How To Get Domain Name(s) Cheap

How To Get Domain Name(s) Cheap!

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Cheap Domain Names Work

Most of us in the blogging industry find ourselves needing a domain and of course hosting to get our blogs moving in the right direction.

Do you know how to get domain name(s) cheap?

After a bunch of research and trial and error, I found the best way to get these domains and it’s easy to do. There’s really not a whole lot of thinking involved.

In fact the hardest part is probably just finding a domain that will be a good fit for your niche.

Choosing your niche is the first thing you will have to do and while it may seem easy, I hear time after time how newbie bloggers just can’t think of what niche to pick.

Strange huh?

Before I tell you how to get domain name(s) cheap I should probably give you some tips on choosing a niche.

You want to pick a niche that you are interested in and not just what’s popular at the time. I chose blogging tips just because I found it to be interesting. It’s not really the top pick of niches but I found it’s a good fit for me.

And with that I then went on to picking the domain name of “Blogging Tips For Newbies.” Easy.

Find a niche that’s suitable for you and the rest will follow and you can pick a great domain name based off your niche.

Domain Names That Produce Results

Your domain name says pretty much what you’re all about…your website that is. And if you pick a decent name then you can really soar if it’s something that people find an interest in.

Just don’t make it too cheesy or flamboyant. Simple and straightforward is best.

A domain that will produce results for you should be one that has some of the more popular keywords of key phrases that show up on the keyword search tool with decent traffic.

And while Google no longer looks at keywords as being a way to move upwards in the search engines, it’s important to use words that are relevant to your niche.

As far as finding a way to get domain name(s) cheap I would suggest checking out the popular blogging platform I list below which also has a variety of other options like blogging training, ways to learn affiliate marketing and training videos which can increase your odds of success.

But, keep in mind that just picking a cheap domain name is only the beginning of your blogging journey.

You also have to keep blogging consistently and that’s where most people fail. Whether it’s due to distraction of everyday life or plain ol’ boredom the majority of bloggers throw in the towel very early on in their blogging venture.

You don’t have to be one of them!

Combine Your Hosting And Domains

It’s probably best to combine your hosting and domains if at all possible. I chose to do this simply because it makes things a whole lot simpler if you go this route.

But if you’re looking for just domains I would look to one of the more popular sites that cater to domains like Go Daddy. This website has other valuable products too but it’s a good place to get domain name(s) cheap.

If you’re looking for just hosting services I would definitely go with a company like E Host. I like this website because the hosting is high quality and virtually free at under 4.00.

To access this website just go to the bottom of this blog post and click on the banner for Blue Host.

Find Your Domain Name Cheap With Ease

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Blog With Success In Mind!

I also found another option for finding your domain name. It’s the platform that I use and I also used it for blogging.  This combines all the domain, website builder and hosting in an all in one option for bloggers.

I do think it’s for those who are serious about their blogging venture.

I chose this platform because with it I could buy my domain name, my hosting and my web builder all in one place.

And I could learn what affiliate marketing was all about and even help with choosing a quality domain name.

Find Your Cheap Domain Online

There you have it, a way to find a cheap domain name without breaking your bank.

I would suggest like I said above to initially pick a good niche for yourself and then find a a service that fits the niche. That’s the hardest part.

Once you find that you can really start to focus on setting up the hosting and even hooking up with a good website builder.

To check out the platform I use to gain all access to domains, hosting and website builder as well as a leading hosting service, check out the links below. Happy blogging!



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