Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

Complete E Commerce Business Set Up Incl SEO & Marketingb2ad9d0453a4490aafdedee3f977bed4 cropped 1538667545 optimized - Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

What is this deal for small website owners? Is it a good deal or is it a complete bogus scam? Well, I checked this out and I have seen and reviewed another one of these done for you sites in the past but I wanted to give this one a look so here goes.

Now what is this complete E commerce business set up including the SEO and marketing? Exactly what it says it is I guess. Now, I haven’t tried this type of opportunity because I am pretty set on building my own website and not much into having someone else do it for me. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent deal.

Once I got to the homepage it basically shows you what you get for the basic package which includes everything you would expect in a made for you website. You get the website, the hosting and domain, marketing and logo and content. Here is where I got a little confused. I tried downloading a screenshot but it wouldn’t go which is why I wasn’t able to put it on this blog. But what I wanted and got confused by was the fact that the site comes with premade blogs (content) which is good but I wasn’t told how much content was included.

To me that is a red flag but I can’t focus on that just yet.

Content is important but if you get a prebuilt websitwe then your job in the future will simply be to keep building on that blog. And that means writing content week after week. No big deal right? Hopefully you like to blog because that’s what you will be doing even with a premade website.

This doesn’t mean this made for you website is a wash. It’s not. They give you everything you need to get your food in the door. At the basic price of $299.00. Now, is that a bad deal? Not necessarily but I do wish I could of seen some examples of websites they had built. All I got was the info that said they would build the site and give you a lot of tools for it.

Is this a good deal for anyone?

Sure, if you don’t want to build your own website, don’t know how or are just a marketing guru. Speaking of marketing, yes they do give you some marketing advice and that’s good. They may even market the website for you.

Do I Recommend This Done For You Website Building Platform?df89f0a3cda9128b803dc98cb277fe111538667426 cropped optimized - Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

Like I said above if you want it done for you I don’t see why not. But, be ready to put your own work into the site because not everything will be done for you long term. Which brings me to my thoughts on having a website created for you. A website, especially an affiliate website is a long term endeavor. It doesn’t happen overnight and especially not by just throwing up a prefab site on the net. You have to know how affiliate marketing works for any site to be successful.

And now that brings me to what I recommend for those who really want to build a successful website selling products. I encourage you to take a look at my review of the leading affiliate marketing learning platform that has done wonders for me. You can check that out HERE. 

I have been in the website building stage for three years now on this site, blogging tips for newbies. It’s been a pretty amazing ride I have to admit and I have learned so much in those years. From writing content, to inserting links, to keyword research, I have learned all aspects of affiliate marketing on the platform I reviewed at the link above.

Is building your own website a better option that just having someone else do it for you? In my humble opinion I have to say yes.

And why is that? 

Because you are in total control of whether or not your website will be successful. You will know your website because you created it. From the first blog you write, it is your baby and not something someone else did for you. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I look back on this website which now has close to 400 blogs and I know I wrote everyone of them myself. That my friend is a good feeling!

You Must Know What Your End Goals Are79aa6f63a3c799a4a746d8ee4323f9e11538667284 cropped optimized - Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

This is important especially if you are building a blog that’s designed to make you money. I mean don’t you want to quit the nine to five job? Tired of spending money on gas? Tired of making others rich while you suffer paying bills? That’s exactly why I started this blog site three years ago. I was tired of working for others. And the only way to get out of that was to change directions, to start something on my own from scratch.

That’s what makes your website successful. 

Don’t confuse what I am saying here. I think a Done For You Website is a great idea if you can keep building on it month after month. Building the basic website is half the battle. The rest will be you continuing it on and making it an authority on search engines.

I know you can do it. You’re interested in changing your life. You want something better. Maybe you heard of digital marketing and wanted to get in on the action by having a website built for you. That’s great because it shows you are ready to make a change. It shows that you have initiative and want the life you want. I thought the same thing and now I have a website that makes money for me.

Become Your Own Destiny

They say we all are on a journey. I have journeyed far a wide having been a US Marine in Japan to an electrician in the United States. I feel like I have rounded third and I’m coming home. I’m ready for that homerun and working hard in the field keep me afloat but it was tough on the ol’ body.

Your website can and will make money for you if you stay organized and stay focused on your end goals. You may be just looking for passive income which your website can do. You may want to make a killing selling affiliate products and your site can do that as well. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. Become your own destiny. Make a decision and stay the course.

I hope this sheds some light on the benefits of done for you websites or doing the website yourself. They both have benefits. I chose to build mine myself with the website platform I promote on this website. You could do the same or your can go with a done for you site. Regardless of what you decide, I think if you are serious about building a website that generates some income, you will do it.

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