Is The Shopify Tyrant A Super Profitable E-Com Business?

Is The Shopify Tyrant A Super Profitable E-Com Business?

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Market Your Ecommerce Site

Today I was checking out this Shopify Tyrant opportunity on the Warrior Forum and figured I would write up a quick review on this and give you an idea of what it’s all about. Basically, Shopify Tyrant is a program that teaches you a way to run a super profitable Ecom Business for pennies on the dollar. I wanted to know what the top affiliate program for bloggers in 2018 and searching through the Warrior Forum seemed like a good place to start.

But, what is this opportunity and can you really make money doing this or is it a bunch of mish mash nonsense designed to take your cash flow? First off this is a way to learn how to run a profitable Ecom business and not actually a platform that you would actually work on daily with a site builder or anything that would let you interact and build your site on. For that you would probably need to access Word Press and start building your website with the tools you get on that platform. Below is the link to what I use to do just that!

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What Do You Get With The Shopify Tyrant Opportunity And How Much Does It Cost?

Ok, basically with this program you quickly learn that it’s really just a course which teaches you how to run an Ecommerce business from scratch. It gives you all the info you need to get started and learn the right way how to implement the strategies outlined. I like the fact that it’s cheap too at just $17.00 for the entire course. I mean that’s nothing to pay for some priceless information that’s been put together by someone who has been in the online make money trenches. And from my experience, knowledge is power in this business. It’s not about how hard you work but how smart you work that will help you get on the path to riches or at least a full time income.

I also liked the fact that the Shopify Tyrant opportunity has over 7000 people who have tried the course and many are now building their own businesses. Here is a quick look at what you get with your $17.00.

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Tyrant Course Opportunity


This is the startup page which just tells you what the course is in a few words, nothing to elaborate but claims you can build a profitable Ecom business. Here is what you get with the course. Again, it’s pretty simple but for $17.00 I wasn’t expecting a whole lot.

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Tyrant Ecommerce

I should tell you that you will have to sign up with the Warrior Forum to access this but I would suspect if you just Google the name of the program you can get it that way too. Either way you can see that it shows you how to start a profitable Shopify store online and explains everything you need to do to get started. It even goes into how to scale your business, use Facebook ads and how to incorporate Instagram too to bring in thousands of targeted traffic. This is good. I know that Instagram can be a great way to promote products and services as well as using other social media outlets like Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, etc.

Would I Recommend This Opportunity To Learn?

Ok, so maybe it’s not what I expected when searching what is the top affiliate program online today but it is knowledge and that is power in this industry of Ecommerce. We all have to start somewhere and for $17.00 I can’t really see where you would go wrong. It’s worth a shot I would guess.

But, would I do it myself? I would but I have already gone through a ton of training in affiliate marketing and have been building my websites through a well known platform already. It does cost me a little more at $49.00 a month but with that I get access to all of the training which is ongoing, a site builder, a keyword tool, powerful hosting and SSL certificates for my websites. I also get ongoing support from the program owners and members and can actually earn commissions from not only promoting the program but from sales made from my website through affiliate products. So, while the Shopify Tyrant looks to be a good place to learn how to run a Shopify ecommerce store, I don’t believe it gives you the tools to build that site and maintain it. That I am afraid you will have to do separately and it will cost you more than the one time $17.00.

Are You Really Looking For Easy Money?

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Cash Flow In Suitcase

Here is where I have to tell you what I have learned in my years of doing this online ecommerce work with affiliate products. It takes a lot of work to see results. However, there are people that make six figures in under a couple years if they build a website that offers the readers value. The first step to becoming successful online is to actually know what the heck you are doing. And that takes learning and practice. You have to build out your website, know what your audience is looking for and provide a solution to their needs. That’s what I have learned over the years but know this, if you start now in a year or two you could very easily be making a full time income in a year or two. You could quit your job, work from home and build a future for yourself and not someone else. Many people have done it and so could you. The only thing you will have to realize is it is not easy money!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Quit!

giveup - Is The Shopify Tyrant A Super Profitable E-Com Business?

Do Not Give Up

The key to being successful online with an ecommerce business is to never quit. Not when you have been building your site for months or when you feel you aren’t progressing. As long as you are building out your website you are progressing. And with an ecommerce store you will have to write blogs to attract customers. You will need a good online presence and develop yourself as an authority in your niche.

The Shopify Tyrant opportunity can teach you the basic fundamentals of building an online store but that’s just the beginning. You will have to implement what you learn and adapt your own way of doing things to become successful at it. The good news is running an online business is cheap and easy to do if you put in the work. Learn how to write effective content and learn how to market what you are offering. Learn how to use Google Analytics and grow your audience with giveaways and email lists. I could go on and on about ways to make your business successful but the number one thing is never quit even when you are tired of writing or updating your website with new products. Keep going when the others quit and you will become successful. And the reward is as sweet as you could ever imagine!

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Here’s to your success!






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4 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    I really appreciate you taking the time to carefully review this. For people trying to bring in some extra money, there is a LOT of stuff out there and not all of it is worthwhile. I appreciate your balanced and realistic review. Although “Shopify Tyrant” is a hilarious name.

    • I’ll admit it’s a funny name, kind of like Coffee Shop Millionaire. Lol. I guess it’s not so much the name but does it work? In this case what I outlined above will probably determine whether this program works or will turn out to be a waste of money. Thanks for the comment!

  2. huzefa says:

    hey friend
    it is actually commendable that you took time to write such a blog.. good information on Shopify ..

    • Thanks. Yea, Shopify is good especially if you’re looking to sell products online. But like anything it will take work and it isn’t set in stone you will make money. To learn the basics the right way and to succeed without costing the bank I suggest this program here. It takes work but the training is there, the support and the tools to build a quality website along with hosting and domain are all there. You can’t beat that! Thanks for the comment!

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