Free Online Keyword Tool. Is Jaxxy Really The Best?

Free Online Keyword Tool. Is Jaxxy Really The Best?keywords letters 2041816  340 - Free Online Keyword Tool. Is Jaxxy Really The Best?

Ok, if you’re a blogger then you know how keywords play an active part in getting your website noticed in the search engines. Regardless of how well your content is written, you absolutely need to have a keyword tool that is going to help you with your blogging effort. It’s a must. But, with so many platforms out there for bloggers what do you think would be the best keyword tool to use? For me and after extensive trial and error with a few different keyword tools I finally decided that Jaxxy has to be the best free online keyword tool online.

Now, the free version of Jaxxy comes with the platform that I use to learn and write my blogs with. Wealthy Affiliate is not what some people might think it is. The name implies that it is a way for people to get wealthy as an affiliate marketer. Which it is but not in the way you might think. And the free keyword tool Jaxxy Lite comes with a paid premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

With Jaxxy Lite I can perform unlimited keyword searches and find relevant keywords and phrases to use when researching and writing blog post. Can’t find a topic to write about? Use the Jaxxy Lite keyword tool and you can instantly find keyword phrases that are both the topics and the keyword phrase you need to incorporate into your blog. Instead of throwing up a bunch of screen shots of Jaxxy I figure the best way to show you how this keyword tool works is to give you a video of the platform to show you how it works. TAP HERE

Why You Need A Good Keyword Tool

Now, there are a few keyword tools like I said before that can help you get some great keywords, show you your competition and allow you to find the best ways to find content that converts. And while some keyword tools are great at giving you the ability to do a basic keyword search it’s important to find a good keyword tool instead of the barebones basics. I hope you watched or will watch the above video because it really shows you what a good keyword tool can do for your blogging business.
I use the Jaxxy Keyword tool because it’s really all anyone needs to find relevant keywords and phrases that are going to be the best for your business. And it’s all you need to find the best topics to write about complete with giving you the ranking for the keyword phrases you choose to use. If you aren’t using a keyword tool that has a number of good options, you really are selling yourself short.


How Often Should You Insert Keywords?search engine optimization 2613847  340 - Free Online Keyword Tool. Is Jaxxy Really The Best?

A good rule of thumb is to put about 2-3 percent keyword density in your blog post. Anymore and you are stuffing and Google really hates that stuff. Typically on a blog post of around 800 words I use my keyword in the title and the first paragraph and then maybe one or two times within the blog. So maybe four times in an 800 word post but no more than that.

Why do we use keywords? Simple. We want the search engines to see our keywords and rank them accordingly. And while at first your blog may not show up often in Google searches, as time goes by your post with climb the search engine and rank higher hopefully to the first page of the engine. And that is when you will see your rankings and traffic increase. Time is the great healer and in Googles algorithm you will be rewarded the longer your keyword ranked post sticks around. And traffic will boost that post even higher!

Google Likes Consistency

If you’re using the right keywords that’s great but there is something else you need to do as a blogger. Consistency is what will make your blog website successful. I suggest writing a blog post at least twice a week for beginners and learn how keywords work to boost your blog posts. Here is a video on how keywords and SEO helps your blog posts. TAP HERE

Consistency, using the right keywords and understanding SEO and how it works for your blog will help you know why and what you are doing. A free online keyword tool like Jaxxy Lite on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is really all you need to get on the right track with your blog. But, don’t let the online tool intimidate you. Experiment with it and try and perform searches and check the QSR and traffic to your keyword. This will give you an idea of what the best way to go is with your blog.

Let Me Know What You Think!cms 265128  340 - Free Online Keyword Tool. Is Jaxxy Really The Best?

I hope this blog was helpful and that you may benefit from all of this keyword information. I encourage you to check out the Jaxxy keyword tool on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Or you can access Jaxxy direct at this link. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below. I will respond asap!

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