Over Fifty And Out Of Work? Do You Know What To Do?

Over Fifty And Out Of Work!office 1589459  340 - Over Fifty And Out Of Work? Do You Know What To Do?

Oh no! You’re over fifty and out of work! What do you do? Call 911? Call the fire department? Uh, let’s not do that. Point is there are more people who fit into this category than you may think so relax. Let’s think this through.

We are adults after all right?

If you found yourself in this situation you may have scoured the internet looking for something that can help. You may have even considered looking to filing Social Security or disability. In fact there are about half of the American population out of work at this time according to some statistics.

Do you sit and wonder what the heck happened? Climb back in bed and wait till the inevitable happens? Heck no! You need to find not only something to do but to keep yourself motivated to get back on the horse.

Can You Earn As A Blogger?wpcert - Over Fifty And Out Of Work? Do You Know What To Do?

If you are over fifty and out of work think about what type of skills you have. I was a manual work kind of guy so the options were limited for me albeit working as a guy hauling trash or mowing a lawn. Things were bleak.

Until I found out about affiliate marketing and blogging for an income. And once I started learning that society was moving towards a digital economy I wanted to learn more. I signed up for this awesome training program and the rest was history.

I reinvented myself as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. This isn’t another wham bam thank you maam scam or scheme. It’s a full fledge training program that teaches you all the aspects of affiliate marketing. It’s fun and easy and you don’t break your back in the process!

Take a look at this awesome post and video that explains in detail what you will be doing in this program. Oh, and did I mention you get two free websites to get started?

Why Should Over 50 People Start Blogging?

Because it’s not the norm. It’s not the nine to five grind. It’s amazing how I can check out Facebook and see how many posts are related to work and money. People not wanting to work minimum wage. Minimum wage should be raised issues. Veterans living on the poverty level practically eating dog food to survive. Families starving in the country that’s supposed the be the best in the world. Reality bites sometimes and I know. I am a Marine Corps veteran myself.

And over 50!

Blogging for an income makes sense because you can make money doing it and it’s not hard. In fact anyone can do it. But you have to commit yourself and start somewhere. I did and I’m not looking back!

Blogging Is Good For Your Mental Health!

Writing is always good therapy and being a vet and having some issues from an illness in my 40’s I found writing to be a great source of relief from my problems. It’s therapeutic and I found that writing can really make you become more mindful in your everyday life.

My advice for those over fifty and out of work is to keep yourself open to new opportunities. Consider blogging and promoting products like those you see on Amazon. Yes, you can write about and promote those products through a site called Amazon Associates. And you can earn a commission off each sale!

I’m like a kid in a candy store when one of my products I promote sell. If I can do it then anyone can!

So, think about it. If you’re out of work and over 50 and sick of going to dead end interviews, working with snobby people and would rather work alone, consider joining the program I did to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. It’s fun, it’s exciting and there’s a ton on help for you if you get stuck!

Start Blogging For Income Today!


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