Done For You Amazon Affiliates Adsense Websites. Are These The Snizzle?

Done For You Amazon Affiliates Adsense Websites

laptop - Done For You Amazon Affiliates Adsense Websites. Are These The Snizzle?

Here is another one of those do it for you websites that does everything up front as far as building your website and getting it SEO optimized. I have been seeing a lot of these popping up because it looks like people are really biting on these. Speaking of which yesterday I went to a local lake and did some quality fishing in some crazy cold weather but ended up getting skunked. Oh well maybe next time. (Getting off topic here. Sorry about that.)

I checked out this Amazon Afiiliates Adsense Websites and first thing I noticed was the price. I really liked it because it was cheap and under $100.00 for a whole website setup with 20 articles at 1000 words each. This was cool because it showed me that the company wasn’t out for money big time trying to suck the last dime out of uneducated buyers. 

I say uneducated because in the world of affiliate marketing there are tons of programs out there and while some are great, there are many that are just in it for the money. I learned long ago that building a niche website is just the beginning of the journey of making a website that’s successful. And while this is a great option for seasoned marketers looking to get a pre made website for some change, I didn’t really see how this would fare in the long run. The articles are great to have and they do have some follow up help for you but where was the affiliate marketing training? I didn’t see it. I think having this training is more important that just building a website and letting it fly.

Check the review what I used to not only learn affiliate marketing but to build and market that website! 



Do Pre Made Niche Websites Really Make Money?

Of course they do and there are many people who at first were hesitant to start but wound up becoming big time success stories. And they no longer have to work for the man. But, to get to that point you need a good starting point which is why I really like these niche websites that this Amazon Affiliate Adsense Websites program has to offer. My only issue is they don’t provide you with any ongoing training in affiliate marketing or maintaining a website with blogs, marketing,analytics, comments, hosting and bla bla bla. There’s a lot more than meets the eye but if you can get it all together you can really bank in affiliate websites. Anyway, so here is what I saw when first checking this site out.

premadenice - Done For You Amazon Affiliates Adsense Websites. Are These The Snizzle?


Looks good to me for a pre made niche website and I think it’s a good price to get a site setup and some content. As far as content goes I would really want to see some examples because you know as well as I do that some of the content out there is pretty shady. I may not be the best writer in the world but I do try to formulate full sentences. So, I would definitely want to check out some samples before buying.

Now, the price for this like I said is $97.00 and they do all of the work to get the site going for this price. Check out the sales info below.

premadeprice 1 - Done For You Amazon Affiliates Adsense Websites. Are These The Snizzle?
Pricing Sheet


See, told you. Pretty darn cheap for a pre made niche website and that’s awesome. But, let’s think about this for a minute. Quick scenario here. Let’s say you buy this pre made site and have it switched to your hosting and buy the domain for it. (Always shoot for a .com) Let’s say you got all this done and now what? Does the money start rolling in? Or is it hurry up and wait? Well, this is where I think newbies might get discouraged. A seasoned marketer would know what to expect but what if you’re new and don’t know?

That’s where your training in building a website and marketing need to come in but this program doesn’t teach you any of that. And that’s where I think some people might get stuck. Where do they go once the site is up? The way to get it moving in the right direction would be to promote your new website, build on the content and get some comments to your posts. And that is where many fail because they just don’t want to do the work. The good news is for those of you who like to see progress and are willing to write a couple blogs a week and learn little by little how websites make money then yes, this pre made website could be the shnizzzle. (I know funny word but hey…it is what it is)

What’s The Best Option If You Want To Learn And Build Your Own Website?

learn 3115719  340 - Done For You Amazon Affiliates Adsense Websites. Are These The Snizzle?
Learn And Grow

Like I said before above. Learn on your own and build your own website! Listen, building your own website is the easy part. But to be successful you will need to go the extra mile and get traffic, get comments, build out your website and learn affiliate marketing. A pre made website is just that. A pre made website and nothing else.

On the other side of the coin if you join a platform that teaches you how to build your niche website and then teaches you how to market it and maintain it long term then you may see some better success. It really is up to you but I can tell you getting an education in this industry is priceless and you would be surprised how many people don’t even know what affiliate marketing is. That’s because they are holding on to the old traditional way of making money but giving their time for a paycheck. It’s time to create your own paycheck and this industry, affiliate marketing is the way to go today.

Now, that I have given you a run down of the pre made websites for Amazon and Adsense you will have to decide which way to go. A pre made website or learn how to build and maintain your website yourself. I recommend doing it yourself and check HERE for the way to do it.


Let Me Hear You Roar!

I’d like to hear from you if you are newly into affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro. I would also love to answer any questions you may have about the industry. I like seeing people who find success come back and tell me some of my info was helpful. I’ll admit when I first started this blog I was thinking of ways to make money but in the last two years I have met so many who said my blog helped them get started in the affiliate marketing business and that’s cool. If you would like, leave me a comment below and I wish you the best!



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