Can You Really Earn Money Blogging?

That’s a loaded question no doubt! Can you really earn money blogging? Have you figured out how to do this? Is it really possible or is blogging for an income just a pie in the sky dream? If you really want to make earn money blogging there is a way to do this without getting scammed or burned or confused. What I mean by this is to actually start earning a living at blogging, you need to learn to not only write content but understand how to make your blog make you money. And, if you think it’s going to just start raining cash once you start writing then you need to go into another field of business.

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Blogging Tips For Newbies


Blogging for an income is like anything else in life when it comes to trying something new. As a kid I got my first job at Sea World in San Diego California. I was assigned a position as a cook at one of the main restaurant at the theme park. I learned how to cook chicken in a fryer. That was my job…dropping breaded chicken in a basket into hot oil. I know it sounds ridiculous and mundane but I did my best with that job and after a while I learned to be quicker and create less of a mess while working. That’s the same with anything you learn and to earn money blogging is no different. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk. And I have to be honest. Blogging for an income is not an easy job. There’s content creation to perfect, there’s marketing skills to hone and it’s an ongoing process with success feeling like it’s always right around the corner. Some people find that success…others don’t.

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Make Money Blogging

You’re probably wondering what’s the key to becoming successful as a blogger? I mean it sounds all good and fun but can you really earn money at it? My answer to that is absolutely if you have the patience, desire and understanding how blogging in a business arena works. It’s not that difficult but it does take time. So, what would I suggest to you if you want to make a living at blogging? Easy….learn all you can about blogging. I mean become a sponge and put your lessons to good use.

I work as an affiliate marketer but I consider myself really just someone who is trying to give tips to people to actually learn how blogging can make them money. Sure, I may promote products and services but I honestly like to create content that helps others. I just happen to promote blogging tips for newbies. So, if you’re looking for an honest way to make a living blogging I would recommend just starting to blog and find a platform that you find comfortable with.

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Make Money Blogging About Your Passion!

Starting to make sense to you? That’s great because it’s amazing how many people want to earn money blogging but just don’t have any clue where to start. What’s worse is that a lot of people come up blank when deciding what to write about, which niche to choose and how the heck they are going to keep coming up with new content for their blog. The key is to just start writing about a particular niche and the rest just falls into place. There’s no easier way that to just start writing content. And, if you just so happen to like what you’re writing about the rest is a piece of cake.

So, where can you as a newbie find a place to start writing content in your particular niche? That’s going to be up to you because in all honestly there are a ton of platforms you can start blogging on that will help you earn money blogging. You can write for others on their platform writing content for different clients but you will be writing about their topics and not the one of your choice. On the other hand you can learn affiliate marketing and blog on your own website promoting your products and services. Personally, I chose the latter. I love writing blogging tips so I went with Wealthy Affiliate which was free to sign up and it gave me two free websites just to start out.

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Earn Income By Blogging

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone though I will admit that. And, the founders Kyle and Carson let you know that to succeed at affiliate marketing through blogging you will need to do your due diligence. Sure, they give you a great opportunity to start your own online business with all the tools you need to get going along with a couple of awesome websites but you will need to work and work hard at building your business. Blogging for an income through affiliate marketing takes work, patience, support and a desire to help others with your own skills and experience. And, that’s what I try and do. Help others help themselves by offering blogging tips to get you on the right path to building a cool new business as a blogger and affiliate marketer. So, think it’s for you? Do you think you have what it takes to change your life? Are you motivated to make that change? If so joining Wealthy Affiliate today may be the best thing you ever did! See here to join today! Wealthy Affiliate Free Sign Up!

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