How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?

How To Make Money Now3ebd2946e470167f48932cb5d34faca21527691383 cropped 1527691507 - How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?

Yea, I know it’s the economy right? No job, no money, no hope for the future and bills are due and you only hear the dead silence when you scream out for help. It seems like when you least need help there is help available and when you need help, the doors are all shut tight. It’s amazing how life works like that. You struggle and scrape and scrounge only to feel like you’re all alone in your plight. Welcome to the realities of life. 

But, there are ways to make money now if you play your cards right. You could bite the bullet if you’re dead broke and hit up the plasma center but that will only help you for a little while. Maybe a day and then you’re back to square one. Or you could ask someone for money on the street and panhandle for a few bucks. I have seen many people use this technique to pilfer money from unsuspecting motorist or pedistrians by standing like a statue flying a sign. You won’t make a killing but if you look scroungy and needy enough chances are you can score some bucks.

Do I encourage this? Not really because after a while it becomes a habit and next thing you know you’re hanging out with other down and outers, smoking and drinking and falling further into the pit.Not really the best way to go about getting money asap. But, the above are options when no others are available.

What To Do?

If you are really at odds as to what to do or are tired of working for the man or just can’t get a job I would suggest looking into blogging for an income. Does this answer the question of how to make money fast? Probably not but it’s a start to running your own business with little money and the end results can be pretty cool. No, you won’t be making money overnight but you will be starting a journey that could pay off very well in the end.

Considering that most of use have little money to start our own business, online sales through marketing products and services may be the way to go. And you don’t have to be killing yourself to make money doing it. In fact you can start with virtually no money building your own website and writing blogs with affiliate links that pay commissions through sales. Sound like it may work for you? I thought it would for me and now after a couple years I no longer have to look for outside work.

How do you start? First check out THIS blog post on starting your own niche website and then see if it sounds like something you’re interested in.

Work Towards Long Term Successb44cdf4014291218445fd63f589fc4b61525783736 cropped 1527691721 - How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?

I know you came looking to make money now but to be honest if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves at the blood or plasma bank or fly a sign to all the people passing by on a busy intersection, you may have a rough time. One thing I realized is success comes from having support and a plan of action. You need this to stay motivated and to keep on track.

Blogging is becoming extremely popular with people who are interested in digital marketing and I truly believe if you go for it and stay driven you will succeed. Pick a niche you don’t mind writing about, build a decent website and promote it through social media and you’re well on your way. But you have to decide that you want something better for yourself and actually believe in yourself. And that’s it. Make a plan,set a goal, get support and blog to make a living!



8 thoughts on “How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?”

  1. The only problem with blogging is that it is a long term strategy. You will spend about a year building your blog before you see substiantial gains. It is not a get rich quick solution. However, it is a very great way to build a long term business.

  2. Interesting article Dave, I’m just getting going with the blogging from home malarkey myself, nice tips, will keep checking back for updates.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. A fresh and personal article that will certainly inspire people to set up a niche website and try for example the affiliate marketing. Are you promoting some online business training platform for bloggers?

  4. Hey Dave, like many people out there I’ve dodged the scams littering the web and became interested in affiliate marketing my passion. Like you mention, it takes time to become established with a high ranking website and this can only be achieved by writing regular unique content over a few years in my view. I don’t think there’s a quick way to speed up organic traffic through the search engines.
    I have found the cost of hosting a website minuscule when I compare the ridiculous ongoing costs of my previous high-street business, this really is a low-cost solution to become established in a genuine business where there’s no limit to potential earnings however there’s a lot of work to accomplish before you reach the dizzy heights, here’s hoping!


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