How To Earn Extra Money From Home

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Are you disabled and collecting ssdi or some other income from resources other than a regular paycheck? Are you in need of paying off some of those outstanding bills? Are you tired of watching ad after ad showing you ways to file bankruptcy or some other consolidation process to pay your bills? Does your job suck or can you not find a job? Are you aged out of the workforce and just plain tired of dealing?

That’s my story after becoming disabled with meningitis a few years back. I had to go on the disability roles because I couldn’t keep working as an electrician. And I was only in my mid forties. As the saying goes, sh#t happens. Well, that didn’t sit well with me. Not at all. I needed to learn how to make extra money from home and I wasn’t going to give up until I did.

What did I do? And can you do the same thing I did?

First off, I did do some things that just had to be done. I stopped over spending. I stopped buying new stuff and I stopped going out. I also realized that while I was on disability I could earn a certain amount of money per month but would be penalized if I made too much. That was fine because I also realized I was not being offered any jobs and working at a minimum wage job was about as much as I was making on disability. At least sitting on disability I didn’t have to drive anywhere, buy tools and work like a dog.

That was the first thing I did. Sitting at home day after day while watching my wife leave for work left me feeling like a bum. But I wasn’t a bum, I knew that deep down inside. See, I have been a US Marine and was honorably discharged after my time in. I also recieve an honorable out of the US Navy Reserves. And I went to school to become an electrician for four years only to find that at the end of that four years which I worked during that time, work was going to less educated apprentices in the electrical field. I know the struggle of trying to support a family.

I started writing articles for people, you know, stuff like promotional content for websites. I got pretty good as a writer on Fiverr and then started diving into the affiliate marketing arena because I heard through the grapevine that this was a hot industry and I could do it all from home. You may of heard of digital marketing. That’s pretty much what affiliate marketing is. I signed up for a program that works like a University. They teach people how to learn how to be affiliate marketers. After a month of building my website through the platform I was hooked. I knew this was the way to earn extra income and I could make just enough not to get penalized and lose any benefits.

Can anyone do this affiliate marketing thing?

Sure. Anyone can, all they need is the desire to change their life and build a website, promote a product or service and gain sales. And the sales are made through the website with affiliate links so you don’t ship anything. Your job is just to write articles on the site and promote products or services. It can be any niche too. Let me show you what it’s all about in my review of the platform I use.


Why Should You Accept Things Just Because It Is What It Is?d0943659b3db82b88da8d6bcc3c1958d1545245300 cropped - How To Earn Extra Money From Home

I don’t believe in that saying at all. Just deal with it. Suffer. Right? Hell no. I learned long ago in the Marine Corps that if you give up you become a target. A target for scammers, for losers and for people who would take you out for a cigarrette. Life can be brutal. And just accepting things just because it is what it is makes no sense to me. Why should some people work all their life and have to settle for peanuts when others do nothing and get everything that they want? It is what it is? Really? I call B.S. on that.

And that’s why I started this website to help other people learn what I did. Learn how to become an affiliate marketer and develop a long term skill that can help to secure some stability in life. That’s exactly why I started learning how to become an affiliate marketer. I didn’t want to settle on being another person “on the roles”.

Now, three years later this website you are viewing is making money. Not a ton but enough to buy me what I need to not worry about an income. Plus I have a new skill I can turn to and use. So, I ask you this. Are you sick of being labled as being a burned out worker? Or someone that just can’t deal with stress? Don’t you want to get excited about your life again? I don’t care how old you are. I’m 55 and still wake up everyday thinking “What can I do to help someone else and to better my own life?”

Working as an affiliate marketer has given me hope for the future. And it’s made me a ton of friends who tell me I helped them get some direction in their life. That makes me feel good, like my life isn’t over and I still have more to offer.

You may be in the same situation. Maybe you are on disability, struggling to make ends meet. Or working two or three jobs just to pay rent and a car payment. I don’t know. But I do know that you can make money as an affiliate marketer with the right training. Check the link out above and read through some of the blogs on this website and you will see what I’m talking about. If you want to change your life, it begins with you.

Happy Holidays And Best Of Success In 2019!

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