Is HubSpot Marketing A Good Platform?

HubSpot Marketing. Is It Worth It?

I recently was looking around for some marketing programs that could possibly help my blog website grow. I didn’t really want to spend a whole lot of money but wanted something that worked and not just some run of the mill hustle marketing platform.

While I am sure there are a lot of marketing platforms that are worth checking out, I am still pretty new to the indepth marketing of a website.

I figured I would just write a ton of content and that would be my marketing tactic. But, after a year while I still get some good traffic to my site it really wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. So, looking around I found HubSpot which seemed to look like something that might help me promote my website.

What Is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a marketing is marketing software that basically helps you to optimize your website and gain traffic and customers. They claim that it will help you turn leads into paying customers and that’s pretty much what I was looking for.

Here is what the get started page showed me.

HubSpot Start Page

HubSpot Start Page



I got an idea of what HubSpot was about by checking out the startup page but it didn’t really tell me what they offered. To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed because it wasn’t specific enough for me.

I kept looking around the website and noticed that they had a 30 day free trial to try the program out. That’s what I wanted! I could tell they had put a lot of work into the site so hopefully the products they offered were of some decent quality. The next thing I noticed is they had a ton of training. I liked that too.

The only thing I didn’t like was the little popup of someone wanting me to talk to them so soon. I hadn’t even barely checked the website for a few minutes! But, whatever moving on.

I saw a lot of classroom training that was about inbound counseling and onboarding training. This seemed to be the meat and potatoes of the courses.

Overall pretty indepth training and probably for a mid sized to larger sized company but I’m sure for someone who is running a basic website, there would be something for them.




My First Take On HubSpot

Ok, my first take on HubSpot was I was fairly impressed with all they offered. But, for me being a novice marketer some of the stuff was confusing. I did notice they offer a lot of training with the inbound and outbound marketing stuff which I think is what people are looking for these days.

The staff were younger around 20’s to 30’s and I know people in this age group are pretty smart when it comes to digital marketing. I think you would be in good hands with this team.

I do think you probably need to have some experience in web development, blogging or marketing to be able to utilize the full potential of the program. I honestly don’t know if it would be a good fit for me.

But, I won’t say it’s not for everyone in fact I am sure for those who have some experience the team at HubSpot and their marketing plans can really help grow your site with leaps and bounds.

The website was easy to navigate and I had no problem getting around and checking out all they had to offer. The 30 day trial was impressive. I would say even if you are a blogging newbie or have a website you need some help marketing it’s worth checking out just for the free trial. I’m sure they will want you to sign up after that first 30 days which is why my final stop on HubSpot was checking out the pricing. That’s where I could make my final decision as to whether or not it was worth joining..

HubSpot Pricing. Is HubSpot A Good Deal?

Ok, so the pricing on HubSpot. No sooner than I went to the pricing page up pops a popup with another sales person ready to answer questions. Uggh! That’s not what I wanted to see. I do not like hard sales types and I was getting that impression. But, whatever. I wanted the pricing. So, here is what I found when I went to that page. Ready?




Yeah, like I said probably not for me. The cheapest package was $200.00 a month. For that kind of money I would want my site raking in the leads like there’s no tomorrow! Hey I get it, nothing is set in stone but this was a bit pricey for my blood. Now, if I lived in Beverley Hills I could probably swing that but….

I Hate Spending A lot Of Money!

However, I will say they do have a lot to offer and there is that free trial but thinking after the free trial I would have to spend that kind of money every month frankly left me gun shy. For an individual like me I say no but if you have a group of people pooling their resources maybe it will work for you.

Where Did I Go Next?

I kept searching for a program would help me to promote my blog website. This one you are reading. I have run into many of them but one stood out. One that had been in business over 10 years.

And it was one that I saw many people had signed up with and were satisfied. I saw no negative reviews. And this platform was willing to teach me how to market my website effectively and even how to write blog posts that convert.

The cost? A heck of a lot cheaper than HubSpot! I mean like a little more than a dollar a day to learn everything I needed to learn to write and market my content. And there was more!

The platform not only hosted my site but could host up to 25 of my websites all included in their plan. Plus I could get my domain through them and every single website I created had the “Green Lock” SSL certificate!

I have to admit I was pretty impressed and it cost me a quarter of what Blog Spot would cost me to basically do the same thing in my opinion. So, I signed up and it was probably the best thing I did because now this website you are reading is climbing the ranks not only in Google but pretty much owns the Number 1 spot on Bing and Yahoo in this niche of blogging tips.

Number 1 Spot!

Number 1 Spot!


It’s Easy When You Have Help!

I admit I had to work hard on this website to get it to the leading spot in my niche on Yahoo, Bing and Google. I worked very hard at it and continue to do so.

But, if I could accomplish this with my website in a year I guarantee you could too. But, you need the right training and resources to do this. And if you’re like me you don’t have money just laying around to throw at any marketing or website building company. I found one that is affordable and has a member base that helps you when you get stuck. I needed that.

I like what BlogSpot has to offer. It looks like a quality product and I’m sure some of the mid sized companies really benefit from what they have. But, I am a small fry compared to them and just wanted a fighting chance to succeed at blogging and marketing my content through my website Blogging Tips For Newbies. I found what works and I guarantee it can work for you too!

Check out how you can get started on a marketing and blogging platform that works at a price that’s affordable and can’t be beat by the big dogs here.

I wish you success in all you do!




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  1. Wow, I would love to use this service. I think for me the price tag is a little too high for me right now. Maybe I will have to save up some extra dollars so I can help my online business grow further with their help. Thanks for this post!

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