Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?


Get Paid To Read Emails?

If you have ever tired earning online chances are you have run into a program called Inbox Dollars. And among some of the ways they claim you can earn money is you can “Get Paid To Read Emails.”

Is this a legitimate opportunity or what?

Ok, well I check out Inbox Dollars, signed up and figured I would take a look at the “Get Paid To Read Emails” option. Below is what the screen looks like prompting you to sign up to read emails.

Untitled - Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?
Inbox Dollars

What happens when you sign up? Do you just really read a few emails and Wala Boom you’re in the money?

Not so fast.

What happens is yes, you will get emails and you will get paid to read them if you take action. Yea, I know there’s always a catch right?

You are given offers to check out (emails) and if you sign up you can earn some cash on the side.

The kicker is you can sign up and before the trial offer expires you have to cancel or your credit card will be charged. Not exactly what I was expecting.

How It Really Works

Inbox Dollars really is just a gateway for advertisers to get you to try out their products. While there are some incentives like a couple bucks for signing up for one of the offers, if you don’t cancel it could end up a total hassle and be money lost instead of gained.

While the concept sounds great (especially for the advertisers!) as a consumer I really wouldn’t bother wasting my time.

I guess it’s kind of like clipping coupons. If you’re good at it you can bank but if not it can end up being an emotional drain as well as a financial nightmare.

Check out some of the offers you will come across on Inbox Dollars if you sign up. Keep in mind these “offers” require you to sign up and complete some type of silver or gold incentive to earn your few bucks.

inbox - Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?
Inbox Dollars Offers

I guess I can probably tell what you’re thinking. Inbox Dollars is a scam right? Well, I don’t think I could call it that because most do pay you if you complete the offers. And you can theoretically cancel at the end of the month and still keep the pocket change you earn.

But, I guess it borderlines on deceptive advertising. They want you to try their product and would like to keep you as a consumer. My only problem is I don’t really think I need an ongoing subscription to “” just so I can order my stamps online.

I’m just not that lazy.

And I did notice that some of the offers if you cancel their subscription you will not get credit. That in my book seems a bit like a bait and hook scenario. So, no thanks for me. Not sure I believe in the whole “Get Paid To Read Emails” thing.

Is Anything About Inbox Dollars Worth Trying?

I did keep checking out the Inbox Dollars website and have to admit that there is a ton of stuff on there. From surveys to emails to sweepstakes…I mean they got a lot of info on there.

I finally found something that was completely free that you could try on Inbox Dollars and these were the surveys. It looks like you can earn .50 on some, get free samples on others and even win some Target gift cards.

Here is what that page looked like on Inbox Dollars.

Inbox free - Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?

Not exactly like winning the lottery but it gave me a better impression of Inbox Dollars versus the “get paid to read emails” part. At least there is a way to earn a few pennies without having to shell out some money or put up your credit card.

There’s A Better Way To Earn Online!

As a blogger I don’t really sway too much either way on online programs that offer people ways to make money online. I consider myself the messenger only and honestly think that if you’re going to try and earn a living online, look into blogging.

While it takes some time to make money at first, you can make a decent income as a blogger if you are consistent and write quality content in a niche.

The best blogging platform I have found is the one I use to write this blog on Blogging Tips For Newbies. It’s easy to use, I can learn what I need to with the online tools and it’s straightforward and priced right.

Sure, I have tried the online surveys, the sweepstakes and the other make money online programs but nowhere have I found a way to earn online like blogging.

What do I use and how does it work? Check out below the breakdown of what this platform offers it’s free and premium members.
wealthy affiliate membership grid - Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?

Is Blogging The New Wave Of Online Income?

To be honest with you blogging for an income has been around for a few years now. It’s just that many people who start blogging don’t stick it out.

It could be that they don’t see the long term benefit. I don’t really know.

But, I do know that blogging for an income is much more lucrative if you give it your best effort and really give it a chance. And learn how to write and market that blog.

The learning process on the platform I use is what really got me making money as a blogger. Without going into all of what is taught, take a look at what the training format looks like.

WA - Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?
Training For Blog Income


It may be a little tough to see exactly what you would be doing while learning to blog for an income but I can tell you that the platform I use is by far the best I found anywhere.

And it’s cheaper than any school online I found that teaches marketing and blogging.

If you’re still looking ways to earn by get paid to read emails I think it could be a rough ride. But, if you really want to start your own business as a blogger I would consider signing up for a complete training system that also offers you two FREE websites just for signing up for FREE!

Listen, you want to earn online you need to be serious. You need to take action and you need to follow through. Otherwise you may just be clicking ads and surveys and going round and round getting nowhere.

If you’re serious about making money online and can write or hire someone to write a blog like the one I am writing here then consider joining the program below. It’s free to sign up and try out. No credit card or payment required up front.

I started a year ago, was on the fence at first but now I know it was the right thing to do. Make this year the year you finally become your own boss.

