Is The Full Online Shopping Store for eCommerce Business A Good Program?

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Spread the loveFull Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business Deal Or No Deal?   Today I checked out the Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business. But, is this the real deal or is it

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Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business

Deal Or No Deal?

Dollar Bills Rolled Up


Today I checked out the Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business. But, is this the real deal or is it another fly by night hustle designed to take your money in a blink of an eye? Before I get into what this program is all about I would like to suggest that any online business opportunity you look into should be checked out in full before signing up. Especially if they want money up front.

I say this because online businesses are generally a bit different than your average online school. Many of these companies are not accredited and a good percentage of them disappear once they get their fill of payments. I always look for programs that have either a good product and or have been online for a while. And by that I mean for at least a year. Longer preferably!

Ok, so what is this Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce? Put simply this is a program that offers it’s members a fully stocked eCommerce store complete with all of the product widgets (looks like from Amazon) and then you have a ready made business designed to make you boatloads of cash flow.

Well maybe not boatloads but the idea is to get traffic and purchases through your website. The thing I like about this pre made website opportunity is you can actually make money at these. They are really just drop ship websites where you don’t have to stock anything. In fact you don’t have to do anything because the company that gets the orders does all of the work. Simple huh? Check out the screenshot below to see the pricing for this program.


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Is This Program A Get Rich Scheme?

Here is where I gotta throw down some truths to you. In the online work at home model there are millions of people trying to strike it rich with dropship websites and more often than not they do not produce any income for the owner. Why is that? Mostly because they are bought by people who have little understanding how online businesses work and they think all they have to do is throw up a website and wait for the sales to come in.

News flash! It never works out that way!

And the reason for this is to make money on a pre made website you will have to put in your own work to make it successful. That work means marketing your website and making sure you keep it updated with relevant content that drives traffic to the site. Content in the online business world is king and if you aren’t having blogs on your site you will definitely not be making much money.

Your pre made website also needs to be indexed with Google which looks to your site to see if it is content friendly with relevant content to your niche. There are some things to be done before you can reap the rewards. The good news is these types of websites are not get rich schemes and with some work and knowledge of how to market you can make money at this.

Don’t Overspend On Pre Made Websites!

One of the things I like about this Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business is that the price is fairly reasonable. They aren’t charging upwards of $1000.00 or more to give you a website. And that’s good because building these site really doesn’t cost you a whole lot of money. In fact you can just go to WordPress and begin building your own site for free. Then go to Amazon and sign up for Amazon Associates or ClickBank and promote their products with their widgets and links. It’s really simple.

Personally as much as I like the pre made website thing I don’t recommend it. And why is that? Pretty much the same reason I don’t recommend many online programs. Because there is no learning platform to give you the 411 on what the heck you are doing. You can’t just put a website online and expect to get rich.

It doesn’t happen and I would hate my readers to get the wrong idea. Running an online business takes a lot of work!

This is why I say do not spend a lot of money on these pre made stocked websites. It’s not a scam but it works in the favor of the company building the website. You will have to buy your own domain and hosting for this program and here is a basic run down of what they offer.


You can see that they do offer the basics to get your website going and that’s honest business practices. They don’t really fluff things up and make it sound better than it is but they also don’t tell you that you will have to market like crazy. And that’s why programs like this fail. Because they have to real leg to stand on in the real world of online businesses.

There are companies that run online that have thousands of products and thousands of blogs promoting those products as well as teams of marketers. You need to be competitive. And that’s why you should never overspend on the initial startup.

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Pre Made Business Or Not, Don’t Ever Quit!

Happy Woman

I would love to tell you these pre made web business are the shnizzle but I just can’t. But, it’s not that these guys aren’t delivering a decent product to you. They are. It’s just that to make them work you will have to do some serious work yourself. I would suggest learning how to build your own business from the start, build your website and learn some basic marketing tactics. You can use a pre made website but I would definitely suggest getting some education in how all this online blogging for income and products business works.

It’s not confusing but does take some getting used to. And the one reason people fail is because they quit before they find success.  This doesn’t have to be you and there are many who do succeed. You can be one of them too! Just don’t give up!

You can make it online running a business but it will be a journey and not just something you do once and call it a day. You have to maintain your website, put some energy into learning marketing, learn how to write effective content and keep going when you feel like quitting. That’s what I did and that’s why this little website makes enough money so I don’t have to work. It took time and effort but it paid off and anyone can do it. It just takes time.

I would encourage you to learn how affiliate marketing works if you want to sell products from a third party. Learn how the Amazon Associates program works. And learn how to insert links into articles and blogs. Learn how to work with images. Learn how to write content that’s interesting and makes your readers want to stick around. Take a look at the program I used here and I guarantee you will see what I’m talking about.

Here’s To Your Success!





8 thoughts on “Is The Full Online Shopping Store for eCommerce Business A Good Program?

  1. I like how you are honest in the post. My constructive criticism would be to try to make your page a little more fun with a picture or two that could give it some life. Maybe some pics of money and also try to give them more motivation to do what you do and not explain how hard it is over and over. It may deter people from what you are trying to get them to do. I always love an honest writer like you and hope you future success!

  2. I think I prefer affiliate marketing as opposed to an online shopping store. With affiliate marketing you’re not tied to any specific products, rather you can pick and choose which you prefer to promote. I many times choose to write about products in my niche that receive bad feedback then point visitors towards alternative products I have previously written about that receive rave reviews. Helpful posts that gain trust, simple as that.
    Then there’s new products that roll onto the market. When you’re affiliate marketing you can be first on the scene to refer visitors to new products but with an online shopping store you’re tied to what your store promotes.
    Thoughtful review, thanks,

  3. Hi Dave
    I liked that you spoke about both side of the coin. You are so correct in that these stores are not bad but only if you know what to do. I had one back in 2006…it failed because I didn’t have a clue what to do and again just like you said …they don’t provide any support and without the ”know how” to market you are doomed. Thanks for shining a light on getting some training so you can stay alive out there.

  4. Hey David, that was a very informative article. I like the way you honestly review on affiliate marketing. Nowadays there are tons of programs online and it’s really hard to check the reliability of those programs. I would suggest to frame your post slightly more clearly so that the reader can easily follow your points.

    thanks for sharing.

  5. Great work Dave!
    I will agree with Simon that preference for affiliate marketing to an online shopping store is better off. An online shopping store, in its practice custom, has the tendency to limit one to specific products, rather than having the choice of what product you prefer to promote.

    Honestly speaking an online shopping store limits you to whatever your store promotes, even if there are new products in the market that have great possibility of getting large number of referrals, the funny truth is – you can’t go ahead of the online store you’re working for so to say.

  6. Hi Dave
    I briefly touched on one of these DFY eCom stores way back – but the sheer workload to get them going (as you pointed out) was very offputting.
    I like the way you pushed the ‘hard work’ aspect on these types of sites as most people believe it’s nothing more than grabbing a feed from their supplier and, somehow, automagically, customers and sales pour forth. It isn’t and they don’t – without a schnizzle-load of work from you.

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