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Profit Through Blogging Sites?

Blog For Money Sites.

A Ticket To Success Or Failure?

Blog for money sites are all over the internet and while these sites show up in a simple search does that mean they are legitimate? My fist response in no, they are not all legitimate. In fact, most of the sites related to blogging are probably designed to take your money with some kind of catch.

So why do people search for these sites?

Simple, they want to make a quick buck pumping out a few articles and think they will find success online.

What’s the reality and why do people look for these kinds of websites? Here are a few reasons.

1 Looking for quick money.

2 Desperation. They are looking to make money to basically cover their expenses in a fast and easy way.

3 They have been conned into thinking blogging sites can actually help them make a ton of money.

4 They were told it’s an easy way to riches.

5 They want to try something new.

And What’s The Reality Here?

As a blogger who makes a little income off of my website I can tell you first hand that blogging will not make you rich in a month or even six months. I’ll explain.

Blogging for an income takes a lot of time writing content on a regular basis. You don’t just start writing content and wham bam, next thing you know you’re rich. It can be a lonely endeavor too. You spend hours writing blogs about something that you hope will be useful to your readers and many times it doesn’t pan out.

But, is that a reason to throw up your hands and quit?

I say absolutely not! And I say that because it takes time to build up a site that has a good fan base and interested readers. Take this blog for instance. I am not an expert writer but I do know that blogs can make you money if you put the time in. You also have to be consistent and take your blogging business seriously.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Diving In!

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I get a lot of people subscribing to my tips on this website. Almost too many to keep track of but does that mean it’s going to make me successful? Not really because at the end of the day I have to determine who is really interested in blogging for an income and who is just kicking tires.

I also have to figure out what subscribers are bots that are auto signups. It’s a tricky business but the worst thing anyone can do is jump to conclusions and quit within the first six months of starting a blog website. There are some blog for money sites out there that can make you money but you will have to do your research to figure out which is worth it and which ones will waste your time.

Before I go on here I’d like you to answer a few questions. These will help you to decide whether blogging is for you.

1 Are you looking to build a long term business or are you looking for the quick dollar?

Blogging takes time. To become successful you have to look at your website as a diamond in the rough and something that will take months and years to become successful. You won’t get that by looking for a fast payout. Go to a casino if you are.

2 Do you know how long it will take to build your website and start making an income?

Usually it takes a full year at least to start seeing any decent results on your website. And that takes work. You have to blog consistently and keep on learning new tactics of writing and marketing to find success.

3 Do you have patience or are you an impatient individual looking for immediate results?

Blogging for an income is not for impatient people. There….I said it.

4) Are you willing to put yourself out there and try something new and realize that everyday won’t be a score?

As a blogger you have days where you just don’t want to write or even look at your website. There are days when you will feel it’s not worth it. And there will be times when you feel burned out. This is normal for successful bloggers. As long as you keep writing regularly you will find success eventually.

5) Are you a determined individual or are you easily swayed and distracted?

Blogging is not for those who give up easy. It’s probably why there’s just a few that really truly succeed at blogging. It takes determination, writing when the chips are down and never giving up!

Find A Good Path And Stick It Out.

I wish I could tell you there is a simple secret to successful blogging but I can only say consistency is what will bring you success. And that’s it. Blogging for money sites will promise you the world but if you’re being told you can get rich overnight as a blogger you’re being lied to. Seriously.

The only way you will find success as a blogger is to find something you’re interested in, blog on a regular basis and try and have fun in the process. Sure, you want to make money but you have to learn to blog first. That’s going to be the key to climbing the success ladder. And with consistency comes high rankings in search engines like this.

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Blogging Tips For Newbies Ranking







You can see by the picture that this site ranks #1 on Bing for the phrase “blogging tips for newbies” and that’s what you are looking for. Sorry if the picture is a bit fuzzy, you can see for yourself by typing in the phrase on Bing. You want to get your website as high up as possible so people actually read your blog. You also want to use your Google Analytics to see where you need to improve your website and what’s is working for you.

Finally, if you haven’t taken off already I congratulate you! You have unbelievable patience!

Blogging does take some effort but using the right platform may just be what the doctor ordered. Take a look at this post on the leading online affiliate marketing and blogging platform which I use and has helped make this blog a success.

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