Five Things A Business Blogger Must Do!

You worked hard on your blog, dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s. You go back over your masterpiece and think to yourself “Man, I’m a genius!” But have you really done all you can

Write Blogs Consistently
Write Blogs Consistently

You worked hard on your blog, dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s. You go back over your masterpiece and think to yourself “Man, I’m a genius!” But have you really done all you can to make your blog stand out from the crowd? Have you studied up on what makes a business blog become a winner? Check out the five things I have listed below that should get your blog rise above the rest!

Write Content Frequently!

The most important aspect of writing a blog that you want to generate an income with is to write frequently quality content that people are going to want to read. It doesn’t have to be a Rembrant of blogs but it better be something that looks good, has no spelling and grammar errors and is keyword rich. These traits are really what make or break a blog in the readers eyes. If your work is littered with little spelling errors and looks like you rushed through it just to get it done, its going to look like that. So, take your time, reread your content once you’re finished and reread again!

Write To A Targeted Audience!

Blog About Food!
Blog About Food!


You want to write your content with a targeted audience. Think about who will want to read your blog. What type of niche did you choose and is it specific enough? It’s important to narrow your niche down to one specific topic rather than focusing on a broad topic. If you’re writing about food and dining you might want to pick a topic like “Italian Fine Dining” versus just “Italian Food.” Keep your niche on topic and try not to pick one that’s too broad. Your readers will be people who are looking for something specific in your blogs related to a broad niche.


Keep Your Content Engaging!

Write Engaging Content For Your Blog
Write Engaging Content For Your Blog

When writing your blog you want to write for your audience not for yourself. Now this seems a bit strange but it’s the reality. If you write your blog the way myour readers would want to read then you’re ahead of the game.  This means write like you are talking to them instead of at them. Writing engaging content that readers will feel is geared towards them and is helpful will encourage them to read more. Your headline is one aspect of your blog that most definitely is one of the most important traits your work should have. If your blog headline is weak and not niche specific your chances of your reader wanting to go further diminish considerably! Check this link for some more tips on writing an outstanding blog headline! Headlines For Your Blog Tips


Seek Help When Help Is Needed!


Let Others Help You With Your Blog Writing
Let Others Help You With Your Blog Writing


One of the worst things you can do when writing your business blog is to try and go it alone. I’ll be honest with you, it just doesn’t work. There are so many different aspects of blogging to learn that to try and figure it all out by yourself is going to be a daunting task. So, what do you do? Well, ask questions or course! If you join one of the many niche groups you will find that people are more than happy to help with writing techniques, social media, WordPress, you name it! So, if you are writing solo you really need to locate a writing support or blog writing group in your particular niche. Picking a niche that is popular sounds enticing but it may not be what you want in the long run due to oversaturation or you may eventually lose interest. Brainstorm with yourself and other connections to find a niche and content writing tips to get you on the path to success in your blog endeavors.



Never Rush Your Content!

Never Rush Your Writing!
Never Rush Your Writing!

Finally take your time writing your blogs. I know all of these tips are basic advice for anyone looking to start a blog business but think about it. If you are starting out you really need to focus on the basics of blogging which in the long term are going to be what makes your blog successful. If you focus too much on how to promote at the early stages of your venture I guarantee you will feel overwhelmed and very well may just give up completely. I don’t want to see you go that route. And taking your time to write quality content is going to be your best way to become a successful blogger. Writing articles that are engaging with a decent length and written well are going to be the best way to gain traffic to your blog and website. So, take your time and write naturally. The rest will fall into place in time. Check this link for advice on staying motivated while blogging. Motivate Your Blog Writing!  And for cost effective unique daily traffic to your blogs see here! Daily Traffic


18 thoughts on “Five Things A Business Blogger Must Do!

