How Do You Build Free Website Online?

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Sure you can but you probably already knew that right? There are tons of websites out there allowing you to build a free website online on their platform but are they worth the time getting started on them? The problem with many of the free website builders is they are simple basic web builders and don’t really do much for helping you rank within search engines. 

What’s the problem with that? Well, a website that’s built with basic webdesign software doesn’t really do much for you long term. You just have a bare bones website online, like a billion others out there. If you want your website to flourish, you need to understand how the process works within Google to get your website seen by the masses. 

And that’s going to take some work. A free website won’t do that for you 99 percent of the time. However, there are some free options out there that may be a gold mine for you and get you some traffic blasting through in a relatively short time. So, what do I suggest for new website owners?

Use WordPress and take advantage of their plugins for SEO. Also use Yoast to optimize your website. And then, write some awesome content. Overtime your website will build month after month and before you know it, you have a website that is generating some incredible traffic. At that time, start monetizing it. And that my friend is how you will get your website making money for you. 

Sound interesting? It should but be careful and don’t be so quick to think it’s a drop in the bucket. Sure, WordPress is pretty much free and you can make a decent website on i

t, have it SEO ready and generating some traffic but think about your long term success. Do you want your website making money for you are do you just want a basic free website that you can share pictures on? It’s important to know what direction you want to go. 

Take Advantage Of Free

WordPress is a great platform to build your website on for

free. You don’t need any hyped up education is SEO or know code or any of that tech stuff. You just need to be able to write some content, add pictures and links and that’s about it. The plugins do the rest for the most part. And being a free platform that you can build your website is perfect for newbies entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers or anyone who wants to build a quality website. 

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There are a number of affiliate marketing companies that offer training in marketing and also use the WordPress platform. Take advantage of them if you want to earn money on your website. They can really help you flourish in the industry and you don’t need to shell out a bunch of money either. Take a look HERE at the top free website online builders I found. 

While these free website builders are good however be very careful when picking which one to go with. There are so many good ones but also there are some that offer many different types of upgrades so be wary. Regardless, anyone with some basic common sense will be able to find one that fits their preference. 

Website Builders Have Come A Long Way Baby 31103ad2a04bd4ca8ff772576c3c5a3c1561253539 cropped optimized - How Do You Build Free Website Online?

Yes, back in the old days, we used to have to pay some big bucks for computers, coding and website building training. Now, it’s cheap and easy to build a quality website. But, with that has come a ton of competion in the blogging industry, specifically in the affiliate marketing arena. Speaking of affiliate marketing. Do you know how much is spent in online sales on affiliate websites? Put it this way, it’s in the billions of dollars each year. Peope are actively searching for things to buy on a daily basis and billions of people are actively online searching for things to purchase. 

As a website owner who is promoting affiliate links within your website, you stand a chance to make some really good money and not a whole lot of hassle doing it. In fact, with a free website you can make some incredible money…if you play your cards right. Training in affiliate marketing is virtually pennies on the dollar if you look at what you would of paid 20 years ago. And that’s good news for you or anyone looking to cash in on a billion dollar industry. 

What platform do I suggest to learn affiliate marketing. Of course, Wealthy Affiliate which I have been a member with over three years. With this learning platform in affiliate marketing, you can learn everything you need to know in affiliate marketing and yes, learn the correct way. It’s an easy way to learn the industry and anyone can get in on it. You just need to dive in, learn the basics. build a free website in any niche and then stick with it. 

What’s been my journey with the platform? For me personally it’s been a long learning process which took a lot of sweat and tears and lots of content writing. Lucky for me I love to write so it has been a rewarding journey. But there are some who outsource their writing and focus on marketing their websites so the industry has a few different ways anyone can make money in affiliate marketing. 

One way I found I could make money as an affiliate marketer and blogger is to write content for other people. It take minimal effort and I have made some decent income at it. Also, I have had multiple offers for this website from people around the world that want to buy an established website. While I have up to this point passed on the opportunity to sell this site, it’s always an option. 

Ok, I hope this blog helped you realize that there are choices that you have when building a website and a free one is a great way to start. As you build out your website you will want to promote it either through paid or free advertising and don’t forget, organic traffic through quality content is often the best source of advertisement. 

To your success. 

Dave@BloggingTipsFor Newbies

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