Start your own blogging business today and a year from now you’ll be much better off. Check this link out, sign up today and start your new blogging business!


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11 thoughts on “Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?

  1. This is some great information here. I also used to search for these programs, some pay out very little amounts, and some just end up being scams.
    I have soon come to learn that you have to be patient and invest in a good program to advance.
    I have heard of wealthy affiliate, how do they offer training, through videos or text files?

    1. Thanks for the comment! Wealthy affiliate uses a type of learning format much like classroom modules and videos. Videos are updated weekly and the process is a step by step one that is geared towards building your website(s) into a successful one that generates income through products or services.

      True it does take patience, a trait many who look to online income honestly don’t have. So, my recommendation is to join only if you have the patience and determination to keep building and learning long term. Probably not what a lot of online income seekers want to hear but its the truth. I wish you much success and appreciate the comment!

  2. Great content here Dave. I’ve personally tried dozens of part time earning programs before….and most were a big disappointment. I finally came to the realization that I don’t want to waste my time doing something I’m not passionate about. Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best way to start your “own thing” online. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hello David.

    I know that many people, which are just starting on the online making money business get tempted by this kind of magical programs. My personal experience was never satisfactory with them, and they all look like having some kind of catch or hook so you end up spending money.

    I have long learned that if you are looking to make money online, you have to work hard and be patient. Thank you for the very informative article!

    About wealthy affiliate, you can start for free? That’s not something you get in many other programs, I’m interested.


    1. Good points you make Ruben. As far as the Wealthy Affiliate goes, yes you can join for free and give it a try for a week. After that your first month is $19.00 then $49.00 per month or you can knock about $20.00 off that by going yearly. I’ve been to trade school and also college and the amount they charge is crazy especially these days. The small price to have continued resources to learn and build your website is way worth the costs for me. If you figure it even takes you a couple years to be making decent money you will pay off the learning costs in no time and then have continued income. Sure, it takes time and that may be why a lot of people think online learning resources don’t work. They lack the patience. But, think about this. If you start a job making 8.00 an hour as a forklift operator, in a couple years you may only see a raise of a couple bucks. Here you are building a business. If someone has the time to look for online opportunities but don’t commit I don’t think any program is worth it. But, if you can visualize where you want to be in a year or two then you can definitely succeed. Wealthy Affiliate is for people who are serious about changing their life and want to learn how to build their own business. Not a get rich scheme and it does take work but I look at it like, what else am I doing? If I can write one quality blog post everyday or two then think how high that website blog will be in a year or two. It’s really about taking the time to build a website, learn how to market it and have patience to see it to fruition. Thanks for the comment and best to you!

  4. The funny thing is that there are entire jobs revolving around reading emails and nothing more, yet people are still looking at this sort of stuff.

    Anywho, blogging is really nothing new, there were people making a lot of money with blogging all the way back in 2004.

    A lot of people who started back then make today millions of dollars a year, thanks to scaling their business.

    While I don’t think that anyone in Wealthy Affiliate makes that much money (except for the owners, of course), it’s still a great source of income.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. True. I know a lot of people think blogging is a waste of time and that working a real job is the only way to go. But many jobs are becoming automated and people are throwing up their hands. So, its a fine line on that road to take. Take your chances at blogging or take your chances at a job that goes nowhere? Or you can always sit on the couch, stare out the window and hope for a better life. I chose to blog because I have done pretty much everything else. I figure putting five years of work on it may pay off nicely in the end if I keep working and learning. Sure people say its a waste of time but then they do nothing but complain. I write when I want to, go fish when I want and take it easy in life now. No working to make somebody else rich while they chill out and reap the benefits. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi David

    This seems legit, although as you point the advertising is a bit misleading.
    The get paid to read emails is really deceptive, what they hope happens is that people will either sign up and like their products or people sign for the free offer and then forget the cancel their subscription. This has happended to me a couple of times, hence I no longer do offers that require credit card details.
    Do you know of any decent survey sites that pay over $1?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I stay away from them too. Don’t like the little trap they play and it’s so obvious so I don’t bother. I think Survey Monkey has a few good ones but again you have to weed through the decent ones. I tend to think most are a waste of time and effort.

  6. Hay friend,

    Thanks for this info. In actual fact I have never heard about inbox dollar before. I can see you have covered a lot of information about them. from reading of Emails to get paid to taking of surveys for some little money.

    In all I appreciate the fact that you drew attention to the fact that if your trial period ends and you don’t cancel your account, you will end up loosing your money. Then it mean that they demand for your account info before you’re allowed to sign up right?

    Well, personally, I wouldn’t even try such a program. To take the risk of loosing my hard earned income.

    I also saw your recommended program Wealthy affiliate. I will like to give it a try ans see how it works since you said it FREE to start. But my question is, is the FREE trial available to all countries?

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