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Guest Blogging Helps!

Guest blogging….one of those often forgotten aspects of helping your blog move up the ladder. If you’re looking for guest blogging opportunities I have some good news for you.

Almost every blogger I have met loves the opportunity to guest blog or have someone guest blog on their own site.

But, what is the best way to go about approaching another blogger and seek  an opportunity to guest blog? It’s relatively easy but there are some tips that can help you to succeed as a blogger.

Here are a few tips I hope will help!

Tips To Successful Guest Blogging

1 When approaching another blogger always be courteous and don’t throw your link at them just hoping for the best. Let them know who you are, what you’re about and that you would love the opportunity to be a guest blogger on their website.

2 Personally, I wouldn’t try to guest blog until your website has a decent amount of blogs on it. Many bloggers take a lot of pride it their work and view more inexperienced bloggers as those who are looking to just get views on a new blog. I would have at least 30 blogs on your website before trying to guest blog.

3 Try and stay away from the big dogs meaning those who rank high on the search engines. Reason being they may not be as welcoming to you and  you may not get a response. Focus on building your website and guest blogging on the less popular sites. Your response will be better from bloggers who are looking for more traffic and are in the building stage themselves.

4 Act professional! I can’t stress this enough! As your blog builds over time it will be something you can be proud of so be professional not only on your blog but to those you are seeking blogging opportunities from.

5 Be patient yet persistent! Not all bloggers will welcome you when you ask to guest blog. It’s just the way the online world works when it comes to guest blogging. But if keep trying eventually you will gain authority in your niche and blogging will come much easier. In fact some may ask you to guest blog on their website!

Never Give Up!

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Keep Trying!

Above are just a few tips I hope will be helpful to you as you continue on your blogging journey. While some blog to just pass the time there are others who blog for an income.

My message to those who blog for an income is to be patient and be courteous of other bloggers. If your inquiry is ignored move on and don’t follow up with a response keep trying.

And keep building up your blog website! That is what will bring you the most success and enjoyment. Explore new avenues to promote your blog and find new ways to create readable content.

 Have Fun As A Guest Blogger!

The beauty of blogging is you can do this on your own terms, learn as you go and connect with other bloggers. The most important thing while guest blog opportunities are great, is building a high quality blog site. It’s the most rewarding experience you can have as a blogger!

I encourage you to leave me a message below if you have any needs to boost your blog. I’m always open to suggestions as to how you find guest blogging opportunities!



9 Comments on Guest Blogging Opportunities. What’s The Best Way To Apply?

  1. I have a hard time just writing content for my own blog at the moment. Great ideas going forward for anyone who likes to blog. I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks for this. Really well done giving direction on guest blogging.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Hi David
    I was recently researching guest blogging and I’m glad I came across this post on your site. You are right when you say that many bloggers ignore guest blogging and because of that, they miss out on a bunch of free traffic that they could have obtained. I am currently looking to guest blogging as a means of generating more traffic to my site. Do you have any idea of websites that may help me?

    • If you look at my interview page I interview people who blog in my niche So that may be the way
      to go. Be polite but upfront and you can find guest blog spots and folks who want to guest blog on your site

  3. Hi
    This is great advice, I even wrote down the number 30 in my notebook to keep it in mind before asking to guest blog. Right now I have 11 posts in my blog. What would you recommend for me to do at my current “stage” to better my website’s “exposure”?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Heya Luis. I would just keep blogging and work on perfecting your content. Guest blogging does help but its important to have a base of content that will improve your trust with readers. That’s why I say 30 as a good place because you have some decent content built up. Connect with others in your niche and request to guest blog or offer to guest blog. Keep plugging away!

  4. Hello

    Thank you for this article. You present a lot of useful and relevant points that will assist any fresh blogger in expanding their reach online. Guest blogging seems like an excellent choice, and one could become a successful guest blogger following your rules.

    Just not sure how well I would do writing content for other people when I still struggle with my own.

    Thanks again,

    • Its easier said than done but you have to just try it. Ask to guest blog or offer to another blogger in your niche to guest blog on your site. Ask them for an interview! Its really about being creative and just trying! Check out my Interview Page to get an idea.

  5. All these will sounds like a definite plan only after the monetization part of the deal gets covered, which seems like the hardest thing to do for most people.
    However there are tips to follow like choosing the proper ads network when starting to engage into the earning venture is the most important one.
    There many pop-under networks (simply google it) still among my favorite is because of the way it treats the publishers like me an yourself eventually.

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