Is The Prestige Funnel Worth Checking Out Or Is It A Hustle?


Is The Prestige Funnel Worth Checking Out?

I was looking around online today at a program called the Prestige Funnel. It’s one of those newer programs that for a price will give you a ready made Sales page and blogs and claims you will be getting a flood of email signups  to your inbox.  I have always wondered how these things work so I wanted to check this out to get an idea of what Prestige Funnel really is.

Reading through the intro on this I couldn’t help but think it was fairly hyped up and one of those programs that says you can make gobs of cash.

Note: The program doesn’t promise you a boatload of money but does say that it’s possible.

The idea is you get a funnel page and all the add on’s which is supposed to work together to get you a full fledge business online. It gives you a nice sales page, affiliate page, a thank you page and etc. etc. It also gives a blog setup and articles. I couldn’t see how many articles this program supplies you with but I am thinking it probably gives you a base of around 10 articles at probably close to 1000 words each. These would be the articles that would help to promote the funnel. I think. ?

prestige 3 - Is The Prestige Funnel Worth Checking Out Or Is It A Hustle?


Above is part of the intro to the Prestige Funnel program. Now, I looked around for an actual product and couldn’t find one. It was a bit confusing  The product is the funnel itself but I think you will pick a product and promote that with the funnel. Or promote the funnel itself. Again, things were a bit confusing to understand what I would be promoting. The Prestige Funnel does have an integrated Click Bank option so I think it’s safe to say members can promote those products through the sales page or blog articles.

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The Prestige Funnel is an automated business so you would be pretty much having this set up and then it goes on auto pilot. I have to admit I don’t know how you would actually automate a funnel but since they do all the work for you then you’re worry free. The program has their own copywriters so it looks like you don’t even have to write articles. In fact for a price you get the whole money making automated funnel business setup and ready to earn without you doing a thing. Except paying for the funnel setup and access to the online tools.

Does The Prestige Funnel Look Like A Good Deal?

Ok, being a blogger myself I understand a few things about marketing, specifically affiliate marketing. And while there are some things you absolutely have to learn to make an income, it doesn’t really need to cost you a ton of money. I began this website two years ago and while this isn’t a funnel business, the concept is relatively the same. I promote products or services through my affiliate links and I do all of the writing myself. And if you are going to promote affiliate products you will be doing a ton of writing.

My problem with a lot of online programs is they sell you on a dream. And sometimes that dream comes at a pretty steep price. Let’s put it into context. I started blogging on a platform which costs me about $50.00 a month. Not a lot of money but I get the training, the access to support and a Word Press platform that is integrated with all of my hosting and domain. I get the hosting as part of the program.

The difference in what I do and what Prestige Funnel does is I have to do all of the blog writing and the manual stuff that their program does for you. Also a big difference in my experience is that to actually earn with a website, sales page or affiliate page, you need to gain reader trust. And that takes time. I have not seen anyone earn overnight in online promotions unless they were a wham bam thank you hustle. And those often get shut down.

This doesn’t mean I think Prestige Funnel is a scam or a hustle. In fact I think they have put a ton of work into this program and it may very well make people money. My problem is the price of the program. Here is the price for the basic funnel plan. prestige 4 - Is The Prestige Funnel Worth Checking Out Or Is It A Hustle?


Ok, ok don’t pass out here! Sure, it’s a bit pricey but hey you’re getting all the work done for you. The blogs, the integration of Click Bank and a slew of other add on’s that is supposed to all make this program work.

Don’t want to pay that much for a done for you funnel? Well, then do it yourself I guess.

I don’t want to slam this program because it looks like they really put a lot of time and effort into it and I wouldn’t be surprised if it works and makes members money. For some people a couple grand is peanuts and they can afford to shell out some cash for an opportunity to possibly strike it rich. But for me I will stick with writing my own content and maintaining my own business. You may be different and if you take the chance you could very well make some money at it.

