Best Free Website Creator Small Business Owners Need

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How long have you been working on your website? Or maybe you don’t have a website and need one that’s free to get started. Whatever stage of web building you are, don’t fall victim to paying high prices for a web builder that you can more than likely get for free. Why is that? Well, think about all of the websites out there today and how much do you think each one cost to create?

Many of them are created for free and you would not be able to tell the difference between a high priced site and one at rock bottom prices. In fact, there are many platforms that offer people in search of websites, a basic website at no cost at all.

What’s the catch?

That’s what you have to watch for. While these websites are free, you may find yourself being the target of multiple upgrade offers which can take that free website all the way up to a costly endeavor. What should you do if this is the case? Stay away is my suggestion. The best website creator small business owners need is what I used but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Basically, if you want a free website builder with no catches, you’re going to have to do your research. Luckily, I have had the honor of finding a site builder that’s free and it uses WordPress as the platform for web creation.

You may know already that WordPress is already free aside from having an internet connection and a computer to do your work on. But, some people may not know how to use this platform and that’s where what I found may help you.

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That’s right. If you came to this website through a search, chances are you are looking for a way to build a website in the affiliate marketing industry. And that’s exactly what I was doing years ago as a newbies affiliate marketer. A way to build a high-quality website without all the hassle.

I had used one of the popular website builders in the past but it had all this drag and drop stuff that was a complete nightmare for me to do. I didn’t like that and my website always looked like a scrapbook when looking at the homepage.

I eventually teamed up with Wealthy Affiliate and started learning affiliate marketing the right way, got access to their web builder and then I was good to go.

With WordPress directly accessible through the platform, I could write all of my content with ease, save it and even access the editor, add images and pick an appropriate theme for my niche. I also got top of the line training which I did have to put to use once I got the basic hang of things.

Finally, almost four years later, my website is still online, making sales and commissions and I have to say it was all because I signed up for the WordPress platform. And it was free when I joined and it’s still free now. It’s probably the best thing I could have done at the time because I knew really nothing about building a website properly.

Wealthy Affiliate Gives You A Free Site Content Builderffbe678534523bc2734cf34fef38bac81560689852 cropped 1560995529 optimized - Best Free Website Creator Small Business Owners Need

That’s right. Free members of this platform instantly get two free websites and access to their own site builder which creates content and then loads it into the WordPress platform. From the site builder, you can go in and do editing, add metatags and everything else you need to do like edits and blog description plus add high-quality images.

The free account is pretty awesome I have to admit on Wealthy Affiliate. You can join and stay and free member for as long as you like. You don’t ever have to upgrade unless of course, you want to. And that runs about $50.00 a month but with it comes all of the affiliate training you could ever need in your life.

Videos, tutorials and online support from thousands of members really push this platform to the top of the heap in my opinion.

Free members have access to some of the limited training of ten courses which isn’t too bad but what I like about it is you don’t even have to upgrade and you still have access to the WordPress platform and two websites, free hosting, and domain. It’s everything a newbie affiliate marketer could ever need in my opinion.

But, don’t take my word for all of this. Try out Wealthy Affiliate for a week and see what I am talking about. All you do is sign up, create a free account and from there start building your website on the site content software. Once you create a post, it will automatically update on WordPress.

Or just use the onsite WordPress password and log into your website, and create posts, change themes, add images or videos.

Really, there is no limit to what you can do on WordPress concerning website building and Wealthy Affiliate has this available for all of its members.

Become A Master At Web Building

One thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate and it’s site content creator is that you can actually earn money building websites for other people. Premium members have hosting for up to 50 websites so you can build say a 5-page website for anyone and make some good money doing it. Sell the site and give the buyer the password information and you just sold the first website that you built.

Need info on how to do that? Just check in on Wealthy Affiliate’s live chat and you will find thousands of people willing to help you out with answers to web building, affiliate marketing and more. You just can’t go wrong with their free membership.

Ok, I’m done for now but do me a favor, check it out for yourself and build a free website. Then tell me how it worked out for you. Leave me a message in the comments before.

P.S. Check out my 2019 review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE and you be the judge.

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