Can You Generate An Income At Blogging?

If you blog chances are you have checked out the many ways you can generate an income at blogging. But did any of the mumbo jumbo actually make sense to you? I mean did you see any step by step format explaining how to make an income online? Most of the stuff you have read probably made little sense and you just shook your head¬† and moved on. In fact that’s probably what most people do when they look into trying to make any cash online. And it’s pretty fascinating how much effort some people put into trying to convince you to join their crazy pipe dream sites. I’ll be honest, there is no real sure fire way to generate an income at blogging except to work hard at a system that has been proven to work. And that’s not as easy as it sounds. So, what’s the trick to earning an income online? I’ll try and explain below.

Learn How To Generate And Income Online

Learn How To Generate An Income At Blogging







Is Blogging Really For You?

To begin to understand how to make money online as a blogger you must first identify whether or not you actually have the patience and determination to blog. I know it sounds pretty funny but in my years as a blogger some of the things I hear from other aspiring bloggers sounds more like an excuse as to why not to blog versus just getting down to business and writing. Some of the things I hear are. “But, what do I write about?” “When will I make money at blogging?” “Can I get someone to write my blogs for me?” These are just a few of the different things people say when they are trying to decide if blogging is for them. And in blogging forums you would be surprised how many use the forum as a Facebooking page. They don’t really want to blog, they just need someone to listen to them. I’m not trying to be mean either here. There are seriously some of the things people say when deciding and trying to start to generate an income at blogging. So, before you start asking yourself whether blogging is something you want to pursue to try and make a living with, consider the above. If you fall into one of the categories it may be time to rethink whether or not you really want to blog or are you just looking for a quick buck with little to no effort.

Start A Blog For Free And Make Money

Start A Blog For Free And Make Money

Pick Your Niche

Ok, so now that I’ve convinced you that blogging is not for everyone, lets assume that it’s something you really want to give a shot and try to earn some money with. Your first order of business is to choose a niche that looks like it’s something you’re interested in. This could be a sport, cooking, basketweaving….whatever you decide. And picking the niche should not be something that takes days to figure out. Realistically you should be able to pick one off the top of your head without over thinking it. Once you have this niche picked out you want to find a platform that not only gives you a chance to try a website for free but also gets you started understanding how to market yourself and your product or service. While there are a number of these free sites out there, I have only found one that teaches you step by step how to generate an income at blogging. This platform is Wealthy Affiliate. Let me explain¬† what Wealthy Affiliate is and how this online platform can help you start your own business as a blogger.

Join A Platform That Works

Earn Income By Blogging

Earn Income By Blogging

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over ten years. This business is run by two individuals who have produced an online platform designed to help affiliate marketers succeed in the industry. And while affiliate marketing is solidly building in popularity, I would say a good percentage of those who start doing it fail. And why is that? In my opinion its due to the fact that they either get too complacent, don’t understand the how’s and why’s of what they are doing or they simply lose interest. Wealthy Affiliate gives people the training and the support to actually generate an income at blogging. And it does work if you dedicate yourself, are interested in helping others and pick a niche you’re interested in. It really does work and it’s a lot of fun.



Now, I’m not going to say that blogging for an income is going to change your life overnight. If you are blogging for a living it’s going to take time to see results. But think about this. If you do nothing to change your situation right now, where will you be in a year….or two years? Will you be working at a job you hate with that looming chance of being laid off or worse? Will you still be searching online for ways to generate an income at blogging? Or will this be the year you finally say to yourself “I’m going to succeed at being a blogger!” I won’t say it’s easy and I won’t say it will happen overnight but the Wealthy Affiliate platform is designed to help you succeed and you will if you put in the effort. So, my next question to you is. Are you ready to change your life and earn an income online? If you are sign up for free with the Wealthy Affiliate and get your two free websites today! Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free!


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  1. Great post! I do ask myself if I can really generate an income at blogging? I did talk to a blogger in the fashion niche and she said that it is very hard. But at the same time, I do know of people who are blogging for years and make a decent income. I guess whatever happened we just have to keep going as nothing will happen overnight, right?

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