Have You Tried The Wealthy Affiliate Or Is It A Bunch Of Garbage?

Have You Tried The Wealthy Affiliate Or Is It….0be825c630c6d58f1e7a221f8f1216c91533338072 cropped optimized - Have You Tried The Wealthy Affiliate Or Is It A Bunch Of Garbage?


Wealthy Affiliate. Sounds like an interesting deal doesn’t it? I mean just the name is bound to spark some curiosity I would think but is this legit? Is the Wealthy Affiliate or any affiliate program opportunity just a bunch of b.s? I had my doubts about this company at first. It sounded like a bunch of weird hog wash that made little sense to someone like me.

And I had reason to be a skeptic. I always have been ever since the chain letter arrived on the scene. People can be some pretty evil creatures, praying on others for their survival. So, had it not been the fact that I was a Marine Corps veteran who is pretty much wary of anything I might have been less wary.

I don’t like to get hustled, not by anyone.

I had heard of this Wealthy Affiliate thing but I honestly thought it was some millennial nonsense created by some lazy people who didn’t want to work for a living. They just wanted to make a buck, off others hard work. But, I was referred to the program by someone who had said they had tried it and had some success. Not a lot because they hadn’t really had the time but they had made some small sales.

I joined for the free membership and started building my website.

Was It What I Thought It Would Be?98e4320f10681bf3afa8009668f6cc1a1531868936 cropped 1533338361 optimized - Have You Tried The Wealthy Affiliate Or Is It A Bunch Of Garbage?

Well, no not really. In fact, I thought the program would be one big up sell hustle and they would try and sell me all kinds of crap. It didn’t happen. The only thing I got was some welcome messages from other members and they did kind of push the upgrade to the Premium membership for a couple days but that was it. I stayed a free member for two months and built my website with their hosting and default domain. That way I wasn’t spending any money out-of-pocket and I could build my website.

The first week I learned all I could because they gave me access to the Premium membership and training tools. Then after that week I only had access to some minimal training but I could still build my website. That’s all I wanted to do until I decided whether to quit or upgrade to their premium membership. After two months of being a free member I had about 50 posts on my site and actually started to see traffic.

And that’s when I decided to get serious and join the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership. It cost me $47.00 a month. Not too much and I had access to all the premium training, videos, keyword tool and more. Since they offered free hosting and the option to get my domain on the same platform I didn’t have to go through Go Daddy or anything like that. Plus they have an awesome site content option.

All in all the Wealthy Affiliate or other platforms I checked out all seemed pretty interesting but like I said I am always somewhat wary of online opportunities. The thing I did like about the Wealthy Affiliate was the huge amount of blogging and affiliate marketing resources available. The videos alone which there are hundreds of each about an hour long covered everything from blogging to researching keywords to how to use social media to gain traffic.

I also liked the fact that I could get the site builder, hosting and domain right on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and did not have to go outside to other platforms to access these tools and services. It was all included in the Premium membership.

Below is the training courses I went through on Wealthy Affiliate. Each lesson has 10 tutorials.

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Click HERE to join Wealthy Affiliate today.

Am I Just Another Paying Member?

Not really. I say this because one of the perks of being a member of the platform is that I do get a commission for any sales I make and those who join the Premium membership. For each member I get 23.50 that can be applied to my own membership cost. At this point I no longer have to pay for my membership.

But that is just one aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate. You can choose any niche and through the training learn how to build a niche website promoting products from companies like Amazon, Clickbank, Etsy and even EBay. There is a huge market for products through these companies and I learned through the training that it really is easy to do. The website builder which uses Word Press gives you the option to edit and save your work and the training teaches you how to become an expert in using Word Press.

I’ll admit at first I was skeptical when I joined the program. I thought it would be a scheme designed to confuse and separate me from my money. But after I started making money I realized that while there was a lot of work on my part to be done, the end result was an awesome website that made me money and actually helped other aspiring entrepreneurs learn to build their own businesses. While I am a member, I have chosen the road that led to success by following the training and using the tools provided. It does work and I am living proof.

Create Your Own Success Story09a1f59a8bb945b0d479a28107de24261533338532 cropped optimized - Have You Tried The Wealthy Affiliate Or Is It A Bunch Of Garbage?

I don’t want to keep rambling on about how great this turned out for me but I will say that anyone can do it. You can too if you follow through, build a website that you can be proud of and go through the lessons and training to become an affiliate marketer.

It’s not for everyone. It’s not for those who want to sign up and wait for the money to roll in. It’s for people who are genuinely interested in building a future for themselves in the affiliate marketing industry. And there are tons of people who have become successful at it and it took no manual hard work to do it. Just perseverance and a desire to have a better life.

There you have it. My take on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how it all panned out for me. It’s easy to do but does take some dedication and consistency. Think about where you are in life now. Where do you want to be in a year? How about in five years? In five years time or less you could be living the dream and having your website work for you. You could be another success story that comes out of the Wealthy Affiliate. There have been many and you could be next.

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4 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    Thanks for the honest comments about affiliate marketing! It’s tough sometimes to tell what is a scam and what is truly a good community of people helping each other. I really appreciate your honesty about your earnings when people you refer buy the premium membership, it gives a lot of credibility to your comments! Keep shining light on how positive affiliate marketing really can be!

  2. Thanks Christina. I try and be as transparent as I can with this. Nothing is fool proof of perfect but this is an honest way of building a future in affiliate marketing without all the hype. I appreciate your comment!

  3. Eric Cantu says:

    Nice concise review. You had me with the title alone, lol. I appreciate the honesty throughout. Thanks man!

  4. Rob says:

    Hey Eric, I’ve been through every online scam you could think of. If I had all the money back that I spent on these crooks, I’d be very well off. So I almost gave up.Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate and thought to myself, “Should I take another chance?” I was very hesitant and almost didn’t but I decided to try one more time. Finally! A company that actually cares and can help you fulfill your dreams! It’s hard work but it will be worth it! Thanks for providing some great insight on an awesome company!

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