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I signed up for a trial run of 14 days with Crowdfire. This is a social sharing app that works by doing a number of cool things for your website. The best feature in my opinion has the be the way you can automate your posts and schedule them at the best time. There are ways you can find out when the best time to post your content is. For some, it may be the night time because we all know that’s the right time….right? Well, maybe for some.

The point is, regardless of when you want your post to be submitted to your social share site, Crowdfire gets it done in seconds. Take for instance when I went to the content curation section of this app, all of my website posts were there, ready to be shared. I just connected only my Twitter account and boom, there it was.

Check out Crowdfire for free here.

Posts to share

If you want to schedule your posts, you can do this by using the schedule feature which allows you to do bulk scheduling. Simply use the drag and drop or CSV file option. From there all you have to do is connect what account you want to use and you’re good to go.

Now, comes the good part. You’ve set your post up for automatic posting but where can you find it? Under the same scheduling section go to scheduled and view the listings of your posts.

Schedule posts

If all you need is an automated software that does all you auto post, Crowdfire is something you need to check out. There is also a calendar view of your future postings but that is for upgraded memberships only. Bummer.

Another feature of Crowdfire is the Mentions feature. Here I connected my Twitter account and when I go to Mentions I see all of the past Twitter comments I have made.

Twitter mentions

There is also a listening option that’s for paid memberships.

Is Crowdfire The Best App For Social Sharing?

I have checked out a couple of other auto share apps and neither of them really compare to Crowdfire. It’s got to be the best I have seen but then the other were free so you get what you do or don’t pay for.

That brings me to the pricing. How much will Crowdfire set you back? For some, absolutely nothing. No charge for 3 social share accounts and 10 posts per month. Obviously, this is just a teaser so it will cost you 9.99 per month for the Plus account. Here you get unlimited content curation which is what I would use as an affiliate marketer. Other options you can check out below.

Crowdfire Pricing

That is the basic of Crowdfire although if you upgrade to at least the Pro membership you may have better options. What do you think of the price? Is it worth it? For me, I think it is especially since time social sharing could best be used writing. Either way if you’re looking to organize and auto share you social media posts, Crowdfire has your back.

Who do I recommend this app for? Anyone who posts frequently or has a hard time remembering whether they posted or not. And of course those who can’t remember whether they posted or not. It does it all for you as far as posting goes and what’s more is it let’s you know what and when you have posted in the past. This could be useful to you if you’re concerned on sending out too many posts or want to change some times you had scheduled. This could be found in your analytics and then change the times manually for future posts.

The free membership is also pretty cool because at the end of the 14 days they won’t charge you since you don’t have to put a credit card up front. It’s worth at least setting it up with your website and social accounts just to kick the tires.

Join Crowdfire free here today.

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