Is Followadder A Good Online Program?


Is Followadder A Good Online Program?

For you bloggers out there looking to find a program which works well for affiliates I like to research different ones that I think may have some potential. And to be honest even though most don’t offer what I would expect out of a quality affiliate program, some of them are gems in the rough.

Followadder works with Instagram and Utube and basically is an automated software that allows you to schedule posts to the social sites as well as help you gain followers and likes. The reason I liked this platform is because I know of many bloggers who seem to by pass Instagram and even Utube when promoting their sites. Either they don’t see the purpose of going the route of these social websites or they just feel it’s not really going to help them in their road to success. Thankfully, Followadder really makes promoting through Utube and Instagram pretty darn easy. Below is a screenshot of Followadder’s Homepage.

Pretty basic on first look I admit but if you dive a little deeper into how this platform works I think you might be impressed. It’s a simple and effective way to reach millions on Instagram and Utube. Best of all for me anyway was the price of Followadder. It really was pretty cheap. As a potential newbie customer with any promotional platform I always look for a way to find out if I can get a free trial or refund if I don’t really like it. And Followadder doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. They offer a free seven day refund so in my opinion it would be worth at least trying. The worst that can happen is you don’t see any increase in traffic or conversions but I think you will with the program.

Simple And Effective Works

On to the pricing. The pricing for starter members is cheap at just $8.33 a month or $49.99 for six months. This allows users to manage one Instagram account but for newbie bloggers or affiliate marketers just getting started I think it’s a great deal. What’s more is by utilizing the platform you will probably stand to get ahead on your competition with a powerful Instagram auto software. Take a look at the pricing below.


You can see that the pricing is pretty fair and a bit below the average price for other comparable programs that promote your social websites. If it were any cheaper I would probably be wary because there’s no way I want some weird type of auto post software that has glitches after the first week. This is a pretty new product so you may be pleasantly surprised at how well it works for your traffic and conversions!

Is It Worth Checking Out?

I would have to say you really have nothing to lose by checking out Followadders software for at least a week. If you don’t find it a hit simply cancel and get your refund. I would suggest that you have a decent website setup already and a good amount of blogs on your website and some products either digital or tangible that are of high quality before using Followadder. If you need help in that aspect of building a quality website just check out the banner above in the right sidebar.

I should add that Followadders affiliate program looks to be a hit too. Just for signing up you get $10.00 added to your account and then 50% commission on those who sign up through your link. Using their affiliate link could very easily pay for the standard membership of $8.33 a month. I think this program is a win win and I say give it a go!  Signup for Followadder here.



4 thoughts on “Is Followadder A Good Online Program?”

  1. As someone who is just starting out, I think Followadder would be a great tool in my toolbox. I may just have to check it out. Personally, I haven’t put much thought into pushing my site on YouTube or Instagram, but its definitely a good idea. Especially seeing how may people use those two sites every day. Good advice, Thanks!

    1. Followadder does look pretty cool. Not too expensive and can do the hard work for you. You’re right. A lot of people do use it but a lot don’t so its a good tool to build your email list. Best to you and thanks for commenting!

  2. Follow adder is a huge scam! I didn’t get my money back, even though I cancelled my subscription after only day so it was still in the 7 day free trial period!!!!!

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