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Does Online Work Really Work?


You’re looking for online work but not sure where to look right? Have you tried searching for online employment in your area online or just a broad search?

One of the things I’ve learned since being a blogger is to be very specific in what you’re looking for as far as topics are concerned. If I am looking for work locally as a blogger I found that simply typing in “blogging jobs” and then my location I can find jobs that are local businesses looking for local writers. Your odds of finding long term work are greater.

Have you been scammed while trying to find an online job?
If so I’ll try and steer you in the right direction!

Most content jobs are from small companies looking for local writers to write about their business. More specifically, I write the articles or “blogs’ and it’s usually a good fit because I am a local writer.

When I’m searching on how to find online work often as a blogger I find some programs that offer writing jobs but in the end they are just scams or hustles which pay little and are just a waste of time.

Maybe you’ve tried to find an online job but have come up on the short end of the stick. Or maybe you found something and it wasn’t really what you expected. If you have a story about some bogus online job I’d love to hear about it!

In fact I encourage you to tell me about it in the comment section below just so I can write a review on it and let the whole world know the ugly truth of the online scam. Tell me your online job search nightmare below and I’ll make sure I let others know about it!

The Real Deal On Online Work!

If you’re like me you’re looking for ways to earn an honest income from home right? But, before I say anything else let me ask you something. Do you know what kind of work you’re looking for?

It could be a job as a data entry person, working as a content writer or even doing some type of transcribing job. There’s a ton of different opportunities out there but the one thing I noticed is the majority of them go absolutely nowhere!

Am I right? Have you been down that path to round and round we go where we stop nobody knows!

From all of my research and joining programs I really have found only one thing that works as a blogger. And that is to find a platform that focuses on writers and niches. It may sound confusing but in a nutshell learning how to find online work has taught me that those who succeed are the ones willing to put in work long term.

Stay Away From The Promises Of Insta-Cash!


I absolutely love those schemes where some guru is talking about the newest state of the art auto pilot program that tells you to use their program and make a killing in 30 days. I’m telling you now….if you check into one of these start running as fast as you can!

Why?  Because they are a freakin’ joke that’s why!

I have seen video testimonials made by people who say they have tried the “system” (LOL) it was the best thing since the wheel was invented.

Only to find out these people were paid actors who were running a gig on Fiverr.

Don’t get me wrong. Fiverr is a great platform for writers looking to do some content writing but yea….you will find some shady characters on there too.

What do I suggest if you’re asking yourself “How do I find online work?”

Stop Lying To Yourself!

Seriously, the online way you will find online work that actually is worth it is to pick something you have a desire to do and just do it! That’s right and like this blog you are reading this is exactly how I do it. I write, I learn and I keep going even when I make mistakes. I use a platform that has made success stories time and time again and if you try it I can guarantee if you put in the work you too can be one of those stories.

So who is blogging for and how can you use the same platform I use to get started?

First off I’ll tell you anyone that has a computer and can write can earn online by creating their own website. It’s not rocket science. So, who is it for and what’s the platform? I use the Wealthy Affiliate which has proven to be a great way to learn marketing and writing but…it does take work. It’s not for those looking to get rich overnight. But, if you give it time, work hard at creating a good website you can do it.

Who Can Benefit By Wealthy Affiliate?

th 4 - How Do I Find Online Work? Does This Type Of Work Even Exist?
Wealthy Affiliate

Anyone Looking To Work From Home

Stay At Home Moms And Dads

People With Disabilities

People who are retired

People looking for a change

People displaced by employers

Anyone Can Benefit From This Platform!

Before I go I want to say that as a worker for 30 years working for “The Man” I can say I finally had enough. Enough of working for pennies. Enough of getting laid off. Enough of not knowing if my boss would pay me. And enough of just getting by. This is such an easy platform to start blogging on, my teenage son could figure it out!

I Knew There Was A Better Way!

I have been a U.S. Marine, an electrician, a busboy, a cook, a tow truck driver and even a car detailer. They were honest jobs but they wore me out. And with a new son born a few years back I knew I needed to change. I needed to start building my own business. And I began blogging and soon I found the Wealthy Affiliate which taught me how to get that blog making money.

And It Worked!

I finally after a year of blogging can see results. I know it works and I have to share these success stories with you. I’m sure you will agree, this is the way to go as a blogger!

Make A Change Today!

