How To Make Money On Fiverr. Is It Worth It?

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If you’re looking to make a quick buck online and don’t really want to go the route of working for others or building a huge website then may be the right fit for you.

Why do I say this?

Simple really. On you can create virtually any type of gig (legal of course) and then let the platform promote it. You may want to offer a service like writing blogs like I did when I started years ago. Or you can create an original gig of you singing Happy Birthday, etc. The sky really is the limit on how to make money on Fiverr.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing. And the gigs start at $5.00 per and yes, the platform does take their cut of $1.00 per $5.00 you make. Welcome to the digital economy. Regardless, if you are just starting out and need some exposure for your work whatever that may be, Fiverr could be the way to do it. 

Can you get rich on this?

I wouldn’t say rich but there are some people who charge upwards of $500.00 or more for video making gigs and the like. I am sure some of those people are doing fairly well.

Why do I promote Fiverr?

I have been a member for 8 years now and have made some money doing it from home. No, not a ton but I can work when I want to, set my own prices and even pause my gig if I have to go out of town, doctors or whatever. I write blogs and articles and what I make depends on how many gigs I get. To date I have 306 positive feedbacks and have probably completed about 1000 gigs. You can search my gig at user name “dobguy1″‘

Why You Should Brand Yourself062fd8e723b0bfcffa8fb255a603f26b1541640889 cropped optimized - How To Make Money On Fiverr. Is It Worth It?

Branding is basically creating your own digital footprint. Regardless of what you are promoting on Fiverr, it’s important to create your own unique brand that showcases what you do in the most positive light. And while at first you may not see much activity on your ‘gig’, with time that will change. The more gigs you complete, the more feedbacks you will recieve and then more orders will come in as your reputation online grows. Once you have completed your first 50 gigs, you will see an increase in traffic and activity on your gig page. And that means more money in your pocket. The key to becoming successful will be to keep at it and don’t stop until you see results which on Fiverr happens pretty fast. Your brand will start to become who people identify you online as and that’s a good thing.

Branding yourself and your gig will take some work. And the best way to do this is to keep producting quality work for your clients. Don’t sell yourself short either. If you feel you are worth more than the standard $5.00 then by all means charge it. But keep it low enough so you are competitive in the marketplace.

Fiverr is a great place to start building your reputation and gaining sales and traffic to your website. It doesn’t take long to get the ball rolliing and you will find as you go along that sales will really jump if you get 5 stars on each of your completed gigs. While some people won’t leave you a feedback, a good percentage will. You will also gain repeat customers if your work is professional and well recieved. You will know if people are liking what you offer within the first few gigs. Keep pushing for quality versus quantity on Fiverr. It will pay itself off in the end.

Work At Home Alternative To Fiverr

Of course you may want to start working on your own website if you haven’t already, offering your services or products to peple all over the world. DId you know there are billions of people actively searching online for work at home opportunities? It’s true and all you have to do is learn the industry. But it’s amazing how many people don’t take advantage of what’s out there.

Personally, I do both Fiverr and work on Wealthy Affiliate. What’s Wealthy Affiliate? it’s a platform that let’s you learn how to work in affiliate marketing and has all the training, site content and hosting so you can do everything right on one website. You don’t have to go outside of it to get high quality hosting, domains, site builders and support to build your website. It’s all on the platform. While it’s free to join I do recommend joining the Premium membership because it has all of the training and support that’s ongoing. With the free membership you get two free websites and the platforms domain so you would have to find the continued training elsewhere. Even with the free membership you get the first ten lessons for free so it’s worth checking out. It’s the easiest way I have found to start your own business from home for practically nothing. Wealthy Affiliate Premium memberships will cost you $49.00 a month. But that covers everything and I have been there for three years and the price hasn’t changed.

Regardless of what you choose to do both Fiverr and Wealthy Affiliate have free memberships. And both are worth at least taking a look at. Both of these platforms have allowed me to work at home full time and really find my own personal independance without having to fight traffic or deal with bosses who value your work but not much else. As always, I invite your comments and suggestions as to how I can improve this website to be a better user experience for you.

Take a look HERE for info on how to join Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership.

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