  1. I loved this article. There are so many things that bloggers should keep in mind and do in order to be successful, especially if you are blogging for business. I like what you said about writing for your audience because you are 100% correct. The point of writing and sharing your ideas online is ultimately help someone out. People are trying to solve their problems and that is where you, the writer, comes into play. Your site can help them solve a problem and ultimately gain their trust so they come back to read more from you in the future. Can’t wait to read more from you! Take care : )

  2. Hey there,
    I am new to the blogging world so these are some excellent tips. It’s a constant struggle in the beginning to find a balance between producing content and completing training to learn more about blogging. What do you think separates the bloggers who are successful from those who try hard but never become successful?

    1. Thanks for the comment! I think it is a balance between training and content. But remember you aren’t in a race. Building a business through brogging takes time patience and a passion for what you are writing about. I love finding new tips to perfect the blogging experience but to build a successful one it takes dedication, thought and a desire to provide useful content. Those who don’t succeed only look at the short term goals and aren’t too concerned about the important aspects. I truly appreciate your input on my blog post and if I can help y o u out in any way feel free to ask me!

  3. Hi, David.

    I enjoyed reading this post. Especially because the last tip really resonated with me. Sometimes I find myself trying to rush some content and get done as fast as I could. This happens when I am out of ideas to write about but I still have to be consistent and respect the schedule.

    Taking more time to write quality is the only way to go.

    Thanks for reminding me. I appreciate it.


  4. Hey, David! I really like your tips and I think they are great. I struggle all the time to keep consistency on my blog writings, and it is hard to hit the nail in the head all the time. Sometimes I write great content, but due to rushing on keyword research I waste a great writing session with something that will not necessarily produce great results. Other times all the stars align, I write great content, with a good keyword, and get excited and post at a time that doesn’t help my comment getting shared and commented on. So it is very important to have a system and a routine and to follow it strictly. We all have only a limited amount of time, and it is important to spend it wisely in order to generate the most benefit (and financial gains, why not?).

    1. I agree with you 100%! I’m still learning myself like anything new it takes time and patience to get it right. Thanks for the comment!

  5. In the 5 tips that you mentioned, I am guilty of not writing with a targeted audience in mind AND rushing through my content in my early phase of blogging.

    Whenever I discovered a killer keyword, I just dive into it and now that I go back to reading the article, it doesn’t make much sense to me, so I suppose that’s how my readers feel too.

    Having made that mistake, I am now writing with more clarity and with the intention to help people – not so much about making sales (very important to remember that as an affiliate blogger).

  6. Hi David,
    I am a newbie and you have some really great tips in your article. I am trying to write to my audience and create useful, engaging content but I know I can be doing better. I definitely feel like I’m “going it alone” which or course can be lonely at times. I’m going to look for a blog writing group in my niche as you suggest. Just following other blogs in my niche has been helpful but also joining a support group would be better.

    1. I know the feeling about feeling like you’re on your own because well…I guess we kind of are so to speak, But there are a lot of people on WA with some experience who can help guide you in the right direction. Writing groups can help too and also maybe consider finding one on social media. It is difficult when it’s up to you to create and learn in the end with no one really telling you what to do. I hope maybe my tips can help a little. They are basic but have helped me to move forward in the writing process. I wish you much success and thanks so much for the comment!

  7. Some good tips there. I find as a blogger that your point of never rush your content is so true. Usually you feel like you should be posting once or twice a day and then you rush and the quality deteriorates. I find that once I reach 1200 words for an article that I then rush the last 400 words and don’t expand my ideas as much in those last few hundred words. Not sure why this is but I might have a concept in my head and a pseudo deadline and feel I have to rush it to make this strange deadline I have set myself

    1. Good point and it’s true. Alot of us are guilty of just pushing through it to get it done. I have to work on that myself as well. But just being consistent is usually enough even if you dont write everyday.

  8. I agree with everything you say here David and in particular, I like the “never rush your content” section. I am brand new to blogging myself and appreciate all the advice I can get. Currently, I am able to post just one 1000 word blog article a week so I take extra care to make certain that everything is checked twice before it is published. So important!

    Great article,
    Thank you

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