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Spread the loveDon’t Fall For Blogging Scams If you are looking around for a way to earn online, I’m sure you have seen some blogging scams. But, how do you avoid a make money blogging

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Don’t Fall For Blogging Scams

Blog Like A Pro
Avoid Blogging Scams!

If you are looking around for a way to earn online, I’m sure you have seen some blogging scams. But, how do you avoid a make money blogging scam and is everything out there nothing but a cheesy hustle?

I have run into a lot of these scams and yea they tick me off. I look at it like this, you want to earn as a blogger but all you find are people out there trying to scam you for your money.

Forget about making any yourself!

These con artist will prey on you and take you for everything you got to shell out. Some blogging scams are actually pretty legit looking and promise you good money for a fee. Or they will get you writing jobs but pay you a few bucks for a couple hours of work. That’s right, most of these hustles are nothing but a way to drain your wallet and are what I call the make money blogging scam!

What Can You Do To Avoid These Scams?

I’m no expert at defining what is a blogging scam but I’m getting pretty close to being one. And I will say there are so many hustles out there I won’t go into specifics on what’s a blogging scam company or not but I’ll give you some tips to help you avoid being taken. Check out these signs to look for.

1 Any business that offers you writing jobs that wants you to take a test before working. I say this because many blogging sites will want you to take an assessment test and give you some type of score. The score usually consists of a 1-5 rating and regardless of how well you perform on these “tests” you will most likely score no higher than a 3.

2 Platforms that charge you outrageous fees to join or companies that require you to write articles from a pool of topics. While these may not be scams they are somewhat shady because the client can refuse the article and you will not get paid.

3 Blogging sites that do not offer any kind of training but charge you a membership fee to join. While there are some that are decent, you may find yourself paying more than you’re getting back.

4 Free traffic sites are questionable. Usually there is some kind of catch that will end up costing you money in the form of upgrades,etc. These companies will target bloggers looking to increase readership. The biggest problem is most of the free traffic is just bots or fake email addresses which may end up being scammers looking for personal information.

I’ll admit there are a lot of blogging scams out there and you don’t want to be targeted or taken advantage of by these knuckleheads. If you are looking for a blog platform that teaches you how to blog, how to get traffic and how to get that traffic to convert, I would suggest signing up with a company that has a solid reputation. And that means go with a company that’s been in business at least five years.

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How Do I Earn An Income Blogging?

How To Earn As A Blogger
How To Earn As A Blogger

You want to earn an income at blogging but the last thing you want to do is get scammed. I hear it all the time from newbie bloggers. It’s actually kind of sad but the reality is the more you blog, the more direction you will have. And with that the more you can spot a hustle a mile away.

This website is over a year old and I have committed myself to writing frequently on it to try and help newbie bloggers learn how to blog and what to expect. I too have learned a lot just from writing on this blog site with all of the work I have put into it. And yes, I do promote certain products but only ones that I find to have some kind of redeeming quality for bloggers. There is no silver bullet though. You really do just have to put in the work to become successful.


Make A Plan And Stick It Out!

Do you have a plan you want to take with your blog? Do you have a niche picked out and do you think you put forth effort on it for a year or two? Do you have the patience to learn and be persistent? If you do then you too can become a successful blogger. I’d like to hear your plans for your blog site and how you want to move forward with it. Maybe I can offer some suggestions.

The way I earn as a blogger is simple. Through readers like you who come to my site. That’s no secret but I’m not some crazy diluted guru who thinks there is a way to instant cash. There isn’t. Not at all. Becoming a successful blogger takes time and effort. It also takes connecting with the right audience and it takes being open to failure.

Yep, I said it. Failure. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t experience some kind of failure as a blogger but that’s part of becoming successful. By learning from your mistakes and moving past them. If you are feeling stuck as a blogger I encourage you to reach out and let me help you succeed. And finally, keep pursuing your dreams, love what you do and embrace change. Because as bloggers adapting to change is what makes us great at what we do!


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