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Dino’s SEO Guest Post Program. Worth Every Penny?


WordPress Guest Post And How To’s

I like the idea of the wordpress guest post because it’s a way of gaining website traffic without having to pay for traffic that doesn’t convert. By using this type of blogging on other people’s websites you have the opportunity to post your blog on a site that may have a ton of traffic. And this post could lead to some real conversions on your own website. But, what’s the best way to go about being a guest blogger? I checked out one of the platforms that helps people guest post and here is what I found.

Dino’s SEO Guest Post Program

Dino’s SEO Guest Post Program is a software based tool that helps you get content written and posted on other niche related websites and gives you backlinks to your website. While I am not sure how relevant backlinks are in today’s blogging world I will say that content writers are not cheap even if the content they write is horrible.

The cost for this type of wordpress guest post program with 10 blog/articles written is fairly expensive in my book with ten guest posts priced at $350.00. Yea, a bit pricey and I wish they had a trial period just to check it out with one guest post but I couldn’t see it anywhere. This is a new program so who knows they may change things for new customers if they aren’t getting many conversions.

dino - Dino's SEO Guest Post Program. Worth Every Penny?




The above just tells you that you will be building links back to your website and that your first wordpress guest post is free. But, I would like to know a bit more about this if I am going to shell out $350.00 smackaroos. That to me is a tall stack of change. So, I looked at what exactly they claimed to offer and what the heck you are getting for your $350.00. Below is what they claim to offer. dinopost - Dino's SEO Guest Post Program. Worth Every Penny?


I guess this is where I ask you if you think it looks legit or like a hustle. to me it looked kind of so so as far as being a hustle or legit. Like many services offered online I think it’s important to look for something that has some legitimacy attached in the form of a review or testimonial but since this program looks pretty new I couldn’t find any. So, not to say buyer beware but maybe buyer be cautious when it comes to this platform. Maybe just maybe down the road when the program has been online for a while and has some positive reviews and testimonials I would consider using it if they were offering a lower price. Like half of what they are charging right now. I think there are better ways to wordpress guest post.

What Would I Suggest For WordPress Guest Post?cropped BloggingTipsForNewbies 2 - Dino's SEO Guest Post Program. Worth Every Penny?

Personally, I think it’s important to have a website that is crafted professionally before you even consider guest posting. I say this because if your website is new and doesn’t have alot of organic traffic then you will definitely be wasting some serious cash. You need to have a website that has some longevity and a good amount of posts before seeking wordpress guest post opportunities. But, it’s up to you in the end.

As far as starting a website that converts, I found this to be one of the trickier things new bloggers get stuck on. They don’t know where to start! They have no training, no real working knowledge of how to blog so they just start writing. That’s just not the way to run a successful blog. Believe me it isn’t. So before you think about guest blogging make sure you are going about things step by step in the right direction. Spending more money doesn’t mean you will be successful! Seek out guest post opportunities on your won before spending money. Message other bloggers in your niche and ask them (politely) if you can post to their website. You may get what you need without having to spend a dime.

Choose A Platform That Will Help You Succeed

If you are just starting out as a blogger or even if you have been at it a while it’s important to use a platform that works well for you. I use this one and it has taught me tons and helped make this website a success to me. We all have to start out somewhere and I am glad I started with the platform I use. It’s easy to use, affordable and gives me all the information I need to run a successful business online.

Sure, I may try out paid wordpress guest blog platforms in the future but for now I think I have most of the bases covered. The key to your success will be consistency and if you have that you will definitely succeed. And if you’re looking to start succeeding on a platform that works click the banner above on the right that says free access. Yes, it’s free to join and even start your first couple websites and start training. That’s hard to find but for newbies it’s the best way to go. If it works great, if not no loss no foul. But, I guarantee you it’s made a lot of people successful who were consistent and they didn’t need to use a wordpress guest blog to accomplish that. Click the FREE ACCESS banner to get on the road to success as a blogger today!





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