How Do You Build Website Free For Affiliate Marketing Income?

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Spread the loveA Website For Free That Isn’t Junk? You probably found this website while looking to increase your income. And as you know, many people are struggling to make ends meet all over the

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A Website For Free That Isn’t Junk?

You probably found this website while looking to increase your income. And as you know, many people are struggling to make ends meet all over the world. Because of this many of us are scouring the internet looking for programs that offer an answer to that problem. But what would you think is the best way to get started and where are there some build website free platforms? Are there any?

There are but you are going to have to find them.

I say this because if you look at alot of the different options out there for building websites, you will find a gazzilion of them. And yes, they say they are free but there’s a catch. First, many of these web building companies will try and upgrade you to a “better” website or if they are completely free, they don’t offer the tools you need to get your website seen by search engines. The result is you may end up paying for something you don’t really need or you may end up with a website that looks ok but is worthless as far as coming up in search engines. And this is bad especially if you’re looking at making an income with affiliate marketing. 

What do I suggest you do?

Shop around. That’s right. Don’t just believe all the hype and follow the leader here. That’s what a lot of these website building platforms would like you to believe. That you have to use them or there are just no other choices. It’s just not right! If you really want to get started with a platform that you can start building your website for free and have the hosting, the SEO tools and the support, I would suggest trying a platform that’s been around since around 2005. Wealthy Affiliate. You may have even heard of the platform and it has been helping many people become successful by teaching them how to be an affiliate marketer.
And best of all, they offer a free 7 day trial of the platform with no strings attached, two free websites, free hosting, a free domain name and support from the members and owners of the program.

A little about Wealthy Affiliate. This is a company that’s been around the block and while others have failed they have continued to move forward helping people like you and I become successful affiliate marketers. Their courses are simple yet effective and each course covers every aspect of marketing and building your website. The best is their build your website free with no comittment and no catches. If you like what your website looks like you can keep it. If not, you can trash it and start a new one. Hosting on the platform is free and so is the site domain.

You can start your business for free with your free website and have it online live in a matter of minutes. From there you keep building your website out.

Don’t Be Fooled. You Can Build A Free Quality Website 

If you have access to the internet, a laptop and a place to write content, you can make a quality website for free and you can make money off that website. I won’t say you’re going to get rich over night but I will say that you can definitely get yourself moving in a positive direction by learning how to make money with your website. And you can start this for free, you don’t have to pay hundreds or even thousands of bucks to make that happen. That’s a bunch of garbage. Wealthy Affiliate is the go to platform that offers new members two free websites to start and all of the tools you will ever need to be successful.

What’s the catch? Nothing is free right? Ok, I won’t say there isn’t an opportunity to upgrade on Wealthy Affiliate because there is. But, it’s for those who are comitted to building their business as an affiliate marketer. If you just want a free website, simply join for free and stay a free member. It’s the easiest way to get a free website and domain for life.

Or you can upgrade to the Premium membership which includes all of the training for affiliate marketing, the hosting, site support, live chat, an amazing keyword tool and videos for days that covers every aspect of marketing your website. The price for your first month on that is just $19.00 and the $49.00 per month thereafter. Just paying for a decent keyword tool can cost you upwards of $100.00 monthly and Wealthy Affiliate includes that in all Premium memberships.

I guess the thing I would say is yes, you can find build website free platforms out there but they are few and far between. You will need to search them out. Wealthy Affiliate was the best one I have found and thankfully now after three years on the platform I am making enough money to relax for the first time in life. No more driving myself crazy working for others. No more long commutes. None of that. And believe it or not, it all started three years ago in my home office with a free website from Wealthy Affiliate.

Ok, so there you go. A good choice for a free website and a way to learn affiliate marketing. You can’t go wrong and the community is pretty awesome too. You have questions about what to do with your website, just ask. See you on the inside.




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