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Me-Dave-Blogging Tips For Newbies-Owner-Creator

Me-Dave-Blogging Tips For Newbies-Owner-Creator




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You’re looking to earn as an affiliate blogger right?

Are you sick and tired of trying different internet opportunities and getting short changed?

Are you ready to learn how to blog and earn an income?

If you are I encourage you to read this review for bloggers looking to earn an income. I think it’s something you may find interesting.

I didn’t want to write a review on this platform until I had been a member for over six months and now I think I have enough information to give an honest opinion. At this stage, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about four years.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

 Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed for people who are looking for a way to make money blogging on any particular niche. In a nutshell, this training program teaches you to earn as a blogger.

The way you do this is by writing about a topic and promoting products through your website with affiliate links or products of your own.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you all of the tools necessary to build a niche website and offers a free trial membership to check out and start building your site for free. Once the website has been online for a while and the member blogs consistently, they start to earn through their products or affiliate links. Below is a screenshot of how the lessons are laid out.  

You also get a whole bunch online tools that take you to stuff like referrals, your websites and more.

Getting Started Page Below.

At first, I had my doubts I admit. It took me a few months to see that my work was paying off but with the support of other members and the awesome owners Kyle and Carson along with Jay the video guy I found myself building a website that I was proud of. ‘

I kept at it and started making sales and while they were not huge sales, they were sales! And it all came from MY website. Something I created from nothing but my own writing and creativity!

It gave me the insight that yes I could still do something worthwhile and even help others do what I was doing. The more experienced I got building my website the better I felt about the program.

I’ll admit I honestly thought about quitting the first couple of months but then something happened. I started getting traffic to my website. Then I got the sales.  And that’s when I knew I could make money as a blogger!

Take a look at some of the success stories on Wealthy Affiliate HERE

Kyle-Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder

Kyle-Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder

You also get up to date videos on topics like SEO which is helpful when building out your business.

Can you do this? Absolutely and I can help you get started building your website today. It’s easy to start and it will take some work to get on the path to success but think how awesome it will be when you make your first sale and commission.

It happens every day with Wealthy Affiliate members and it can happen for you as well.

You just have to give yourself a chance to try.

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners

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Wealthy Affiliate Memberships 

As far as the Wealthy Affiliate’s membership choices there are two. The free membership and paid membership.

With the free membership, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate for a week and kick the tires of the program.

Free members have access to some of the training, support base and two free websites to get started. The paid membership gives users access to all of the website tools, training and up to 50 websites that can be built with hosting included.

You can stay a free member for as long as you want but if you upgrade to the Premium membership you can’t go back to a free membership.

While I think this isn’t too cool, they do offer half off the first month of their Premium membership and more with an offer of just $19.00 the first month.

And then it goes to the full price after that month. Also free members get full access to Premium memberships the first week. The company does have operating costs plus the platform is so complete that I can’t find anything comparable. Seriously.

You will learn everything you ever need with the membership to become successful at affiliate marketing.

Jay-Affiliate Marketing Video Training Guy

Jay-Affiliate Marketing Video Training Guy

The monthly cost for Premium Wealthy Affiliate memberships is just $49.00 and yearly is $495.00 or you can opt for every six months at just $234.00.

You can remain a free member and get limited access to the training but still keep the two free websites and free hosting and siterubix domain.

I liked the fact that you don’t have to go outside this platform to get the hosting and ability to get a domain. The free websites give you a Site Rubix extension so members can continue on with the free membership, build their website and decide later if they want to upgrade to a premium membership.

Plus, you can choose your own WordPress theme on the platform.

I have compared this training to other affiliate marketing training websites and I have not found any other that offers full hosting for up to 10 websites, an in house domain option for a free or paid domain and the best site builder you will find anywhere.

Covered in the Premium membership is not only SSL Green Lock Certificate for all of your websites but live weekly webinars by Jay, the WA video guy as I call him and a  live chat feature that’s operational with instant response 24/7 hours a day!

Let me simplify this by showing what the free and paid memberships include.


Wealthy Affiliate Has Helped People Become Successful For 12 Years!

The above screenshot gives you the breakdown of what the Wealthy Affiliate offers the two types of members. The program also offers weekly 1-hour video classes that teach you the fundamentals of blogging and marketing in addition to the online tutorials.

I compared this program to a few others and found that similar training cost at least twice as much and was not as simple as I needed it to be.

Overall with the training which consists of a boot camp as well as regular classroom type training is pretty complete.

carson Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder

carson Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder

It’s simple enough to understand yet covers everything you need to learn with no complications. I liked the fact that you can stay a free member on this platform for as long as you like using their domain extension.

It’s completely worth trying out because as a free member you can build your website without signing up as a premium member.

More importantly, is the fact that WA has been online making regular people like you and me successful for 14  years now! And they aren’t slowing down!

Check out the article and video on making money on the WA platform by clicking the link ahead in blue.


For me to sign up for free and start building my website was a no brainer!

