I Need Job Now! Are You Crying Yourself To Sleep?

Quit Your Complaining And Get Off You A##!

You need a job right? Are you screaming I Need Job Now!? Well, hate to break it to you but that’s just not gonna happen overnight. Why do you say? Well, let’s see for you can’t seem to get a job people. If you apply for a job there are a couple things that need to happen. The first is you have to get yourself a background check from the company. Even jobs that pay 8.00 an hour in the U.S. are going to have you do a background check. Then you have to go through the company orientation that requires you to listen to some long boring speech about what the company policies are, what the H.R. does and how you will be getting paid, what’s expected of you and bla,bla bla.

You may be thinking I’m some college kid that has all the answers or someone who still hasn’t gotten past the living in mom and dad’s garage or basement. Well, I am neither. You see I have done a boat load of different jobs and my very first was as a U.S. Marine. Talk about an orientation! How about waking up at 0:430 in the morning to do morning formation, along with a healthy does of bends and thrusts because some idiot thought it would be funny to squeak off a gasser in their bunk and not claim it. Or how about going to chow at 5:00 a.m, and having some recruit complain or throw up and having to do some more bends and thrusts after you eat. Talk about blowing chunks.

Yes, I went through all of that at the ripe age of 17 only to work as an electrician afterwards digging ditches for conduit and pulling wire all day. Ahh, the days of the good ol’ American born and bred in the U.S.of A. Both of the jobs in the Marine Corps and as an electrician took training and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. So, when WalMart asks you to do a background check and see your work history, they are doing so to get an idea of what type of person you are. If you aren’t what they are looking for, hit the road Jack. That’s the reality of the workforce. You really want a job like that? For what, 8:00 per hour? Good luck paying your bills.

Is There A Better Way Than The Ol’ J.O.B?

Listen. It’s a new era, a digital economy. Everything is done with cards now. Welfare is paid by card. Retirement funds are deposited on cards. It’s all on the internet or your phone now. Everything. So, what kind of job can you get that doesn’t require you to hustle digging trenches, or grunting out some bends and thrusts in the service? How about affiliate marketing? Heard of it? You probably have but never really thought much of it. I mean who makes money on the internet?

I do. And I have been for a while now. But, it did take some work, just like my real job in the real world, my internet job was something I had to learn. And I did it after studying some lessons and applying some simple techniques. Now, I am earning some extra money that I couldn’t of done unless I had some help. The program I used was Wealthy Affiliate. It’s been online for nearly 14 years now and people have become very successful with this platform, using the tools provided to make an awesome website and selling affiliate products on it. Anyone can do it. Even you, who keeps yelling “I Need Job Now!”

What do you do to make this platform work for you? First join for free. Then begin with the Getting Started Course which is pretty self explanatory. Once you build your website, you pick a niche and begin promoting products from Amazon, Clickbank or whoever offers links for their product. You make commissions off of sales through your website. No inventory, not delivering anything. You just make the sale. And, you can do this at home right now today.


There’s so much to let you know about Wealthy Affiliate and how you can start your own business, not just a job. It’s your business, your money and your time. You must make the most of it. Or, (drumroll) you can always opt for that 8:00 an hour job that will burn you out quicker than a fire in a house of cards. Is that really what you want? Is that even you? Do you see yourself as something better? You should! Otherwise you can join the miitary, eat S.O.S and smell the recruits flactulance as they grunt out some bends and thrusts in front of you. Life is hard, be harder!

The days of having to work like a dog for someone else are over for the most part. People don’t stay with jobs anymore. They get burned out, turn to alcohol and lead a depressing life or some get smart. Affiliate marketing is working smart. And that’s what will make you money. Forget busting your as# for someone else unless of course that’s you idea of fun. Instead, learn affiliate marketing. Learn how to build and promote your website. You can do this right from home. You don’t even have to leave. Sound like a plan? I thought so, Now, stop saying “I Need Job Now!” and sign up for a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate and learn something. It could change your life!





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