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I recently checked out (Done For You) High Quality Authority Websites and figured I would write a little something about this product and my take on whether or not it’s worth it. If you don’t know what authority websites are they are websites you create usually on a platform like WordPress and in a particular niche. With this program I checked out they basically hook you up with the website and some articles already written and you have an authority website up and running in a matter of days. While this looks to be a good deal I am still sticking with my #1 choice for blogging platforms.

 Do I think it’s worth the time and effort not to mention the money to check this out? I would say if you don’t want to hassle with writing your own content and want a ready made niche website it’s worth it. The price for one of these sites that they call the macro site has 25 articles written and word count is around 12,500 words. The price? $185.00 with a 25 percent discount that they offer right now. Not too steep and I would be interested to see how this thing panned out.

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You can see that you get the basics to get your website up and running but I really like the fact that you also get the pre written articles. As far as being optimized for SEO that is another issue but I have a feeling they are written with that in mind to help you convert.

High Quality Authority Websites And What To Do

So, what could you do with these high quality authority websites? Pretty much anything you want. You could build on what you already have with the 25 articles and pick up some links to products that are in that particular niche. I didnt see exactly what niche these sites were in so that may be covered once you order which is by Paypal btw.

My take on this is pretty neutral but thankfully you don’t have to pay alot up front. In fact a website premade with 25 articles that are optimized along with the site is a good deal at 185.00 after the 25% discount. Not sure how long that will be up though. The only thing I didn’t get is who pays the hosting and is the domain included in the price? I failed to see where that came in. So, I am assuming you will have to pay your own hosting fees and probably the domain but don’t mark my words on it.

Is It Worth It?

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How To Blog About Your Business

I guess it’s worth checking out these premade authority websites if you have no other alternatives and don’t really feel like writing your own content. Personally, I prefer a platform that offers it’s buyers a domain option and in house hosting. I also chose one that has a site builder so everything works together. I don’t have to log into one site to pay my hosting and another to get a domain and yet another for a site builder. The one I use (upper right banner) is all inclusive. All I have to focus on is writing my content.

While this pre made website thing looks good I still had some unanswered questions. Like who runs this company? I saw no contact info and while the reviews were pretty good I still was left wondering if it’s a good option. I also still stand by the platform I use which cost me $49.00 a month but covers everything including affiliate marketing training. So, while pre made high quality authority websites are nice because you don’t really have to do much, I like to get my hands dirty and learn how to do things myself. And building a website which becomes an authority is something I like doing. I don’t need a pre made website to do that.

Still On The Fence?

Ok, so if you’re still scratching your head wondering how to start a blogging business with an authority website I would suggest shopping around but don’t over do it. In fact pick something and stick it out. Don’t play the fool and focus on what you want and go for it. the Wealthy Affiliate worked for me but didn’t give me all of the articles up front, I had to do that. But they did get me two free websites to check out and that was golden. A whole week just to start building a website absolutely free! And I had access to the forums, live chat from members and the owners and the ability to search for high ranking keywords. It really is an all inclusive blogging platform for anyone looking to earn as a blogger. If you’re on the fence, check it out right now. It’s free to join and set up your websites. Start Your Blog Business Today Here!


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  1. Hello, your website is well detailed and filled with lots of great information. I agree with what you said and that is shopping around. But for me wealthy affiliate is number one. There is no other program like this on the planet. I would encourage anyone who wants to start and online business to make wealthy affiliate first choice.

    • I agree. It’s a good platform no doubt. It does take some work and it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re willing to put forth the work then it’s well worth checking out. It does take work and is no easy ride so it’s not for those looking for an easy buck. Thanks for your comment.

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