Is The CogniTune Affiliate Program A Scam?

Today I decided to again search out some affiliate programs which I figured people were checking out and write something up on one. While I praise those who start affiliate programs that are good for members I know there are some out there that just don’t cut the mustard. I try to look at these websites as a member would and I want find ones that look promising and not just trying to make money off signups and then six months later they are down the road.

I checked out the CogniTune Affiliate Program and at first look this one looked very promising. It is an affiliate program designed for those with some cognitive impairments or those looking to boost their skills. I know first hand about cognitive decline especially after I was almost taken out from menengitis a few years back. Believe me you don’t want to catch that and if you recover you will wish you had a pill to bring back your cognitive skills. Here is what I saw at first glance on the CogniTune home page. cognitune - Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?


Basically CogniTune offers it’s members pretty good commissions for selling their products which are pills designed to help with cognitive skills. There are a number of different pills available from cognitive pills to mood enhancers to energy and motivation etc. But do these pills really work and is CogniTune a scam or is it on the up and up?

Being an affiliate marketer myself I have to say that the company does offer a product and that’s a plus. Obviously they think highly of it because they have a decent website and a pretty in depth description of each pill and what it does. I don’t think the website is a scam and I do think that CogniTune is offering what people are looking for in today’s health marketplace. I wanted to try and show a description of one of the pills but kept getting a sign up form which looked like this. cognitunead - Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?


That’s ok, I got the idea of what the company promotes and there are some videos which explain how some of the cognitive products affect the brain and how they work. As an affiliate you would basically promote the product and earn some good commissions I would think.

The good news about this product is I think there is a huge marketplace demand for it. In the era of aging baby boomers looking to retire I think this may be a pretty good product to promote. And there are a good amount of these products on the website that you can earn commissions with.

Is CogniTune Worth Joining?

Here is where you have to decide whether or not Cognitune is worth your time and effort. If you are an affiliate I say why not. Go ahead sign up and get your affiliate link and promote. It can’t hurt. On the other hand if you don’t know a lot about affiliate marketing I would study how to do this and put some quality time in learning this skill. There’s a way to do it right and a way to not do it. So, if you have a site and know a thing or two about promoting a product great.

If you are looking to promote CogniTune and still don’t have a website or even know anything about affiliate marketing I would definitely consider joining a program that can teach you how to build a website and market your products. I recommend taking a look at this one here which gives you two free websites and a week’s worth of training absolutely free.

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9 Comments on Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?

  1. hey dave, good info on cognitune. i had never heard of that produce before but it does sound interesting and for a good cause. as a member of the affiliate community, i might look a little closer at this product. thanks again, keep up the good work!

  2. I have never heard of CogniTune. The name is quite clever but that is as far as I will go with this product. I would have to know first hand if a product is worth its value. Contracting meningitis is awful and I suppose trying anything for that matter is better than nothing at all. I clicked on the link you provided for the two free websites and I’ll be looking into this company, Wealthy Affiliate a bit more as it seems more promising with high scores in the review department.

  3. I am not an affiliate marketer. I am, however interested in learning more about the CogniTune product, before I waste my money on it. What are the ingredients in the CgniTune? If I buy it, would I be able to take it with my other medications? How many do you get in a bottle? How much does a bottle cost?

    • Hey Judith thanks for the comment. You can sign up and they give you free trial bottle or it’s about 50.00 a month. The buy page has all the info on it. Personally I haven’t tried it and I would definitely research if it is OK to use for people taking certain medications. Here is the buy page on Cognitune.

  4. I would like some advice on how to proceed with this company CogniTune. I am interested in trying the product and have read all about the formula they use. When I tried to order, there was no place to check for a free two week trial, which I didn’t want anyway. The three choices I saw were for one, two, or three bottles. Before ordering it was necessary to check the terms and conditions box which states that after the two week trial period you would be automatically billed monthly for the product. You could cancel the subscription as they called it at any time.

    So here are the red flags for me though I would like to find out that they are an ethical company to deal with since I am interested in trying their product:
    1. I tried four times to reach someone at their published 800 number 800 551 6495 and all I got was the person I wanted to reach wasn’t available, I left one message which was not returned.
    2. I sent them a detailed email which was not answered
    3. They say they give a 30 day money back guarantee, but I wonder how you get in touch with them to receive that.

    If you could help in any way I would greatly appreciate it
    Thanks a lot…Harmony

    • Hey Harmony thanks for the comment. I think I have a direct link on the post to order through them but if you can’t contact I would check out their Twitter of Facebook page and ask on there. Could just be a glitch but if you can get any answers from the social media sites maybe you could let me know how it went. I would think you should be able to get through on the phone. I’ll try that myself.

  5. Thanks David for your reply. The problem is not that I can’t order it’s that I want to find out how the ordering works. Maybe you could read the terms and conditions and see if there states anyway you can order without having to sign up for automatic shipment. Also the direct ordering on their site does not show the 2 week free trial but the terms and conditions relates to that. I only want to purchase one bottle to see if it helps me . Does that make sense to you why I’m confused? It’s not unusual for me to be confused hence wanting to order the product LOL


    • I checked online Harmony and found this customer service number.877-320-2929. I would definitely call them and ask about the free trial and see if it still applies. Going through the website may be tricky because we all know how that works. Best to try and talk to a regular person I think. Also, reading reviews on the product I can see there’s some mixed opinions and considering the type of product it is I would ask your doctor if it’s a good buy. The review I wrote mostly pertains to affiliates but regardless I would be interested to know how this works or if the company is even responding to messages. I sent them a message as well so I’ll see if they respond or just ignore it. But like I said especially with any brain enhancement product I would definitely go through your doctor first. Hope that helps. Dave

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