Link Collider SEO Tools And Social Media Sharing Affiliate Program. Is It Any Good?

. Link Collider SEO Tools And Social Media Sharing


Is This Affiliate Program All That And A Bag Of Chips?

I recently checked out a program called Link Collider SEO tools and social media sharing. I was trying to find out if there were any programs that offered some traffic to my site through the use of SEO. Although the platform I use does offer some good SEO tools and I rely on it for traffic I wanted to see if there was a program that I could plug in my website and let the thing do it’s work.
So, what did I find and what does this program offer it’s members? Link Collider  basically helps you get free traffic through social media and likes to your Facebook page and other sharing sites. It connects you with others who share your interest and works pretty much like you share mine, I’ll share yours. (No Pun Intended)  Take a look below at what they have on their home page for you.



At first glance I liked what they had to offer and the homepage was professional and what I really liked about this affiliate marketing type program is they didn’t beat me over the head with a price tag wanting me to fork over some cash up front. That got me wanting to find out more about this program.  Being a blogger I am always on the hunt for something that will help me reach a wider audience and this looked to be a good one.
The way the program works is you just enter your url of your website and then you earn tokens by liking and sharing other folks sites. The more tokens you get the more exposure you can get to your website. As far as the affiliate marketing cost for this program I found that to sign up as a Premium member it’s $3.95 and then they have different membership cost after that. Pretty in genius in using tokens as a way of paying for traffic. So, theoretically it looks like you can use the site for me but of course you must engage to get traffic back to your website. Here is a little more of what Link Collider offers.





Does Link Collider Look To Be A Good Program?

All in all I thought the program was a pretty good. Signing up is easy, you basically sign up through their homepage or affiliate link and what’s even cooler is you can actually make commissions as a marketer of the Link Collider program. Pretty cool huh? All new sales you can make 20 percent commission. It really looked to be a pretty fair deal and the price to join wasn’t that much at $3.95. Granted off a $3.95 commission you’re not going to make a killing but it probably adds up quickly since it’s so cheap to join and has some good traffic tools.
But when all is said and done would I recommend this program? Absolutely I would. If all you are looking for is traffic than why not! I can’t see how it could hurt and at the price I’m sure you are getting what you pay for. I like the structure of the program, the easy ways to get likes and shares to your website and if that is your goal that’s totally cool by me.

Would I Sign Up And Try Link Collider?

I would definitely give it a shot and sign up if I wasn’t already with a program that does all that work for me. You see as a blogger looking to earn as an affiliate marketer I needed more than just a way to share my website. I needed help building the thing! And I needed a platform to actually write on that helped pave the way for me to earn as a blogger. So, while I think Link Collider is great for an affiliate marketer to promote their website, I don’t think it’s all you need to succeed. At least not for me.
And that’s exactly why I chose the affiliate marketing platform I did because it taught me everything I needed to know about marketing my work and products. Sure, Facebook likes and sharing is great but it doesn’t teach you how to become an affiliate marketer. For that you need guidance. I’m not saying you should drop what you’re doing and follow my lead but I was pretty confused when I started blogging and working as an affiliate marketer. What I did offered me the training and support not to mention free websites to get started. It was a win win situation for me and I’m glad I took the route I did.
I guess you can decide on your own on what works best for you as a blogger and affiliate marketer. But, before I leave today take a look at what the program I use offers for free and premium members. I think you’ll be pretty impressed especially because they have live support and two free websites to get you started. Take a look below.


If you’re still writing away and getting zero results it might be time to rethink things. Maybe have someone look at your work and read what you’re putting out there. Are you learning through a platform that teaches you the right way to write and market your products or services? If you aren’t then you may want to take a look at what I joined here to get started on the path to successful affiliate marketing. Link Collider is great for traffic and I’m all for that but it won’t teach you how to market and that’s what you really need to be successful. Check out what I’m using for that here.



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    1. Thanks Peter. It looks pretty good if you’re looking for traffic. I guess the price isn’t bad either. Can’t hurt to see if it generates traffic. Worst case you can just cancel it.

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