How Do Find Additional Retirement Income Funds?

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Spread the loveHow Do Find Additional Retirement Income Funds? Here is a good question for anyone over the age of 50. How do you find additional retirement income funds? I pondered this question when I

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How Do Find Additional Retirement Income Funds?

Here is a good question for anyone over the age of 50. How do you find additional retirement income funds? I pondered this question when I began living on a fixed income and had no job to go to anymore. I was looking for a way to earn some extra money but fell short when I searched online through all the scams and schemes that seemed to target people in my age group. And it ticked me off because I figured it was a bunch of slackers sitting at a compute r who had never worked a real job in their life probably living in their parents home, using the water, electricity and using their so called savvy tech abilities through spending days online eating Cheetos and Bon Bons scheming people who had worked their whole life. 

My quest to find some additional retirement income was a wash at first. I tried a number of different things but fell short on finding anything worth a darn and finally just accepted things the way they were. But that got old quick so I researched the topic blogging for an income and eventually found something that sparked my interest. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme so I thought that it was worth checking into.

What was it? Affiliate Marketing through blogging. 

What is this affiliate marketing and blogging? Pretty simple really. It’s a way to earn online through blogging and adding affiliate links to your blogs which eventually can lead to some pretty awesome income. I will say it’s not for everyone and certainly not for the Cheeto eating couch surfing slacker that I envision looking for a quick buck online.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for down time. Just not a lifetime of it.

And affiliate marketing is what I used to create additional income to supplement my retirement.

Can You Really Afford To Live On Retirement Income?

Ok, so what is retirement income in 2018? Considering the fact that over half of the US population is on some kind of government assistance in today’s economy I would suspect that a good number of those people are on Social Security. And this retirement income pays an average of 1200.00 a month to recipients. Couple that income in with health insurance, caring for others including those Cheeto munching computer junkies I would think that retirement for many is living hand to mouth in the good ol US of A.

Don’t get me wrong here. I think the USA is a good place to live if you can make it. I served in the Marine Corps back in the day so I am not bashing. But I do know it’s the land of haves and have nots. So, when I started with affiliate marketing I wanted to earn enough to supplement my monthly peanuts. And that I did. And I did it with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

How much do I make at this? Put simply I make enough to pay for the basic Premium membership and then enough to buy small things throughout the month. No, I am not rich and I have been doing this for a couple years and some change but it does pay for itself and all I do is write a few blogs a week like this one you are reading right here.

How does the Wealthy Affiliate help me with retirement income funds? Easy, it helps me pay for the stuff that my small pension doesn’t and I’m good with that. Could I make more? Absolutely if I was more gung ho about it but I don’t work but a couple hours a day on my website. It’s easy enough for a guy in his mid fifties to do and I don’t have to work my tail off doing it. Sure, there are some people banking big time but like I said for me, in my fifties and retired early it works well.

How Did I Get Started Making Extra Income?

Basically I started by building a website like this one and then adding the affiliate links and promoting those blogs. Actually as the website began to get larger I gained more organic traffic which equated to more signups for my links. And yes this website promotes the Wealthy Affiliate but I have many friends who are at retirement age who are building their own websites just like I did and supplementing their income.

Does this sound like something you could see yourself doing? Do you like to write? Do you have extra time to do this? And are you motivated to keep blogging as your website builds itself? If you are then you can do what I did and make some extra retirement money.

You first need to pick a niche. Something you would be interested in writing about. Then you would be going through the Wealthy Affiliate training which covers everything you need to know to become an affiliate marketer. While you are doing this you are building your website week by week, month by month.

I’ll let you read my Wealthy Affiliate review I wrote after using the platform for two years which let’s you know how it all works. Check that HERE

Finally, I encourage you to give the Wealthy Affiliate a try if you are looking for additional retirement income funds. It’s easy to do, you won’t be breaking your back and it doesn’t cost an arm an a leg like other online programs you will find. It’s been online for 12 years and has close to a million members which many have become incredibly successful.

Click HERE To Join The Wealthy Affiliate Today.


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