Yes, You Can Earn W.A. Commissions Too!

While having a website that promotes products is great you can also earn some extra income promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program. I do tell people that this is not a get rich quick scheme because it is not. I

t takes some serious commitment and dedication to the process of learning and implementing what you learn.

Commissions earned through promoting the platform are just an extra bonus.  The key however to success with this program is to pick a niche, start a website and promote whatever it is you want to promote.

The sky really is the limit! With commissions of $23.50 for each Premium referral you sign up, you can make a full-time income just promoting the platform! That’s $23.50 per month for each referral!

What’s more, is if you make 300 referral sales in a year you get a free trip to Las Vegas where you can hob knob with the owners Kyle and Carson and other members who have met the quota.

It’s all-expense-paid and is just one more incentive you as a member have to keep pushing on building your website in any niche you choose and promote the awesome training platform. This part of the WA platform is really exciting and there are tons more to say about it but I would run out of room here.

But take a look at the Las Vegas incentive package these guys got going for members who get 300 referrals in a year!

Click To Check Out The 2020 Incentives!.

An Added Bonus!   Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool

Along with the Wealthy Affiliate platform also comes the Jaxxy Keyword Tool.

While Google no longer looks at keywords as the deciding factor in content ranking it’s important to understand that keywords still play an important role in content creation.

The Jaxxy keyword tool is all you need to find new niche-related topics and find relevant ranking words for your blog posts.

I highly recommend trying this tool with the free membership which gives you 30 free searches during your time checking out Wealthy Affiliate. As a stand-alone product, I also recommend this valuable tool for newbie as well as seasoned bloggers.

This tool in itself is a real-time keyword tool included in the Wealthy Affiliate that is a must for the serious blogger and marketer! And check this out. Other keyword tools that don’t even compare to Jaxxy can cost you up to $100.00 or more each month! Crazy right? With the Wealthy Affiliate, you get this for Jaxxy Lite installed for free.

To Sign Up Free With Wealthy Affiliate today click HERE

Check out the awesome Jaxxy Keyword Tool here. CLICK HERE

Take a look at the shot below to see how the Jaxxy research tool works!


Find Domains In An Instant!

Find Domains In An Instant!

What’s My Take On Wealthy Affiliate?

So, what’s my take on this platform? I think for anyone looking to succeed in affiliate marketing or want to promote their own products this is probably the best one around today.

It’s been online for over a decade so this gave me confidence it’s not some shady wham-bam take your money scam. At year one this platform had helped me achieve more than I thought it would. Simple enough to understand and complete in the training and support.

I will say it’s not for everyone because it took me a few months to start seeing results but it does work overtime. If you’re looking for a quick buck this isn’t the place.

It does take work. If you look at the blogs of this website you will see there are hundreds written. And this I have done myself. The Wealthy Affiliate just gave me the tools and training to start my blogging business.

affiliatemarketing cycle

affiliatemarketing cycle

There’s my take on the Wealthy Affiliate. There’s much more I could show you but I don’t want to write an overwhelming review.

If you start on this I would highly recommend you sign up for free to test the platform first and start building your first website.

Keep the Site Rubix domain until you get moving on writing blogs or until you’re ready to upgrade.

As far as the price goes it would be great if it was free all the way around but you really get a lot for the money.

The training, the websites, and support are well worth the price but factor in the ongoing training videos you are getting a whole lot for a pretty low price.

In fact, the Wealthy Affiliates premium membership costs just over $1.00 a day for full access to all the benefits of the program. That’s all the training, 10 websites, access to domain registration and hosting and much more.

It really is an all-inclusive membership you could expect to pay $1000.00’s for at a fraction of the costs other blog and marketing programs charge.

You will be getting an education on how to succeed in this digital economy. Try doing that at a four-year university. It would cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Plus, once a year they have their Black Friday special you can take advantage of.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free

Finally, I know Wealthy Affiliate is a pretty cool place to start building your business. I have been a member for about three years now. It’s easy to get started and I really found the whole process a lot of fun. I thought it would seem like work but it really didn’t.

And now at close to three years in I see I have jumped the search engine ranks and my site is making money. And that is what keeps me pushing forward! Seeing the awesome results of hard work!

Hopefully, this honest review of  Wealthy Affiliate is something you find value in. If you’re ready to check the platform out check out the link below and give it a try.

You can’t lose by checking out the free membership. It’s free to sign up and kick the tires. And I guarantee if you follow the training and stay the course you WILL change your life for the better. Sign up below today for your free startup training and two FREE websites today!

Wealthy Affiliate Free Signup

For those ready to take action now I am including my free quick-start plan for newbie affiliate bloggers which includes the following!

1 Guided help on starting your website with help with themes, layout, content writing and tips for using the keyword tool!

2 One on one help at the click of a button with my Private Messenger Service on WA!

3 Help with finding the right keywords and help with content structure!

4 Learn the best way to write content that leads to buyers of your products and or services!

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