Is Contena A Good Work At Home Job?

Is Contena A Good Work At Home Job?

Here’s one for all you bloggers and anyone who aspires to write content for a living. Contena looks to be a pretty new company as of 2017 that allows you to sign up and basically start your own writing business. These types of business models are great because as a writer you can really hone your writing skills for whatever you plan on doing in the writing business. Whether you’re a blogger, writer of content for others or even aspire to write your own novel, Contena is a place you can start that journey.  I checked out this platform and here is what appeared on the homepage.


I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the homepage which had a lot of information on getting started and really gave me a good idea of what this platform was about. Basically Contena has it’s own academy which teaches you how to become a freelance writer. There looks to be six separate modules that you will be exploring and learning from and from the looks of things I think this company is really off to a good start.

For the newbie blogger or aspiring freelance writer I think this could be a rewarding platform to learn and work on.

Take a look at what I mean with the modules you will see on the website.


Now, I am not sure if there is a fee to join but I think there is. There are a few different plans you can choose from but regardless these platforms usually don’t charge an arm and a leg. I checked the reviews out and saw that there was one that said it was a good platform for writers but not for everyone. I don’t think that writing is for everyone the same as blogging for an income isn’t for all of us. You have to put some time and effort in and with time comes experience and trust within the marketplace and that applies to any platform you use for writing.

Can You Make Money With Contena?

In a nutshell yes. You can also take jobs from the pool they have on the site and that’s a good thing. I think if you hustle as a writer on the site you can make some money. Here is what they claim you can make in three months time. 

I don’t know but if I could make over 5000.00 in three months at 100.00 per article I would definitely be interested. I mean how hard can it be writing articles? I would suspect they would want you to take a writing test or a sample writing to be accessed but I think it’s worth going through the process.

This program was referred to me to write about and I don’t really want to say yes or no to this. I do not think it’s a scam but I would do your due diligence and check out reviews like this one to make sure you’re getting into something that’s legit. I would say Contena is. As far as making a ton of money like 100.00 per article I would have to see that to believe it but if the ability to make that much arises I say go for it. To sign up for Contena and begin your writing adventures that make you money you can sign up here.

Would I Join Contena?

You know what? I definitely would sign up with this platform if i wasn’t committed to working on this blog. I think it’s got a lot of potential and seeing that it’s relatively new, you could probably get in on the ground floor on this thing. Work hard and prosper I say. On the other hand if you are a blogger and looking to start your own business as a blogger selling affiliate products I would check out one of the more popular training platforms for bloggers. Either way these two platforms can make a writer or blogger a success. Check out my review on my #1 platform for affiliate bloggers here.


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