How To Increase The Traffic Of Blogs For Income

How To Increase The Traffic Of Blogs For Income7e73df25acf5ec1fab8551f4e140eccb1534447765 cropped optimized - How To Increase The Traffic Of Blogs For Income

One thing I have always wondered is how do I increase the traffic of blogs for income on my website? While it seems a relatively easy task, my first year of working on my website showed little traffic.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t writing content. It wasn’t like I just slacked off trying either. It was more like hitting a brick wall day after day until I started to research how blogs aquire traffic.

No, it wasn’t what I thought either.

What did I think was the best way to get quality traffic to my site? Social media. That’s right. I would write a blog and immediately post to Twitter, Facebook and a number of other social media outlets only to find that it wasn’t working. Was I getting traffic? Yes. Was I getting conversions? No.

Why was this? I needed to know so I began to study why my blogs were stagnent in the traffic department. And HERE is what taught me how to get traffic to my site. Now, many of the methods are really awesome that I found but I also learned something else.

Just because you get traffic, it doesn’t mean people will stick around. 

By nature people are curious. They want to see what happens next. So, if I tweet out a blog with an awesome title, sure people are going to click. But in the world of affiliate marketing you are not getting paid for clicks. This isn’t Utube. And people will click away from your blog real quick if you use Clickbait techniques. It’s important to be honest in your title as well as you content.

What’s the best kind of traffic? Organic traffic!

Why Is Organic Traffic So Important?d5129089b07f835a4bda702b472c0e531534447802 cropped optimized - How To Increase The Traffic Of Blogs For Income

In a nutshell this type of traffic is what you want because it comes organically through people’s active search online. You place higher in the search engines and you will see more organic traffic.

Same applies if you have had your website online for a while. Organic traffic produces much higher conversions because it’s what people are looking for in your content keywords.

How do you get organic traffic? Here’s where things can get a bit tricky but all is not lost. Not at all.

If you keep writing blogs on your website and don’t quit you will begin to see organic traffic. It may take some time but it will happen. The secret which really is not secret is to keep writing even when you don’t see results.

Keep at it week after week and you will see some awesome results. It just takes time like anything in life.

How long does it take? I always say expect to keep plugging away for at least six months before you see results. It may come sooner depending on your niche but once you begin to see organic traffic you will definitely begin to see your website take off and this is when you will see some conversions.

It doesn’t happen fast but consistency will be your best friend when it comes to this type of traffic.

Social Media Can Produce Some Strange Results77f0c5239960067b8cac167dbda9f6e21534447841 cropped optimized - How To Increase The Traffic Of Blogs For Income

In my experience with social media I have seen some conversions but you have to be very careful and not spam your blog links everywhere and anywhere.

You will need to be sparingly when using social media to aquire traffic and most of that traffic may not produce anything. And that is no reason to become frustrated.

You can end up with some strange results too. I have had some people revisit my blogs with social media and even leave messages but not much else.

This is why I try and focus on organic traffic for the most part with my blogs. It has the highest rates of conversions and can really help you with sales.

While social media may seem to be the way to go to get some quick traffic to your website, in the long run you may just be wasting a whole lot of time and money if you go this route.

My suggestion?

Stick with writing quality content on your website and don’t give up until you begin to see organic traffic. This type of traffic will generate more interest which will equate to more sales!

Where Will You Be In A Years Time?

Hopefully you will be doing well both financially and healthwise. But we never know what will come our way in life which is why it’s important to follow your dreams whatever they may be. Have you been working feverishly on your website and getting no traffic?

That’s ok especially if you’re in your first year of building you site.

It takes a while to see any type of traffic with the search engines. But I can tell you that if you stick it out, eventually you will see results and organic traffic will come. Until then, keep pushing forward.

Here’s to your success





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