Is There A Best Free Keywords Tool? Don’t Shell Out Cash Until You Read This!

Is There A Best Free Keywords Tool? If you’re a blogger you probably know what a keyword tool is. For those of you who don’t a keyword tool is used to find the best keywords

Is There A Best Free Keywords Tool?

Lots Of Keywords!

If you’re a blogger you probably know what a keyword tool is. For those of you who don’t a keyword tool is used to find the best keywords to use in your blogs and articles designed to help you get the best possible traffic. But, in my experience I have found that some of the keyword tools can be pretty pricey. In fact one of these online tools used can cost up to $100.00 per month. That in my opinion is highway robbery!

Why is that? I mean think about it. It’s a keyword tool. It’s not a site builder, nor a hosting service or anything other than something that will help you gain some traffic to your site and give you ideas of what to write about. Not that I don’t consider the tool to be necessary. I just don’t think you should have to pay a boatload of money to get one. And and finding the best free keywords tool can end up being something that’s hard to find.



Do You Really Need A Keyword Tool For Your Blog?

Using Keywords Works!

Probably. They can really help boost the traffic to your website and while I have found a few free tools I think it’s important to look for the best rather than some generic one that just gives you a few free searches per month. The best keyword tool I have found that does have a free option has to be the Jaxxy Keyword Tool.

What is so special about this one? Other than the fact you can get it for free it has a ton of options on it that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Like a keyword search analysis, stats on competition and the Alphabet Soup search option to find the best keywords and ideas for blogs. The Jaxxy Keyword Tool comes with a FREE Lite Keyword Tool for members of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform but you can also access it without a membership and get 30 days of free searches. For those in the blogging industry a quality keyword tool like this is worth more than you can really put a price on.

While it’s important to have a keyword tool for your affiliate marketing blog, this tool can be used for virtually any type of blog research. I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for over two years and use the Jaxxy Keyword Tool for every single post I write. And the results? I have climbed to the top of the heap for the keyword phrase “Blogging Tips For Newbies”. Yep, it’s that good of a research tool.

Go With The Best Or Stay With The Rest!

The Jaxxy Keyword tool is hands down got to be the best keyword tool online today. A product produced by the ingenious guys at Wealthy Affiliate, this tool is used by thousands of entrepreneurs that blog for living. How easy is it to use? You simply type in the keyword and the tool with perform an analysis, give you relevant keyword phrases and let you know the competition of that particular word and how many searches per month are done. Other keyword tools give you basic information but this one has to be the most in depth tool you will find anywhere.

If you are looking for a keyword tool that’s designed for bloggers and affiliate marketers I can honestly say the Jaxxy Keyword tool is your best option. There are three different memberships and all of them fit into a budget that’s not going to break the bank. Don’t need a bells and whistles keyword tool? Just go with the FREE version of Jaxxy Lite which comes with a Wealthy Affiliate membership. I guarantee it will help boost your blog ratings in the search engines!

We have come a long way in technology with keyword tools that do pretty much all the work you need when searching for blog topics, niches and keywords that produce results. All you have to do is stay focused on your work, produce quality content and the rest is history. You can make money as a blogger and become an authority in virtually any niche. You just need a keyword tool that can help you accomplish your goals!




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