Is The Expert Rating Certified Professional Blogging Course Worth The Money?

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Spread the loveIs The Expert Rating Certified Professional Blogging Course Good? Ok, so I ran into this Expert Rating Certified Professional Blogging Course. It’s a way for bloggers to get certified as a professional blogger

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Is The Expert Rating Certified Professional Blogging Course Good?

Ok, so I ran into this Expert Rating Certified Professional Blogging Course. It’s a way for bloggers to get certified as a professional blogger and this is supposed to help you learn to make money in the industry. Looking at the homepage for the blogging certification course I saw that it’s a pretty well laid out system which teaches you the ins and outs of blogging I am assuming for an income. You learn how to create and promote your own blog during a six week course and at the end take a test for final certification. Take a look at what this all looks like below.

As you can see it’s pretty professional looking on the homepage and it looks like went through a lot of work to get this website looking pretty darn good. The price? Well, for a six week course that is going to give you a certification I have to say it’s tempting to look further into this.

I have never really heard of needing a blogging certification but considering how popular blogging is these days I wouldn’t be surprised if this is included in college classes eventually. looked like it’s offering some good knowledge on how to get a blog started and how to get that blog some traffic through promotions.

What’s The Catch With

Actually I did some further research and I was really looking to see some high ratings but unfortunately I was sorely dissappointed. While they do offer the courses and you can get the certification, it is not from any accredited school or in the United States either which is what I was thinking was the case. In fact the certifications come from India and from the reviews of the courses themselves looks like the courses are substandard at best.

My advice? Steer clear of Expert Rating if you’re looking for a certification that will help you in the business world especially if you are in the United States. I hate to say it but I really didn’t find any good reviews on this company and the average star rating out of five stars was a one. Not good.

Here is a little more info with a screenshot if you’re still reading.


I wish I could tell you that this Expert Rating company was the Schnizzle and that you could get certified with a piece of paper you could present to an employer or even add to your resume but I can’t honestly say it would benefit you. In fact I think in this case you would just be out of $129.00 and that would suck. What would I suggest if you want to learn blogging the right way? Look below.


What Is The Best Way To Learn Blogging For Newbies?

Ok, so maybe didn’t quite fit into my expectations but that’s ok. I have learned the blogging industry over the years and don’t really need any additional certifications or money out of pocket for paper airplanes. My advice to learning blogging is to simply learn from the industry leaders and keep blogging when you’re sick of writing. Keep going and keep building on your website and don’t quit until you start to see success.

Why did I pick the platform I used to learn to blog on? I chose the Wealthy Affiliate because the two guys that created it over 12 years ago knew what they were doing. They knew the direction of the blogging industry way before anyone else and have made many many people successful. And the courses, the site builder and the videos and support were well worth the few bucks I shelled out for using the platform. Now, I earn enough to not only pay my small membership but also some cool passive income that keeps coming month after month. What’s the deal with the Wealthy Affiliate? I’ll make it simple for you and show you the two types of memberships below.

Make A Decision To Change Your Life!

I decided to change my life two and a half years ago and sign up to learn affiliate marketing and blogging and I can say I am really stoked that I kept at it. I proved to myself that I could learn something new and have fun at it and make some extra money. There are some who are much more serious than me and who make six and seven figures and don’t even work an eight hour day. In fact I work on my blog for about an hour a day, go through some lessons and that’s it.. If I put more time into this website who knows where it could be by now but as of today it is earning money and helping people learn the industry.

I encourage you to keep pushing forward and testing the waters. Learn all you can in the blogging industry or whatever it is you are interested in. It doesn’t even have to be doing what I do. Just remember that whatever you do, make it your passion and the rest will follow.

I hope you found this short blog interesting and learned something from it. And if you’re ready to change your life and learn how to blog and earn an income check out how I did it and join HERE

Here’s To Your Success!




2 thoughts on “Is The Expert Rating Certified Professional Blogging Course Worth The Money?

  1. Very interesting information about Expert Rating certification. Unfortunately there is a common bad of websites to offer something without validity. I never heard about this site, and I am also Blogging and learning the best with Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thank you for sharing this post and opening the eyes of newbies to what is good and what they should stay away.


  2. Very precise and clear info Dave. Reading the first part of your blog regarding Expert Rating, who would have known they were in India. That’s not to say they are not a professional organisation but if you’re in the US you want US certification or like me UK certification.

    The use of the chart in the second part of your blog regarding WA is very useful info for anyone joining up or thinking about it.

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