Done For You Prestige Funnel $50,000 Per Month Opportunity. OMG! What Are You Waiting For?

Done For You Prestige Funnel $50,000 Per Month Opportunity!

Oh Yea, Show Me The Money!

Oh Mah Gawd! Can you believe this! The Prestige Funnel Do It For You $50,000 per month opportunity! What a freakin’ break through! Why the heck didn’t I think of this????

Ok, let me break this opportunity down for you the best I can.

You wan’t to make money right? You’re broke or near broke and you’re looking for an opportunity online to make money. Hey, aren’t we all? I mean isn’t that what everybody is click clackin’ around the internet looking for? That release from the nine to five grind that’s sapping our energy and pulling the soul right out of us?

What is this insanely enticing opportunity that states you can make $50,000 in just one month? Is it a scam? Should you sign up right now, this minute and begin your short journey to millions and millions of bucks overnight? Sure, why not, let’s do this!


Let’s think this over. Let’s slow down and look at reality for a second. Yea, let’s do that. Wait, I’ll do it for you and go through this step by step. Let’s look at what this really is all about.

What The Heck Is This All About?

First, let’s look at the homepage welcome screen we see when we visit the Prestige Done For You Funnel.

prestige - Done For You Prestige Funnel $50,000 Per Month Opportunity. OMG! What Are You Waiting For?
Cash Inducing Wallet Sucker?

It’s got some pretty high claims but not to over commit themselves to your success. But, I want to go with this and learn more about this opportunity. Basically in internet marketing a funnel is pretty much a set of steps to get your customers to eventually buy from you.

With the Prestige Funnel the Basic Package which starts at $1997.00 gives you the basics to start your money making funnel.

The owners of this will do everything for you but build your website which you will have to do yourself. They just create a funnel with sales pages etc to drive traffic to your product or service. I guess you could call it a glorified marketing system.

However, they do a domain research and keyword tool analysis and some other stuff like invite letters and thank you letters which I couldn’t really understand if they weren’t actually building the website. It looks professional but a bit confusing for a newbie I would think.

The main take away I got from this is that the Prestige Funnel was a startup funnel page for people looking to promote their website.

toronado - Done For You Prestige Funnel $50,000 Per Month Opportunity. OMG! What Are You Waiting For?
Here Comes The Funnel!

Ok, so the above screenshot doesn’t really say much except tell you to ditch your nine to five which is cool. The more expensive package says you will get articles written for you as well but that will cost you about $6000.00! Heck I would hope this is delivered in gold for that price.

Is This Opportunity Worth It?

Sure, if you got a bankroll of cash and don’t mind spending money to have someone build a marketing funnel for you. The problem with having an income building website is that there are already hundreds of thousands (millions actually) of websites that are out there. And not all of them are making money. In fact most of them are kind of floundering out there because they don’t have a good marketing plan.

I would suggest personally in my most humble opinion to really consider what your long term intentions are when building your website before you dive into anything like the Prestige Funnel or anything that is going to cost you some serious coin. Because it’s important to know what you are doing with your website before you start promoting it.

Having an income generating income website takes time to mature and grow an audience. The Prestige Funnel accelerates that process but it is no guarantee your site will succeed. With that said I would definitely weigh your options before diving in.





2 thoughts on “Done For You Prestige Funnel $50,000 Per Month Opportunity. OMG! What Are You Waiting For?”

  1. You said website needs time to mature and generate income. What are your experiences with it? Is 6 months enough to grow an audience?


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