How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast For Affiliate Websites

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast For Affiliate Websites

You’re looking to increase blog traffic fast for affiliate websites right? For all of the things you may be doing right, it’s important to understand how Google sees your content before opting to go to paid traffic or other ads that may just end up costing you a boatload of money that you really don’t want to waste. What’s the best way to increase your traffic? Research and be consistent with your writing.

Now, I know that may not be what you want to hear but to be honest their is no push button way of increasing your traffic to your affiliate websites. Sure, if you search online you will find all kinds of schemes and scams that will guarantee they will get you up to 500 percent more traffic than you are getting now. And no, it’s not illegal for them to do and yes they will deliver traffic to your website but there’s a catch.

Most if not all of the traffic being sent to you will be bots or traffic from people who are not interested in what you are offering. 

I know it sucks and I have learned over the years that buying my traffic from ads and paid traffic services are pretty much like throwing money down the toilet. I think it’s sad that some of these so called companies sell to unsuspecting individuals a service that’s totally worthless.

Of all the non organic ways to get traffic I believe that if you are going to use anything other then go for an ad on Facebook or any popular social network site. If you have a product you believe in and use the tools to build a successful ad and target the right traffic sources then you can get some conversions. But, you will have to do your homework and learn how to build a successful ad on a social network website. Do, it half as#ed and you’re going to lose your money.


What’s The Best Way To Build Traffic?Keep writing!

This blog website you are checking out is about 2 1/2 years old and has over 300 blog posts. For the first year of working on this website I saw very little traffic but after a year the traffic started coming in little by little. The more content I created with quality keywords showed me much better traffic as the months went on. And this wasn’t paid traffic. This was all organic traffic which is what you want to get.

Now looking back to the title of this article “How to increase blog traffic fast for affiliate websites” I have to admit that there is only one true way to get quality traffic to your website that will increase your odds of success. And that is going to be getting organic traffic which does take time. The good news is if you are consistent in your writing then you definitely will see organic traffic within the first year.

I wish I could tell you there was an easier way and that you can make a killing with your affiliate websites overnight but it just doesn’t happen unless you really really understand the industry and know what the heck you’re doing right off the bat.

Look at it this way. You’re building a long term business with your blog website. You want it to grow with time and it will if you put the time in and write consistently and gain a reader base. Pick a niche you really love and run with it. Post videos, write reviews and learn from your mistakes but most of all have fun with it. It’s your baby and you need to love it to watch it grow.

Here’s to your success!


6 thoughts on “How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast For Affiliate Websites”

  1. This is sound advice. I’m happy to learn from people who are more experienced than me. I’ve been working consistently on my blog for about 9 months and the organic traffic is still trickling in. I’m making some sales, but encouraged by this post. I know that if I keep plugging away, I’ll have a great website with lots of sales. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Thanks for the reminder that there is no easy way to gain traffic without much effort on your part. As with most things in life, people want that quick fix or instant success in what they do. At the end of the day, it is a business and a business can’t run without effort or diligence.

  3. Great post! Yes, creating content does take time, but it is like building a fire and letting it burn down to coals so you can cook with it. You get better quality in the end result.
    What is your opinion on using Facebook for traffic? Have you tried it? Did it work?

    1. Thanks for the comment Irma! I have tried FB ads and it did bring some traffic. But it’s important to target groups that are interested in your niche and don’t just stay in one demographics like the US. There are more people that will look at your ads if you spread out your target audience. You do have to be careful with spending and you can set the ad to run one day or a few days with a set budget. This is how I did it and it did work but I had to do some research. My best traffic for conversions come from organic traffic and we all know that takes time and patience. Hope this helps and best of success to you Irma!

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