How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!

How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!228577a7491e0f19d646ff455c57f7b71524524069 cropped optimized - How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!

We live in a pretty hectic world. There’s always something going on around us and whether or not you know it, these distractions can have an impact on your life. And that impact is often loads of stress. So, how do you destress when things get too much? Write! That’s right because there is something about writing that can slow down your mind and focus on one thing. Writing is a great way to get down your feelings when something is bothering you and can help you to de-stress!

While writing is good therapy it’s also helpful when you have a blog you are working on. Sure, it’s nice to be able to make money with your blog but did you know that blogging consistently can give you many benefits that go beyond just having something to do? Writing helps to organize thoughts and can help you to direct your creative energy somewhere other than to the many distractions we face. How to de-stress? Get busy writing!

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Writing is one way to de-stress but so is doing other things and you can do them for free! Yep, I said it. Free. How about walking? Walking is another way to fight stress even if it’s a simple 30 minute walk up the street. Many people walk as a way of taking off the edge from a hard day’s work or from being too sedentary. It’s free and it has many benefits.

You may be wondering why you are reading a blog about de-stressing on a blogging tips website. Well, being a blogger I have noticed that it can be a lonely and non-active journey so I figured I would write about ways to curb this in a blog. Personally I found that walking or going out in nature doing activities like fishing can help to ground myself. The result is I can come back to my blog and write more effectively and with more enthusiasm. Try walking or visiting a museum to distract from the everyday blogging that can consume your life.

Take Breaks From Blogging

It pretty much goes without saying that taking breaks is important no matter what you do daily. And blogging breaks is no different. You need them or your content will suffer. Blogging should be fun and you should only do it when you feel up to it, not pressured and not with some deadline you set for yourself. While many bloggers tie themselves down to “Having to make that sale” I encourage you to put that thought out of your head and try to just blog when you feel up to it, not when you feel you have to. The time spent blogging will be much more enjoyable!




13 thoughts on “How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!

  1. Hello David,

    Thank you for your reminder! I’ve been consistently publishing 1 blog post per day. I’ve been told to take a break, but I just feel addicted to blogging.

    You’re right though, we should all take breaks once in a while to clear minds and the next time we blog, it’ll be even better.


  2. Hello there.

    Enjoyed reading your article. I personally found myself in it because i love blogging and writing.

    As you said, it is good to take breaks from blogging sometimes.

    I usually go outside and enjoy nature.

  3. I head to the beach to destress. Works great for me. But writing is always good for me as well. I walk my dogs around the lake a couple times a day, works wonders also.

  4. hi Good advice for those of us new to blogging and affiliate marketing. Nice layout of your page I think I will be visiting your site again if you don’t mind there’s some good stuff in your previous historic pages.

  5. I so appreciate the simplicity of these tips! I tend to look for some crazy end goal that I will never achieve and make myself crazy. It feels so good to hear another blogger say its best just to stop and take a walk. Thank you!

    1. Definitely take it slow. It’s not a race here. Not at all. It’s just about being consistent. And yes, take plenty of walks, drink lots of water and relax! Thanks for the comment!

  6. Great post David. It is very true that we leave in a very stressful society because of the rat race we are in. I love the recommendation you gave because I enjoy walking myself. And I got to say it’s one of the best things ever to release stress. I hope people can cultivate this habit in their lifestyle because it well surely benefit them.

    1. Yes! I like water aerobics best because it’s so easy on the joints. The issue I see with many affiliate marketing newbies is they try to do it all at once. With the Wealthy Affiliate there is no race. It’s all on your own time to learn as you go along and no, there is no secret. It’s just offering a product or service that people can use and not trying to pull some scheme or scam. I have had people who think the program is a scheme but it’s only because they haven’t tried it or haven’t looked deep enough into affiliate marketing. It takes time but is worth the effort if you can slow down. And that’s proven to be the most difficult part for some people. I appreciate the comment.

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