How To Write A Blog Post The Best Way For Conversions. A Simple Guide

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You’re thinking about writing  blog that generates an income and want to promote some products right?  But do you know how to write a blog post the best way for conversions? Is there a way and how do you do it?

After writing blogs for nearly a decade I have figured out through much trial and error, yelling at the screen and myself and scratching my head wondering if it’s all even worth it, the best way for me to write a blog.

I figured I would share these tips because the one thing I always run into are those who want to know what’s the bet way to get their website noticed through their writing. So, without further ado and without wanting to bore you to death with intro’s, here are five tips to successful blog writing.

1)   Plan out your blog. I do this by figuring out what I will be writing about in each paragraph. My first paragraph heading might look like this.   “Top Ways To Succeed In The Classroom”  For this I will use the H3 paragraph heading and the print will be bold. The second paragraph might be “Using Study Time To Your Advantage” and the third might be “Looking At Long Term Success” You want to identify a problem. Address the problem and finally add a Call To Action preferably in the last part of the article/blog.

2) Think about what you are about to write. Is your topic within your niche interesting? Is the information in demand? I use a keyword tool before I write the blog and in this case the keyword phrase will be “Top Ways To Succeed In The…” This also happens to be in my Title of the article/blog and the first paragraph. This is good and will allow me to rank within Google and indexed quicker. By choosing a keyword phrase that has a good amount of search but not too much competition I can rest assured my article/blog will rank quickly.

3) Minimize the fluff in your blog. Fluff is what breaks a lot of blogs and is surefire way to decreasing traffic that could of stuck around. The problem is many new bloggers run out of things to write about and fill in the blansk with meaningless words that make the blog read awkward. An example would be “John thought he could possibly with luck land the job” instead of “John felt confident his skills would land him the job.” The first reads awkward with filler words that are just not needed. The second gets the point across with no fluff.

4) Write like you talk. So many bloggers starting out write articles and blogs that just go on and on with no real direction and zero engagement. And they are boring. Spice up your work and put some humor in it or at least write like you are talking to the reader and not talking at them. Make sense? Try it, you’ll see how easy it is and how it can make your work much more fun to do.

5) Stop trying so hard. This is another plan for burnout. If you feel like you’re pulling teeth trying to come up with ideas and put everything down on paper (screen) then you’re going about your blogging venture wrong. Slow down and when ideas come to you start writing and don’t stop to think too much. A blog shouldn’t take days to write. You should be able to come up with some good ideas and write up a good length blog in under a couple hours.

I hope these few tips may be of help to you. They are simple but they are also effective in getting your blog read and acquiring some good traffic. Keep in mind that blogging especially when monetizing that blog will take time. I tell my readers that it’s best to think long term (at least a year) before their blog will begin to see results.

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