Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

stock photo 48342702 helpful tips 1 - Can You Really Make Money Blogging?Here’s a common question people ask when they are considering starting out as a blogger looking to earn an income. “Can You Really Make Money Blogging?”  It’s all too common for people to be confused as to how to actually earn as a blogger especially when they don’t have any clue as to what to do to even think about becoming an affiliate marketer. Because affiliate marketing really is all about writing content and has very little to so with the other aspects a blogger may think will generate an income for them. So, learning how to become an affiliate marketer really is all about blogging. And why do you think that is? Put simply, blogging or writing content is the way affiliate marketers actually get people to view whatever it is they are promoting. You’re content is what sells to be perfectly frank.


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Can You Earn Money Blogging?


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular way of earning through the promotion of products and services and when I started as a marketer I thought initially that all I had to do was find a way to promote my products. I figured maybe post a few links to some social media platforms would probably be all I needed to do. Then I figured the products would just sell themselves. Man, was I off base! In fact I was so off base I could of been wasting my time for years promoting products through social media. So, I started to research online and always found myself asking “Can you really make money blogging?” It seemed like everywhere I turned the answer always led to no. Sure, I found these programs from online gurus that claimed to be able to make me an awesome affiliate marketer but I never heard anything about having to blog. I never heard that content is king. That is not until I actually checked out Wealthy Affiliate.

Blogging Through Wealthy Affiliate

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck is Wealthy Affiliate and is this just another flim flam operation designed to take your money? That’s exactly what I asked myself when I checked it out. I knew a couple things though. The first being I didn’t know the first thing about being a marketer but I did know I was a halfway decent blogger. I understood about keywords, search engines and how to attach links to products and I figured that was really all I needed to know. But, I didn’t have the support or real world knowledge and kept asking myself that question…”Can you really make money blogging?” Once I signed up with the Wealthy Affiliate program I began to learn how. I won’t say this program is an easy fix and you will be rolling in the money once you sign up. I won’t even say it’s for everyone either. But, for someone who is willing to work at becoming a better blogger and wants to work as an affiliate marketer there really doesn’t appear to be a better solution than the Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is geared towards helping people start their own business. Plain and simple. And after checking out other courses designed to help marketers I decided this one was for me. Their Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp explains in full detail how to go about building your brand and it actually really works! Each course has different modules that I went through and with each training session it became clearer as to how I was supposed to implement what I was taught. While the Wealthy Affiliate program has way more information than I initially thought, it has answered the question “Can you really make money blogging?”  Below is just a little of what you get with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Bootcamp Course #1
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)
Bootcamp Course #2
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Content, Keywords and Conversions (PHASE 2)
Bootcamp Course #3
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Giving Your Site Social Value PHASE 3
Bootcamp Course #4
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media. (PHASE 4)
Bootcamp Course #5
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals (PHASE 5)
Bootcamp Course #6
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC (Phase 6)
Bootcamp Course #7
WA Affiliate Bootcamp – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (PHASE 7)
So, I guess when people ask me if you can make money online as a blogger promoting affiliate products and services I guess I can honestly say yes. And I am not one to be convinced easily. I know there are a ton of scams and schemes out there and I’ve tried a few of them. I am also a Marine Corps veteran and figure I should be able to weed out the B.S. but there can be some tricky schemers out there. So, when deciding to join Wealthy Affiliate I checked out all I could about the company. For starters they have been online for over ten years and have continually strived to improve the program through the last decade. The Wealthy Affiliate has also changed many lives not only financially but in other ways as well. Their support can’t be beat and I found it cool that the owners actually welcomed each and every new member. Sure, there is work to be done on my part and I’m still relatively new having joined three months ago but it’s a good start. Plus, I have already seen some positive results. So, if you’re on the fence and are still asking yourself “Can you really make money blogging?” my answer would be yes….if you’re willing to learn and do the work. The Wealthy Affiliate program gives you the tools but you have to put them to use!
To your success!
Dave Donahue



2 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money Blogging?”

  1. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for this insightful article.
    I’m happy that you honestly said that it’s not easy to make money and that we have to put a lot of effort on it. Nothing in life comes easy, right?!
    I’ll check Wealthy Affiliate and use the first week to understand it better. If it’s free, it doesn’t hurt. 🙂

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