How Do I Blog On WordPress?


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The Age Old Question….How Do I Blog On WordPress?


So, you finally said to heck with the other platforms designed for blogging. Hey, I don’t blame you because I’ve been down the road with a number of different blogging platforms myself.

Why WordPress you ask and how do you blog on this platform?

Let’s see…let me count the ways.

First off, WordPress is hands down the best writing platform around I have to admit. While this may be my own personal opinion, I can honestly back up why I think this is the best route to take.

It’s simple to write on and navigate. Seriously.

Simple Really Is Better!

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Simple Is Better!

Why is it so simple? It’s because it has everything you need to get your blog moving in the right direction. And I’m not talking about just a good platform to edit and write your blog posts.

Why else is WordPress simple? Here’s where it gets a little complicated but WP simplifies things.

With WordPress you can use plugins to make your post search engine friendly like the SEO plugin. I like this feature because I really don’t actually need to know SEO, I let the plugin do all the work.

You simply add the plugin, activate and you’re done.

I also like WordPress because it has features like the “Read More” option on the top toolbar which allows your readers to check out a piece of your work before clicking on read more. This allows your bounce rate to decrease if you didn’t already know.

The feature of simply adding the H1,H2 and H3 headlines is perfect for newbie bloggers. It’s simple to add by using the paragraph tool on the top left of the  WP toolbar.

So, if you want to know how do I blog on WordPress just sign up for free and try it out. It’s really easy and the menu and themes are easy to install and modify.

It’s virtually impossible to mess things up if you’re blogging on WordPress. Everything gets saved as you write! Check out this video on content creation within  the WordPress platform. Creating Quality Content

WordPress Is For All Bloggers

Finally if you’re asking yourself “how do I blog on WordPress” keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert to give it a shot.

I use the WP to write this blog and the almost couple hundred I already have on blogging tips for newbies. It just works.

Check this out on creating a new user profile on WP.

Create A WordPress Profile

But, there’s tons more this platform can do for you if you try it out. And if you’re looking for the blog platform and training tools I use just search around this site.

I hope my blogging tips for newbies can help you move forward in your blogging ventures. I welcome your comments and suggestions on how I can help you and what I can do to better this website.

In fact I encourage it!

Happy Blogging Health And Happiness!


P.S. Looking for the perfect keyword tool to work alongside WordPress? Here’s my top pick! My #1 Keyword Tool Pick




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