How To Start A Blog Free And Make Money. I Bet You Can’t Find A Way!

How To Start A Blog Free And Make Money. keyboard 648439  340 - How To Start A Blog Free And Make Money. I Bet You Can't Find A Way!

I have listened to many of my readers who ask me how to start a blog free and make money. Unfortunately there are ways to make a free website but most of those who try don’t even know how to make money on it. It’s not a bad thing though. I was there at one point and I tried with some free sites to see if they could even get ranked and when someone mentioned SEO I was thinking…SE WHO???

That’s right. As a newbie blogger I didn’t even know what SEO was but I found out that free websites aren’t really setup for getting your site SEO optimized. I also found out that to get anywhere I needed to learn a few things before I could even begin to make a buck. I got frustrated and quit my pursuing my dreams of making a website that could earn me anything. I wanted to make some money on my site but without any guidance I didn’t know what to do.

I started writing as a content blogger for people on Fiverr. And to be honest I got a ton of work. I really did and the gigs were not hard to do. I would write a 4oo word blog for 5 bucks and after a while I got a lot of feed backs and I climbed the ranks and got good feed backs. In a couple years I had almost 400 feed backs and I was getting gigs to write articles about everything under the sun. I even made some money and could work at home. But, I wondered what were these people doing with all the articles I wrote? I mean nobody ever really said what they were for other than their website.

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A Light Bulb Moment!thought 2123970  340 1 - How To Start A Blog Free And Make Money. I Bet You Can't Find A Way!

I finally began searching some stuff online. I wanted to know how my articles could earn me money. I ran into something called Ezines and got totally confused. I started looking at content mills and realized people were biting at the bullet to write articles for people. I still didn’t know what the demand for articles was. Was there some kind of secret money making scheme to make money writing articles for people?

Well, I realized after a whole lot of searching and asking bloggers what the deal was. People were creating websites to earn money as affiliate marketers and to sell their own products. The articles were written and sold by content writers. The website owner would then put the article/blog on their website and attach affiliate links to products they had for sale. The blogs would help get traffic to their site. Pretty simple huh? Lame ol me couldn’t figure that out on my own. And while a free website can make money, you have to know how to monetize it.

A Simple Free Website Changed My Life!

I was looking for a way to learn how to monetize a free website when I stumbled upon a platform that offered a couple free websites and 10 training lessons that taught the basics of affiliate marketing. I figured if I was already writing on Fiverr, why not make money off my own articles instead of selling them? Well, this platform was free to join so I said why not and signed up for a free membership. They didn’t ask me for a credit card or nothing. I just had to give the site a spin for a week and learn what I could about marketing a free website.

I stayed a week and by the end of that week I had created a website, written a few posts and had dove into the lessons they had for free. I was completely taken aback. I had no idea this even existed. I never knew that you could in fact build a website and monetize it so easy. The lessons were step by step and I learned about picking a niche, keyword usage, Google Analytics and how to set my Word Press site up. I was stoked to say the least and I hadn’t spent a dime.

Two Years Later. Where Did My Website Take Me?

It’s been two years since I started that free website and training which got me started making an income with my own website. Was is a slam dunk and did I bankroll the first year? I wish I could say I did but it was fairly slow go. But, I learned a lot about affiliate marketing and I managed to make some money that first year. I also upgraded my free account website to a paid site which helped me learn more and get some additional website upgrades. Now, at two years the site is making me enough money where I don’t have to work a traditional job anymore.

My take on free websites is they are good if you know what you are doing but if you are pretty much floundering learning affiliate marketing or just hanging on, then you should seek some training. I did and it paid off and continues to do so but I am still learning. Still writing and taking advice from mentors on the platform.

I’ll leave a link below to the platform that I learned on. Keep in mind that this platform is for serious bloggers looking to earn from their websites and it gets pretty in depth. But it does work and you can build an awesome website that generates an income for you.

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2 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog Free And Make Money. I Bet You Can’t Find A Way!”

  1. Dave,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am familiar with Fiverr; I am actually a content writer on Fiverr also. It makes perfect sense to create your own website using your own content. $5 for a 400-word article when you can write your own content for your own website is much better.
    Good to know that there is a legitimate way to learn the right way to start a website and affiliate marketing.

    • Thanks for the comment Kay. I think if you have the drive and patience you will eventually be successful. For every failure in this industry there’s a lesson to be learned which will lead to success. All you have to do is keep at it!


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