My Honest Review Of Practical Social Media University. Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

Is Practical Social Media University A Scam? Recently I was looking at some of the blogging platforms out there and found that there are boatload of them online. But were they really all they claimed

Is Practical Social Media University A Scam?

Recently I was looking at some of the blogging platforms out there and found that there are boatload of them online. But were they really all they claimed to be?  The ones I  checked out were the type that offer you some kind of training in not only blogging but also on how to market your blog once it’s all setup. Today I happened to stumble across the Practical Social Media University program. While it looked good at first glance I had to dive deeper into it to make sure it was up to par with the training platform I use which is one of the more popular ones on the internet today.

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My first impression of Practical Social Media was surprisingly positive. Here is what I saw as far as the membership options goes when I clicked on the page.

You can see that they have a couple of options with memberships. The network marketers and the blogging memberships or you can combine the two for a price of fifty some odd bucks. Not too steep of a price considering what some blogging and marketing training platforms costs so I kept on digging.

Since I write blogging tips in general I also want to see if there are any platforms that I would consider myself if I was a newbie blogger and honestly this platform looked like it was directed at newbie bloggers looking to market too.

I have to admit the site was well put together with a ton of pages that offered a “Boot camp” type of training as well as a get started page which really just redirects you back to the available memberships.  I did like what the program claimed to offer in the network marketing department. It looked like there was a lot of good training for newbies. Here is what Practical Social Media University showed me it offers in network marketing. At this point I could not call this program a scam, in fact it looked legitimate and promising!




What Does Practical Social Media University Offer?

The program offers users a lot of cool stuff like webinars, social media marketing news, and Facebook ads templates. One thing I don’t like though is using Facebook ads in any type of marketing campaign or Bing Ads for that matter. Why is that? Because those platforms don’t really care if you succeed or not, they really just want to sell you ad space. And that can be costly. So, I scratched that off the list of pros on Practical Social Media University.

I see they also answer your social media questions. As far as social media is concerned I use two only and that’s Twitter and Linked In. My reasoning is personal but it’s mostly to do with not wanting spam. I hate spam, never do it and don’t like it done to me.

But the program here did offer some good stuff and the price of $19.98 really wasn’t bad. I kind of liked that but I really didn’t get a clear picture of what this program really offered  other than information. I did like the social media training options which looks like they cover a lot and this is a big part of the training you receive with the marketing program. And the testimonials were a nice touch to the promotion of the marketing courses.



There’s a lot more on the testimonial page but the above is just a little sample of what to expect. I don’t normally bank on testimonials especially with all the hype but I want to give the program a fighting chance. Keep in mind I may be partial because I already use. Tell me I’m partial to the platform I use and I’ll say “I know. I’ve been with the platform for two years and I know it works and it makes me money.”

I only chose the one I use because it was trusted by thousands of members and had a stellar track history.

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My Final Take On Social Media Prospecting University. Is It A Scam?

Ain’t No SCAM!

I honestly couldn’t find anything on this program that would deem it a scam. Sure there may be some hype in the content but that’s what most programs that offer bloggers and marketers do. I mean they are marketers themselves and just trying to make a buck.

But you want to make a buck too as a blogger so would I recommend Social Media Prospecting University to my readers? Sure, why not. They do offer a full seven day refund if you’re not satisfied with the program with no questions asked. But, I am thinking you will have to shell out the cash upfront before you have full access to the program.

That’s the one thing I don’t like. I don’t think you should have to pay up front to try to learn how to blog and market correctly. So, while I do recommend this program for beginners I believe there is a better one out there for you to learn on. And the one I use doesn’t require a cent up front. It does the same as Practical Social Media University and probably more. To join the leading platform for bloggers and marketers I use that does NOT charge you to join check this out and join for free today!

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To Your Blogging Success!


14 thoughts on “My Honest Review Of Practical Social Media University. Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

  1. Hi Dave,

    Would you recommend this service or there is something better than this? I know that you have done a lot of research about these types of services online, so I’d rather ask you.


    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I would recommend this one but I have been using it for over a year and it works for me. It’s much cheaper and reliable, I can blog and learn at the same time. It takes work but it’s well worth and I am having fun at it and not breaking the bank and actually beginning to earn on it!

  2. Hi and first of all thanks for honest review. I want to know about more Facebook ads because so many people spend time on it and buying rate is also considerably high.

    Do you think where can I get a good training about it? You are not interested about Social Media University’s that side but do you think that is their training about “Facebook ads” any good?

    1. It looks OK but I’m not too partial to FB ads. Unless you have a business page and a following I wouldn’t bother. You can definitely use the program to learn on it but its not something I personally do. If you do use FB ads leave a comment (if you remember) and let us know how it worked! Best..

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yay they passed! I found a lot of quality in their information and courses. I also think they are a pretty good option for anyone looking to really dive deep into blogging and marketing. My only downside with this platform is the price. After looking around I think this one is a much better option.

  3. Thank you for the honest review. I found the information very helpful and useful. The price for the program seems reasonable. I will definitely have to check it out. I do have a question. How long have you been using the service?

    1. I tried checking it out but it was a little confusing for me. That’s not to say it may not work for some. The platform I use is much simpler and effective for long term success. I am a bit careful on what I sign up with.

  4. I definitely agree with you there about not having to pay money upfront. The one thing I think they should of done is provided the tools for someone to see results, then when they want to take it to the next level or want help with something specific, then maybe a small fee would be applicable. Really curious how effective it is though.

  5. Hi :-). Very interesting post. I am glad that people take their time to review sites. At least this way I can make an informed choice with committing to give the platform a Go.

  6. Hi Dave
    Thanks for doing all the leg work on this one and the in depth review, it seems like something one who knows very little about social media and blogging in general could use, but as your links to your preferred service provider indicates, your recommended one is a better option, it caters for the beginner and advanced alike.

    Thanks again Dave, wishing you ongoing success in 2018.


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