Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You?

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You want to know if Wealthy Affiliate pays you? Well, not really and I hate to burst your bubble. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money so other companies pay you.

Let’s take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Below is a simple screen shot of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp courses. What is the Wealthy Affiliate boot-camp? Pretty simple really. It reaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate which is completely legal because you are offering a service. And the service is affiliate marketing training.

Does the training work? It does if you have some smarts and know how to use it. Many people have gone on to make a lot of money just promoting the platform and the service does sell itself.

The only downside is the internet is ripe with people who promote Wealthy Affiliate so the competition is fairly fierce. You will need to really work hard at getting your website working for you in a positive way. It’s not a bad way to earn some passive income though.

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Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

The Boot Camp on Wealthy Affiliate is one way to earn commissions and payouts are 24.50 for each new sign-up.

The other way to earn from Wealthy Affiliate is to go through their affiliate marketing training courses. These courses are like the boot-camp courses which include 10 training modules, each module consisting of ten different courses.

These courses cover everything you need to know with affiliate marketing. Whether it’s writing effective content to learning SEO, the courses in affiliate marketing training are the best you are going to find with 15 years of experience of the Wealthy Affiliate owners.

Next are the live events which are training videos which cover many different topics. Topics include updated info on different learning skills needed to succeed. I recommend these highly as they are updated weekly. You can’t go wrong and will find many tips to help you succeed in the business here.

Next on the list of what Wealthy Affiliate offers is Jaxxy keyword tool. This is a valuable asset to any affiliate marketer and comes free with Premium memberships. You can also purchase it as a stand alone product.

What good is a keyword research tool? It can make your website a success by allowing you to research everything you need to write content that will gain traffic. If you take your time, research the best keywords for your article, you will be heads above the rest. This is a must have and you will find it only on the Wealthy Affiliate platform or by going to Jaxxy.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

If you check out the platform you’re going to meet thousands of people who are on the platform. I don’t want to make this a completely lame review of Wealthy Affiliate and tell you it’s the best thing since the advent of the iPhone because like anything it comes with some things I don’t like. And being the honest old school Marine vet I am I won’t b.s. you. Here are some pros and cons.


The website has a lot of good training. If you know nothing about creating an affiliate marketing website, you will by the time you finished the first ten lessons in either the Boot-Camp training or the Affiliate Marketing training.

The format is pretty easy to understand. There isn’t a bunch of super techno stuff that is confusing. It’s an easy platform for beginners.

The training works if you follow it.

Site support is on top of things in minutes, not hours.

The website uses WordPress. This is a plus and they teach you how to use it.

Members are helpful for the most part. But there’s something about that that bothers me. Which leads me to the cons of Wealthy Affiliate.


The member chat is for helping newbies. But you will find posts related to anything under the sun. And some of the newbies trying to climb the Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador ladder will offer bogus information that isn’t correct. And that sucks.

The Ambassador level has people posting on the Wealthy Affiliate blog about anything at all. It could be about their dog taking a dump or someone’s relative passing away. The blog area to me is toxic.

The training while it’s good needs some updating. Which is why I like the videos because they are updated often. And the updated videos are pretty cool and interesting to watch. But the course material could use some tlc.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Trying?

One Of Wealthy Affiliate’s Logo

If you don’t have a nine to five job you have to get up to go to, then yes. I say this because you won’t make money at first when you are going through the Wealthy Affiliate training. You will have access to all the web builder, keyword tool and training so you can start building a website immediately on the platform.

Some make money almost immediately because they focus on one niche and don’t fart around on the Wealthy Affiliate blogs and chat which you will find many do. It can be addictive to scroll through the blogs but to me that’s a major distraction and time waster. I don’t care what you had for breakfast. That’s not what I want to read about.

The bottom line is Wealthy Affiliate will not make you money. You have to do that yourself. Meaning, go through the lessons and build your own website. Make it a reflection of who you are. That’s what I have done with this site I hope. It’s all me and make yours all you.

The best advice I can give anyone who is considering tire kicking Wealthy Affiliate is to try it out for free. If it is something you think you can do then go for it. I have been a member for over four years and I won’t stick around unless it’s worth it to me.

You will learn something from the training. I learn something new all the time. And you don’t have to be a certain age to try to work as an affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate has people of all ages and localities. I do like that about the platform. The key to success will be in building a website that people will find value in. And that’s how you succeed and make money with not Wealthy Affiliate, but what you learned on the platform.

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