The Empower Network. Scam,Scheme Or Legit?

The Empower Network. You may of heard of this program while searching for online programs that can make you an income.

But, is this thing legit or just another elaborate scheme to take away your hard earned money?

Being a network marketer and blogger that writes tips for newbies, I wanted to take a look at the Empower Network and get an idea of what this deal was all about.

I’ve been a blogger for quite a while and like taking a look at different programs that are designed to create a long lasting income for bloggers. But, honestly I haven’t really found many to be anything but scams or schemes.

What Is Empower Network?

I’ll be honest here. I took a look at this program and didn’t even know where to begin. There were so many different “programs” like the Kalatu Blogging System or the Inner Circle Membership or the Top Producer Formula.

I really liked the Mass Influence Formula which sounded like some kind of insane James Jones madman scientific scheme. I mean some of the names they called these programs should raise a red flag. Look at this shot of the program.

Untitled 300x169 - Is Empower Network A Legit Opportunity Or Elaborate Scheme?
Elaborate Scheme?








The above is just a screen shot of Kalatu Blogging System which if you click the link takes you to a page that explains what you get with this “Flagship” program.

It’s 25.00 a month and gives you the barebones basics of the Empower Network Program.  Here is a screen shot of what you get with the barebones program. untitled - Is Empower Network A Legit Opportunity Or Elaborate Scheme?


Not a whole lot of bells and whistles but that’s where things get confusing.

I then saw that each program ahead of the “Basic Flagship” program was more expensive and more difficult for me to understand what was actually being sold here. I just couldn’t find the product.

Then it hit me. The product was the concept or idea but nothing else.

I will say one thing that I did like though. The website was nicely built and the layout exceptional. But, overall I found the Empower Network to be a bit pricey especially after you get past the first program.

My thinking was is that each program complimented the next and so on. You sign up for one and then enticed to buy the next and yada yada.

At the end of the day you can be out of thousands of dollars if you can’t make this Empower Network “Idea” work.

Pros And Cons Of The Empower Network

Before I list the pros and cons of this program let me say something. I am not here to slam the company.

In fact some people may love it but as always I had to do my review checking and yes, there were lots of negative reviews.

Some called it a Ponzi Scheme. Others just claim it’s a blatant rip off. So here are the pros and cons.


Well orchestrated website that’s easy to navigate. If you are a hustler and can convince people to buy into an idea then have at it. You may be able to succeed.

It’s been around for quite a while so they must not be doing something totally illegal. In fact I think the Empower Network has been online for quite a while.


Confusing to understand exactly what you are selling.

Looks very expensive once you get into the higher costs programs. You could end up spending thousands!

I go off reviews and this program looks like it has a lot of negatives. I definitely think this is the biggest red flag for me.

No free trial to check the program out

My Verdict On The Empower Network!


I guess the good news is I wouldn’t call this an outright scam. That wouldn’t be good. But, I do think it’s an elaborate well thought out scheme that could end up costing you a ton of money.

Sure the Empower Network gives you a website that’s supposed to be ready to start generating you income but I’m not really buying into it.

Why not?

Because I don’t really see what is being promoted besides an idea or some kind of a concept. Too vague for me to stick around.

Now, without totally slamming this company I will say that since the website was so well made I would think that there may very well be people who are happy with this program.

I also think that they may have a ton of exposable income or are in tight with the founders of the program. Remember in most schemes and scams the ones who win are usually the higher up big dogs. Buyer beware.

What Would I Recommend To Bloggers?

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What’s My #1 Choice For Bloggers?

I like blogging and offering blogging tips to newbie bloggers. But, I also know bloggers are usually looking to find ways to earn with their blogs.

I was one of them and found a platform that actually gave me 2 free websites to try for free. I did have to build the sites but I chose this niche “blogging tips” and it has worked well for me.

Plus I didn’t have to spend a ton of cash trying to learn what I needed to learn to write and blog effectively.

If you’re looking to make money from your blogging efforts by all means keep your costs down to learn how to blog effectively.

And learn how to market a product you truly believe in, not just some random Clickbank or Amazon product.

Finally, don’t fall prey to the big costs to start your own business because that’s just not the way to go.

Check out my review of my #1 blogging platform pick for bloggers looking to earn online below. And don’t be shy! If you want to learn more just leave me a comment below!

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