Done For You Sales Funnel. Make A Million Dollars Overnight!

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Spread the love  Done For You Sales Funnel. Worth Every Penny? By now if you’re consistently blogging on your website you have probably heard of the done for you sales funnel programs. But, do these

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Done For You Sales Funnel. Worth Every Penny?

By now if you’re consistently blogging on your website you have probably heard of the done for you sales funnel programs. But, do these type of programs really work and is it worth the money investing in? Based on my experience as a blogger I have to say these type of programs while sounding enticing are really nothing but a way to collect emails and those emails you collect will probably end up being either bots or people who aren’t interested in what you’re offering.

The done for you sales funnel I checked out basically works like this and it’s a pretty simple concept. You sign up for a one time fee of $97.00 which is payable by Paypal upfront. They set up a sales funnel type of system where you promote the same program you bought and you earn a commission on those who sign up under you. I know, it sounds pretty cliche and not too exciting. The bottom line is the dollar and you really aren’t learning anything about marketing or how to write quality blogs, it’s just a round and round system that you end up paying for and might not even get any commissions.

Dime A Dozen Elaborate Scheme?

This done for you sales funnel thing is so insane to me that I’m not even going to bother putting up a link for you to check the thing out. Let’s just say I think it’s a mess and you will end up losing your shirt if you try it, then you will get frustrated and think everything is a scam online. I don’t want you thinking that. After blogging for a few years I have come to realize that these type of programs that take little effort on your part just do NOT work! I repeat they DO NOT WORK!

I know what you are thinking. But what about all the reviews, what about the owners…don’t they make money? My answer is sure, the big dogs (if you even want to call them that make money by scamming people to sign up and hand over their cash. I refuse to do that. No way. As a Marine Corps veteran and former electrician I can attest to the fact that to earn at anything you really have to work hard at it. And that includes working online. Nothing in life is easy…if it is everyone would be doing the same thing. And a do it for you sales funnel is not hard work, it takes no real effort and for you as a buyer of the program….you will lose.

What Online Program Works In 2017?

Ok, here is where things get tricky or not for you if you’re looking for a real source of income online. In my experience to earn as a blogger online the only surefire way is to pump out a lot of quality content and keep at it for at least a couple years. Promote a quality product(s) and see where you are at the end of that time. And learn! That’s right. Learn about current product trends, learn how affiliate marketing works and learn how to write blogs with intent. It’s really that simple. After a while stuff will become second nature to you when writing about your products and services.

There are some companies out there that will teach you what you need to learn to earn online. Not all of them are just out for you money. If you think about college, it costs some people upwards of $50,000 to earn a degree and that sucks. Recently when I was fishing at one of the lakes I noticed there was a new guy working there as a lake attendant. I began talking with him and found out he had a degree as an enviromental specialist. He was mid 20’s and couldn’t find a job in his field and I’m sure he has a ton of student loan debt. Starting pay as a lake attendant is around $9.00 to $10.00 an hour. Yea, not too great.

The same kind of applies online, the only way to build a reputation and to begin earning is to promote something you believe in and to show people that you have put in the work and are getting success at what you are doing. For me personally I started this blog over a year and a half ago and it’s making money and gaining in popularity. But, it took me learning how to write and how to market what I believe is the best blogging program out there. And I didn’t see success overnight like a done for you sales funnel promises.

What’s My Advice To Online Bloggers?

Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple

Personally I would find a niche and stick it out. Blog regularly and offer your readers some honest advice. Be engaging with you readers too and ask them to comment. Update your blog on a consistent basis and stay positive with the course you are going on. I would also suggest joining a forum of like minded people looking to earn online who are in it for the long haul. And most important of all is to choose a training platform that works well. If you’re still stuck and ready to get serious about your online success and willing to put in the effort, check out my review of my #1 choice for bloggers here or click the free access banner above!


5 thoughts on “Done For You Sales Funnel. Make A Million Dollars Overnight!

  1. “…to earn at anything you really have to work hard at it.” – so true!

    For myself, I’ve found that I’m most proud of something that I didn’t easily acquire. This post is a great reminder to those that are close to giving up not to. To become successful, you have to be willing to accept and face challenges thrown your way.

    1. Heya, thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. It’s true that to earn at anything takes time but the process of learning and blogging to reach a goal is paramount to success. Taking the easy route usually and pretty much always produces little or no results. It takes blood sweat and tears but once you get that you’re on your way. I do like seeing results but also the path to success is much more rewarding. Eventually when success comes it’s that much sweeter. Thanks again and best to you and your success!

  2. Hi David for the insight on Done for your sales funnel. I was curious about it for a long time, just wanted to get more details. It always helps to read a review like this one to make a right decision.

    1. Yea, seems anything that appears too good really is. But I kind of expected as such from a Sale Funnel (Lol). I appreciate the comment and wish you the best in health and success!

  3. Hi David, I nearly joined one of sales funnel program from a webinar last year. To me it’s like a ponzi scheme.
    The traditional way is the most sustainable way – blogging! Totally agree with you although a lot of hard work is needed. But its worth it.


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