The problem is if you’re like a lot of people you don’t have that kind of money laying around and would like to see if you can run your own online business. Like I said, the concept is the same as Prestige Funnel doing what I do. I promote products or services and gain commissions on whatever I sell. I pay a fraction of the cost but have to write my own blogs. I just pay for the training, hosting, web builder, keyword tool and SSL certificate for my website. Plus I get 24/7 online tech support for my website and some of the best hosting services you will find anywhere.

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Why I Think Newbie Marketers Should Start Slow!

This is where a lot of people get put off and why many never become successful. Ready? Because they give up before they gain any traction in their business! Plain and simple. To make money as an affiliate marketer or really any kind of online business, you need to let your content get #1 Indexed by Google and #2 Time Online. And those two things are what kill people’s motivation. They want it fast fast fast and it’s not going to happen with an online business. You need to gain trust with your readers and with Google too and that takes time and work.

I do think funnel programs have the ability to make you some money but many of the ones I have seen are used as email collectors and then you pretty much mass promote to your email base. And that can be hit or miss which is why I would choose to steer clear of the Prestige Funnel. But, if you’re a big spender and don’t really want to build your own business then maybe it’s for you.

Finally, from experience I would suggest for newbies to take things slow if they are starting with affiliate marketing or funnel promotions simply because there are things you need to know before you even get out of the gate building your own website or sales page. You need to understand how to write effective content, believe in what you are promoting and actually have a desire and passion to work hard for some results.

I hope this short review on the Prestige Funnel was worth checking out for you. I won’t call it a scam or a scheme because you are receiving a service and while it’s pricey (I won’t mention the price for the next two upgraded memberships for the program) you are free to choose whether to join or not. On the flip side if you are looking to start your own website and promote your own affiliate products I encourage you to look into what I have been doing the last couple years. It’s not a get rich quick sales page and does take some work but then that’s the only way most people find success running an online business. Plus you can join for FREE and get two FREE websites to start building!

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Here’s To Your Success!







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4 Responses

  1. Philip says:

    Hi Dave,

    It does not sound too bad to have the work done for you, however, it is only 10 POSTS for the price you mentioned. I hope those posts yield 1000s and 1000s and, yes, 1000s of visitors per post because that is just not enough website content for Google to lean side ways and barf up significant traffic to make an online income.

    I know, because I blog myself, and I know like you do Dave the warrior effort required.

    However, implemented correctly then the website takes on a life of its own and before you know it you are connecting with people from right across the Globe interested in your product. Now, that is how it is done!

    Having said all that, I have not signed up to Prestige Funnel but I was curious to see how it qualifies itself per its own claims.

    Personally, as an objective reader, I am not convinced I could recoup my near 2K investment in a reasonable amount of time, if, at all. Are there any further costs are initial investment Dave?



    • Yea, Phillip. It sounds ok but don’t quote me on the 10 articles written. In my experience most of affiliate done for you sales pages and funnels give you about 10 blog posts so I am going off of that. To find out I think you would have to contact the owners of this program. There were some good things I saw about it but I am usually wary of the hyped up posts which while this wasn’t too hyped up I did get a sense of urgency to the program. I could definitely see that this could be a program that could reap a ton of sign ups if it were promoted correctly and that’s a plus for them. As far as any further costs is concerned, I didn’t see any and I believe it is a one time fee. But, that get’s you everything done for you. I think this platform is a much better deal as far as cost is concerned. The only down side is you actually have to do the work yourself. And that could be a good thing because you learn as you go along and success is a matter of scaling what you are doing when you do things right. If you offer something of value and believe in what you are offering than both parties win. It’s never a one way street in this business. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wow, I didn’t know such a pricey program existed. I really hope it works for the people who tried it otherwise, that’s harsh. Anyway, I’ll stick with WealthyAffiliate for now. Good review.

    • It’s a bit pricey but I do like the fact that they set it up for you. If it all works out I don’t know but since it’s pretty new I guess we will see. Thanks for the comment.

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