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If you’re looking to build a quality website and know what type of niche you are into you can build an awesome website with the ability to really create a decent income. But what if you don’t really know what kind of a website you want and how do you go about creating a site that generates an income? What if you know nothing about building a quality site and just need a little push to get it moving in the right direction? The AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche site may be what you need.

But, is this the best way to go to build an online business or are you essentially setting yourself up for failure? I took a look at this and found it to be not a bad deal for newbies starting out. I will admit that there was a lot of information that I wasn’t entirely familiar with like the AdSense part. Reason being is I don’t use AdSense because it seems a bit difficult to keep at it if you don’t get enough traffic. And the traffic for newbies is fairly small at first. Regardless the AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche site guys say they will help you set up an account. Here are the basics of what you get on this program.

warrior - Is AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Sites A Good Deal?

Basically if you can’t see the above because of the small print, the program looks like it builds or has some kind of prepaid website that you can run with 15 pre written articles. I like the fact that you get these because blogging can be difficult to do constantly. The only issue I would have is that you will have to keep writing and keep the blog  going. Not really a problem I think if you like writing. Plus it gets you off on the right foot with blogging templates to go off of as examples.

Blogging for an income regardless of what platform you use is fairly straightforward. I use the one you see up on the right corner banner but to be fair to all other blogging platforms I think each has its own pros and cons. Neither is perfect but most will teach you what you need to know to get moving forward. The biggest issues are usually the owner of the blog (you), need to know that it all takes work and trial and error to see what’s the right match for you as far as writing and promoting your blog. the Adsense and Authority Niche Websites in my opinion looks to be a honest one and one you can make an income at.

What’s The Cost For This Program?warriorfor - Is AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Sites A Good Deal?

The cost for this is $97.00 US and it says to act quick as the price may change. That I wasn’t too fond of. It looks like a push to buy too much to me. I also didn’t see an option to try for free like my web building and training website offered. So, that’s a bit of a bummer to me. And it looks to be a fairly new program as well which kind of got me wondering how successful you can be on it.

I do however like what they offer initially. The cost looks to be a one time fee so you don’t get billed over and over again. But, I will say I have not tried it, I only reviewed what I saw and am just being a messenger of what I think of it. With any program online that pertains to blogging I would say you should do your own homework and make an informed decision. I can’t say at this time whether or not Adsense And Amazon Authority Websites are a good deal or not. I would actually have to pay and try it out.

Would I Recommend This?

I guess I would recommend maybe checking it out for yourself but personally I don’t think I can say yes or no on this program. Sure, some of it looks great but I left with too many questions and the only surefire way to check it out is to actually signup. I didn’t want to pay $97.00 just to check out a program. I wanted to see if there was a free trial but there wasn’t. When I started affiliate blogging I got to try the program for free for seven days just to see if it would teach me what I needed to learn to be successful. And in the end it was the best for me but I will say that each program has it’s own benefits that one may not have. So, the choice really is yours.

I would like to hear from you! If you have any questions on this or any blogging program you are considering joining, give me a shout. I like to troubleshoot and research these things since it seems to be the wave of the future. While I chose the Wealthy Affiliate to learn and use their platform to blog on this site I will say it’s been worth it for me. But, they don’t do the work for you, not at all. In fact this website you are viewing is almost a year and a half old and has over 200 blogs all written by me. So, if you are looking at starting a blogging business keep in mind that you will have to do the work. The platform will just teach you how to do it as well as offer you hosting and domains and SSL certificates for your website. And that is really what alot of your costs associated will come from. If you’re looking to start blogging right now today and am tired of checking out different platforms I would consider looking into what I use. It has a site builder,domain and hosting plus the SSL certificate and commissions that just can’t be beat.  Join today here!

To your blogging success!  Dave

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