If you’re still asking yourself how to find online work then take a look at the success stories above. I guarantee if you are into blogging and want to earn online the Wealthy Affiliate can change your life if you let it.

Start Absolutely Free With Two Free Websites!

Yep, you can start for free, get two websites working and have access to the training on the Wealthy Affiliate. All you have to do is sign up, create a profile and start building your websites. It’s easy to join, no credit card required to start and you can build your first website in minutes.  But, you have to start somewhere and today is as good a day as any to get moving on your own business built on blogging. And if you need help on the platform I will be there to help you along. I have the experience and the know how to get you off on the right foot!

Ok, I’m off for now. One thing I realized since I started with the Wealthy Affiliate is I have a ton more time than I used to. I write a blog every couple days and that’s it. If I’m not writing you can catch me out at one of the many lakes here fishing for that monster catfish. And that’s what it’s all about. Freeing up time to do the things you want to do. If you’re ready to take action and change your life, now is the time because……….

You Only Live Once!

Sign Up Here Now!

My #1 Pick For Bloggers!









6 Comments on How Do I Find Online Work? Does This Type Of Work Even Exist?

  1. Great post and oh so unfortunately true. I have been through many services for writing and got taken. Got me absolutely nowhere. No responses from CS when tried to contact and no $$ back either. But then I found WA and I am so happy now.

    • Yea Brent I agree. I think most people who join WA are pretty well lost with the SEO thing but there are some that know their stuff. The key I guess is to write content that others will find useful and that is optimized correctly. I had trouble with that at first but as time went on I learned little things that made writing content so much easier. With that said, I’m still learning about SEO and also how your writing takes time to get traffic and more readers. what do they say? Keep failing and fail again until you succeed? Really seems the way it goes when you’re blogging as an affiliate marketer. But, as long as it’s fun it’s all worth it! Thanks so much for the comment Brent and I hope you find tons of success with your work!

  2. Awesome post David!

    Before I joined WA, Iike many others I tried different programs only to find out they were scams or they were giving me outdated information. It actually took me several months before I signed up. I love this platform and while it’s been 1 year and I only made like 22$, I know that this year will be different. It’s been a huge learning curve in every aspect of the training as everything is so new to me.

    I know that my perfectionism has also part of my setback so I’m dealing with it head on. Two weeks ago, two of my posts got to page 1 on Google (both of them were on the same page). I will not get discouraged as so many people on WA have reached the success that I also want to achieve. I gotta keep pushing and going at it everyday. One challenge right now is to come up with ideas for posts though. Any tips on that?

    • Hey Vanessa, thanks for the comment! It can be tough being a perfectionist because blogging is not about being perfect. It’s about failing and then trying something new until it clicks with your readers. You can get a lot of help from other bloggers too that have more experience in writing blogs too. Also make sure you’re blogging format is easy to read with spaces between sentences within a paragraph. Even though you made only $22.00 it’s showing you that something you are doing is working so I would keep at what you’re doing and just refine as you continue moving forward. As far as finding ideas for posts you can go back through your blogs and look for ideas from topics you have written about. For instance this site is about blogging tips so one blog I write may be about blogging keywords and I may find another topic from that blog on say SEO or something related. Another thing you can do is go to Google, type in “How Do I….” And then type A and see what comes up in the drop down menu. Keep doing that through the alphabet until you reach the end. You can pretty much use that for any phrase and come up with a lot of topics. Hope that makes sense. If not just comment back. I would say you’re doing great at this point, just don’t get frustrated and keep on writing! That’s going to be the key to your success. But, don’t think about making money so much as trying to learn what you can and have fun with your work. It will start to make sense as you keep on going. Thanks so much for the comment and best of success to you!

  3. I have to admit that my experience with local blogging jobs has not been very successful at all, it seems as if anyone I came in contact with honestly didn’t know what they were looking for, which led to me ultimately feeling as if my time was wasted, which it was! It is better to work for yourself, through niches as you have explained here. I’m glad that you have found some success with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, that is absolutely awesome!

    • Thanks for the reply Christian! Yea, unfortunately it seems most are kind of a scam or just not worth the time and effort. It really takes just going with one platform and sticking it out. If you bounce around looking for local work you may be in for a crazy ride with everyone looking for a cheap writer. Personally, I don’t like to sell myself short and just keep writing my own work and learn to market that. Why sell it so someone else can benefit when you can benefit from your work yourself?

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